Data set from Suspensions and permanent exclusions in England

Suspensions - days missed per pupil in the year - full academic years

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Number of pupil enrolments by total length of suspensions accrued across the academic year.

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Pupils and schools
Suspensions and permanent exclusions in England
Release type
Geographic levels
  • Number of pupils
  • Number of days missed to suspensions
  • School Type
Time period
2006/07 to 2021/22

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
Academic year200607NationalE92000001EnglandSpecial11202
Academic year200607NationalE92000001EnglandSpecial10185
Academic year200607NationalE92000001EnglandSpecial11148
Academic year200607NationalE92000001EnglandSpecial12100
Academic year200607NationalE92000001EnglandSpecial13103

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 3 variables
Variable nameVariable description
days_missed_suspensionNumber of days missed to suspensions
headcountNumber of pupils
school_typeSchool Type - State-funded primary, secondary and special


  1. For 2019/20 and 2020/21, while suspensions and permanent exclusions were possible throughout the academic year, pandemic restrictions will have had an impact on the numbers presented and caution should be taken when comparing across years.
  2. Data on one or more suspensions may not match the totals in the "Permanent exclusions and suspensions - by geography" data file - this occurs where a characteristic changes within the term and suspensions are recorded separately against each. For example, a pupil with multiple suspensions while recorded as not having SEN and with multiple suspensions while recorded as SEN support in the same term, will count as two enrolments in this data.

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