Data set from Teacher and Leader development: ECF and NPQs

NPQs- Total participants 2021-22

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The number of funded and non-funded NPQ starts, the number of unique funded NPQ participants, the total teaching workforce and  the percentage of the teaching workforce undertaking a funded NPQ, broken down by course type, region, local authority, school phase, school type, age group, gender, ethnicity, grade and working hours. 

Data set details

Teachers and school workforce
Teacher and Leader development: ECF and NPQs
Release type
Geographic levels
Local authority, National, Regional
  • Number of funded NPQ starts
  • Number of funded unique NPQ participants
  • Number of funded unique NPQ participants from SWC eligible school types
  • Group Name
Time period

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
202122Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000004East MidlandsOverallOverall255225452530-437105.78814916495081
202122Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000006East of EnglandOverallOverall272527162678-582324.59884599532903
202122Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000007LondonOverallOverall512551155085-810926.27065555171904
202122Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000001North EastOverallOverall156415561540-238646.45323499832384
202122Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000002North WestOverallOverall430342884217-677446.22490552668871

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 7 variables
Variable nameVariable description
group_nameGroup Name
npq_funded_startsNumber of funded NPQ starts
npq_non_funded_startsNumber of non-funded NPQ starts
npq_unique_funded_participantsNumber of funded unique NPQ participants
npq_unique_funded_participants_swc_eligibleNumber of funded unique NPQ participants from SWC eligible school types


  1. Middle deemed primary and nursery schools fall into the primary school category. Middle deemed secondary, all through and non-FE 16 plus establishments fall into the secondary school category.
  2. Breakdowns of teacher headcount figures may not be integers because the SWC uses non response weighting.
  3. The percentage of the total teaching workforce starting a funded NPQ is based on the headcount of teachers in the SWC in 2021. The metric is limited insofar as not everyone who is eligible to take a funded NPQ course also appears in the SWC. The percentage figures for each breakdown will be lower the more teachers there are for whom details of individual level characteristics are marked as 'unknown' in the SWC.
  4. Percentage figures are not provided for categories where the relevant data is absent.

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