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Pupil to teacher ratios - parliamentary constituency level

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Pupil to teacher ratios and pupil to adult ratios by parliamentary constituency

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Teachers and school workforce
School workforce in England
Release type
Geographic levels
Parliamentary constituency
  • Number of FTE adults
  • Number of FTE pupils
  • Number of FTE qualified teachers
Time period
2010/11 to 2023/24

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
202324Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000530Aldershot3912,154.00682.64725.341,352.5717.816.768.99
202324Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000531Aldridge-Brownhills3315,359.00844.55850.441,466.5018.1918.0610.47
202324Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000532Altrincham and Sale West3621,228.501,160.441,168.021,830.9518.2918.1711.59
202324Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000533Amber Valley5212,981.50715.46727.81,330.1318.1417.849.76
202324Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000534Arundel and South Downs3913,473.50739747.291,192.9618.2318.0311.29

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 8 variables
Variable nameVariable description
adults_fteNumber of FTE adults
number_schoolsNumber of schools
pupil_to_adult_ratioPupil to adult ratio within-schools
pupil_to_qual_teacher_ratioPupil to teacher ratio (Qualified) within-schools
pupil_to_qual_unqual_teacher_ratioPupil to teacher ratio (Qualified and unqualified teachers) within-schools

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