Data set from School finances during the Covid-19 pandemic

LA maintained schools' 2019-2022 income categories

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Income information for the financial years 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22 for all LA maintained schools, including both a monetary and percentage comparison between each year’s data. All data is in nominal terms so does not remove the effects of inflation.

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Finance and funding
School finances during the Covid-19 pandemic
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  • Total income in 2019-20
  • Total income in 2020-21
  • Total income in 2021-22
  • Type of income
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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
202122Financial yearNationalI08a/b Total income from facilities and servicesEnglandE92000001646009284378109747545200829-267899537-41.469920577797816709108244.1911596634932-100808455-15.604799729163
202122Financial yearNationalI12 Income from contributions to visits etc.EnglandE9200000119056322139140630119214458-151422591-79.460553933437180073828204.579813866052-71348763-37.4409934013447
202122Financial yearNationalI09 Income from cateringEnglandE9200000124111871194101226207169747-147017485-60.9730718907169113068521120.156267677108-33948964-14.0797716855744
202122Financial yearNationalI13 Donations and/or private fundsEnglandE9200000115382726495632579118597342-58194685-37.83119031487162296476324.0135351782158-35229922-22.9022613312553
202122Financial yearNationalI05 Pupil PremiumEnglandE92000001114719529911123479671096957424-34847332-3.03761112256789-15390543-1.38360867791293-50237875-4.37919114938772

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 10 variables
Variable nameVariable description
19_20Total income in 2019-20
20_21Total income in 2020-21
21_22Total income in 2021-22
categoryType of income
difference_19_20_to_20_21Percentage change in income between 2019-20 to 2020-21


  1. The academies account return (AAR) data is reported on an academic year basis running from September - August. This is in contrast to the consistent financial reporting (CFR) data for LA maintained schools which is reported on a financial year basis running from April – March.
  2. Due to rounding, some totals and percentages may not correspond to the calculation of individual figures
  3. Due to changes in how total income and total expenditure were calculated across the 3-year period for both AAR and CFR data, the individual categories may not sum to the total. This is mainly due to the subtraction of expenditure category E30 Direct revenue financing.

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