Data set from Children looked after in England including adoptions

17-21 year old care leavers who were formerly unaccompanied asylum-seeking children - NATIONAL

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Care leavers, aged 17 to 21, who were formerly unaccompanied asylum seeking children, by gender.

Data formerly in table F1 and F3.

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Children's social care
Children looked after in England including adoptions
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Geographic levels
  • Number
  • Percentage
  • Age of the care leaver
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Time period
2019 to 2023

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
2023Reporting yearNationalE92000001England19 to 21 yearsCare leavers groupFemaleUnaccompanied asylum-seeking children8402
2023Reporting yearNationalE92000001England21 yearsCare Leavers groupFemaleUnaccompanied asylum-seeking children2802
2023Reporting yearNationalE92000001England20 yearsCare leavers groupFemaleUnaccompanied asylum-seeking children3103
2023Reporting yearNationalE92000001England19 yearsCare Leavers groupFemaleUnaccompanied asylum-seeking children2502
2023Reporting yearNationalE92000001England18 yearsCare leavers groupFemaleUnaccompanied asylum-seeking children2202

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 4 variables
Variable nameVariable description
care_leaver_ageAge of the care leaver


  1. Numbers have been rounded to the nearest 10. Percentages rounded to the nearest whole number. Historical data may differ from older publications which is mainly due to amendments made by local authorities after the previous publication. However, users looking for a longer time series may wish to check for the equivalent table in earlier releases of this publication. 
  2. Figures for 2023 exclude Barnsley who were unable to provide data in time for publication.

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