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School expenditure - unrounded data

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This file contains unrounded data on expenditure of local authority maintained schools. It includes local authority, regional and national data.  It was collected via the Consistent Financial reporting data collection. 

Data set details

Finance and funding
LA and school expenditure
Release type
Geographic levels
Local authority, National, Regional
  • Expenditure
  • Expenditure per pupil
  • Category of expenditure
  • Phase of school
Time period
2015-16 to 2021-22

Data set preview

Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
201516Financial yearNationalEnglandE92000001All LA maintained schoolsStaff related expenditureTeaching Staff (E01)124765561412519
201516Financial yearNationalEnglandE92000001NurseryStaff related expenditureTeaching Staff (E01)676713192715
201516Financial yearNationalEnglandE92000001PrimaryStaff related expenditureTeaching Staff (E01)78874866612141
201516Financial yearNationalEnglandE92000001PRUStaff related expenditureTeaching Staff (E01)1715570498904
201516Financial yearNationalEnglandE92000001SecondaryStaff related expenditureTeaching Staff (E01)36344655443190

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 4 variables
Variable nameVariable description
expenditure_descriptionCategory of expenditure
expenditure_per_pupilExpenditure per pupil
school_phasePhase of school - Filter by school type


  1. The category reference (I01, I02, E01, OB1, etc) relates to the categories collected in the Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) return. Further information on each category can be found on the CFR website linked to in the methodology document.
  2. Data for the City of Kingston upon Hull is based on a part year return for one primary school and a full year return for one other. Only 2 primary schools submitted a Consistent Financial Reporting return in 2021-22.
  3. There are a small number of local authorities with no LA maintained secondary schools, all are academies. Thurrock returned no data from primary schools in 2021-22. There are also authorities returning no nursery schools, pupil referral units or special schools. Full details are in the methodology document. These local authorities will be uncoloured in the maps above.

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