Data set from Key stage 1 and phonics screening check attainment

Phonics screening check attainment in year 1 by region and local authority

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This file contains data on the attainment of pupils in the phonics screening check in year 1 in England, broken down by region and local authority.

Data set details

School and college outcomes and performance
Key stage 1 and phonics screening check attainment
Release type
Geographic levels
Local authority, National, Regional
  • Number of schools
  • Percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard in the phonics screening check in year 1
  • Percentage of pupils working towards the expected standard in the phonics screening check in year 1
  • Gender
  • Pupil characteristics
Time period
2011/12 to 2021/22

Data set preview

Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
201112Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000007LondonFinalAll pupilsTotalState-funded schoolsTotal16939377056570348803501970603702
201112Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000008South EastFinalAll pupilsTotalState-funded schoolsTotal23519420052300404803401080564301
201112Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000005West MidlandsFinalAll pupilsTotalState-funded schoolsTotal17526533039120247402601220603802
201112Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000003Yorkshire and The HumberFinalAll pupilsTotalState-funded schoolsTotal17436075034790246702801010574102
201112Academic yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000004East MidlandsFinalAll pupilsTotalState-funded schoolsTotal1534502502906020070260860584012

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 12 variables
Variable nameVariable description
characteristicPupil characteristics
no_schoolsNumber of schools
pt_phonics_y1_absentPercentage of pupils absent in the phonics screening check in year 1
pt_phonics_y1_disappliedPercentage of pupils disapplied in the phonics screening check in year 1


  1. Includes all pupils who participated in the phonics screening check, those disapplied, those absent for the entire period of which the check could be administered and those with maladministration. Pupils with missing, or invalid results are not included in the calculations.
  2. Regional totals have been rounded to the nearest 10. There may be discrepancies between the sum of constituent items and totals.

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