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Further education and skills learners - detailed series

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Further education and skills learner participation and achievements detailed demographic breakdowns. Breakdowns for adult (19+) Education and training can also be obtained. The under 19 Further education and skills provision corresponds to apprenticeships.

Academic year: 2015/16 to 2020/21

Indicators:  Total Participation, Participation Below Level 2 (excluding Basic skills), Participation Basic skills, Participation Full Level 2, Participation Full Level 3, Participation Level 2, Participation Level 3, Participation Level 4+,  Participation No Level Assigned, Total Achievement, Achievement Below Level 2 (excluding Basic skills ), Achievement Basic skills, Achievement Full Level 2, Achievement Full Level 3, Achievement Level 2, Achievement Level 3, Achievement Level 4+, Achievement No Level Assigned

Filters: BAME flag, LLDD, Gender, Ethnicity Group, Ethnicity, Age group (with unknowns), Age group (under 19/19+), Provision type

Data set details

Further education
Further education and skills
Release type
Geographic levels
  • Achievement Basic skills
  • Achievement Below Level 2 (excluding Basic skills)
  • Achievement Full Level 2
  • Age (under 19/19+)
  • Age group (with unknowns)
  • BAME learners
Time period
2015/16 to 2020/21

Data set preview

Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
201516Academic yearNationalE92000001England19-24AdultBAME - yesFemaleLLDD - noBlack/African/Caribbean/Black BritishAfricanEducation and Training513010303250740161023101650203404100920239056011901620122010210
201516Academic yearNationalE92000001England25-49AdultBAME - yesFemaleLLDD - noBlack/African/Caribbean/Black BritishAfricanEducation and Training25540559016690384034808840361012027020410496013010306021506360223040210
201516Academic yearNationalE92000001England50+AdultBAME - yesFemaleLLDD - noBlack/African/Caribbean/Black BritishAfricanEducation and Training303087014505703509503702030241076011504401807001901020
201516Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandUnknownAdultBAME - yesFemaleLLDD - noBlack/African/Caribbean/Black BritishAfricanEducation and Training~0000000~~0000000~
201516Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandTotalAdultBAME - yesFemaleLLDD - noBlack/African/Caribbean/Black BritishAfricanEducation and Training337007500213905150544012090562016063026910664016540406035208680364050450

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 26 variables
Variable nameVariable description
ach_basic_skillsAchievement Basic skills
ach_bl2_ex_basic_skillsAchievement Below Level 2 (excluding Basic skills)
ach_full_l2Achievement Full Level 2
ach_full_l3Achievement Full Level 3
ach_l2Achievement Level 2


  1. Education and Training includes Traineeships
  2. Total participation is the count of learners that participated at any point during the stated academic period. Learners undertaking more than one course will appear only once in the grand total
  3. Learner characteristics (such as age, gender, learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and ethnicity) are based upon self-declaration by the learner
  4. Volumes are rounded to the nearest 10. If shown, '~' indicates a base value of between 1 and 4, whilst 0 indicates a true zero
  5. Ages are based upon the age of the learner on 31 August of that particular academic year. Figures from 2016/17 onwards include a small number of learners aged 18 at the start of the academic year but aged 19 at the start of the aim in the 19-24 category. Similarly for previous years, a small number of learners aged 23 at the start of the academic year but aged 24 at the start of the aim are included in the 24 to 30 category
  6. Basic skills total excludes Essential Digital Skills qualifications, unless otherwise specified
  7. Ethnicity categories have been aligned with the ethnicities recorded in the 2011 UK Census
  8. Age is based on age as at 31 August of the academic year
  9. From 2016/17, some learners who would have previously been included in full level 2 and full level 3, have been reclassified. Please see the methodology document for further information
  10. Total achievements are the count of learners that achieved at any point during the stated academic period. Learners achieving more than one course will appear only once in the grand total

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