Data set from Childcare and early years provider survey

Number of providers by region

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A breakdown of the number of providers by region and provider type.

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Early years
Childcare and early years provider survey
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Geographic levels
  • Number of providers
  • Proportion of providers
  • Provider type
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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
2023Calendar yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000004East MidlandsNursery class childcare settings70016
2023Calendar yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000006East of EnglandNursery class childcare settings90013.34
2023Calendar yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000007LondonNursery class childcare settings159016.15
2023Calendar yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000001North EastNursery class childcare settings68027.42
2023Calendar yearRegionalE92000001EnglandE12000002North WestNursery class childcare settings150020.69

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 3 variables
Variable nameVariable description
numberNumber of providers
proportionProportion of providers
provider_typeProvider type


  1. All figures have been rounded to the nearest 10. They may not add up to totals due to rounding.
  2. [u] Statistics based on an "unweighted base" (sample size) of less than 10 are not shown. Statistics based on an "unweighted base" of 10 or greater but less than 30 should be treated with caution and are only indicative.

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