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A2 Section 47s, initial child protection conferences and child protection plans

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Section 47 enquiries and initial child protection conferences carried out by children's social care services, and children who were the subject of a child protection plan, in the year ending 31 March.

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Children's social care
Children in need
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  • Number
  • Percentage
  • Rate per 10000 children aged under 18 years
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Time period
2013 to 2020

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001EnglandSection 47Section 47s in the year201000167.2z
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001EnglandSection 47Children subject to a Section 47 in the year177840147.9z
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001EnglandICPCICPCs in the year7747064.4z
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001EnglandICPCChildren subject to an ICPC in the year7634063.5z
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001EnglandCPPCPP at 31 March5151042.8z

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Variable nameVariable description
category_typeCategory type
rateRate per 10000 children aged under 18 years


  1. If concerns regarding a child’s welfare are substantiated as result of a section 47 enquiry and the child is judged to be at continuing risk of harm then an initial child protection conference (ICPC) should be convened within 15 working days.
  2. A child becomes the subject of a child protection plan if they are assessed as being at risk of harm, at an initial child protection conference.
  3. Rates per 10,000 of the population of children aged under 18 years are calculated using Office for National Statistics (ONS) mid-year population estimates for children aged 0 to 17 years in England.
  4. If a local authority identifies there is reasonable cause to suspect the child is suffering, or is likely to suffer significant harm, it will carry out an assessment under section 47 of the Children Act 1989 to determine if it needs to take steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child.

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