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Proportion of providers increasing fees

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A time series of the proportion of providers who reported increasing fees charged to parents in the previous 12 months, broken down by child age and by provider type.  Only a very small proportion of children aged under 2 are enrolled at school-based providers so figures for fees for under 2s enrolled at school-based providers are based on small sample sizes.

Data set details

Early years
Childcare and early years provider survey
Release type
Geographic levels
  • Percentage of providers increasing fees
  • Age group
  • Provider type
Time period
2019 to 2023

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
2023Calendar yearNationalE92000001EnglandPrivate group-based providersUnder two year olds87
2023Calendar yearNationalE92000001EnglandPrivate group-based providers2 year olds 80
2023Calendar yearNationalE92000001EnglandPrivate group-based providers3 or 4 year olds79
2023Calendar yearNationalE92000001EnglandVoluntary group-based providersUnder two year olds85
2023Calendar yearNationalE92000001EnglandVoluntary group-based providers2 year olds 68

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 3 variables
Variable nameVariable description
age_groupAge group
percent_increase_feePercentage of providers increasing fees
provider_typeProvider type

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