Data set from Education provision: children under 5 years of age

2 Children registered and providers by provider type

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Number of children registered for and number of providers delivering government-funded early years provision by age, year group, and provider type.

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Early years
Education provision: children under 5 years of age
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Geographic levels
Local authority, National, Regional
  • Number of registered children
  • Number of providers
  • Entitlement type and year group
  • Age
  • Type of provider
Time period
2018 to 2024

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
2024Reporting yearNationalE92000001England15-hour entitlementTotalTotalTotalTotal128539347359
2024Reporting yearNationalE92000001England15-hour entitlementTotalTotalTotal2-year-olds11585220553
2024Reporting yearNationalE92000001England15-hour entitlementTotalTotalTotal3-year-olds55982536559
2024Reporting yearNationalE92000001England15-hour entitlementTotalTotalTotal4-year-olds60971638131
2024Reporting yearNationalE92000001England15-hour entitlementTotalTotalTotal3 and 4-year-olds116954145863

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 5 variables
Variable nameVariable description
number_childrenNumber of registered children
number_providersNumber of providers
provider_typeType of provider
year_groupEntitlement type and year group


  1. Children who split their entitlement across more than one private, voluntary or independent provider are only counted at the provider where they spend the majority of their time.
  2. Children attending a general hospital school and a small number of children attending a special school do not follow the national curriculum. These children are included in totals but not breakdowns by year group.
  3. Where children under 4 years of age are recorded as in reception, this may be because they attend a school with a two-year reception class or other mixed-year class, because the local authority has agreed it would be beneficial to start reception year early, or for another reason.
  4. A very small number of children under 5 years of age are registered in a higher year group than reception. This may be because the local authority has agreed it would be beneficial to the child, or for another reason. These children have been included in the reception category.
  5. Some state-funded nursery schools have a reception class and/or some children may continue to attend their state-funded nursery school in reception year until they are ready for primary school.
  6. Data collected in 2021 (and to a lesser extent 2022) was affected by the impact of COVID-19 uncertainty on providers and parents. Further information is available in the methodology note.
  7. In some years, data for a small number of local authorities is of low reliability due to error. See methodology for more details.

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