Data set from Pupil absence in schools in England

08 - Absence rates by pupil residency - IDACI and urban/rurality

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Absence information by the pupil’s residence including the level of deprivation and rurality.

Data set details

Pupils and schools
Pupil absence in schools in England
Release type
Geographic levels
Local authority, Local authority district, National, Regional
  • Authorised absence rate
  • Number of authorised absence sessions
  • Number of overall absence sessions
  • IDACI band of pupil residence
  • IDACI/Rurality
  • Rurality band of pupil residence
Time period
2016/17 to 2020/21

Data set preview

Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
Academic yearSix half terms202021NationalEnglandE92000001TotalTotalTotalTotal722308825389946491171835254.61535854169793.3642317665461.2511587243812.07846
Academic yearSix half terms202021NationalEnglandE92000001TotalState-funded primaryTotalTotal39567271413396586514005773.63667383373552.71243130632220.924243474898.78223
Academic yearSix half terms202021NationalEnglandE92000001TotalState-funded secondaryTotalTotal31477601084447316595259235.48906416838713.84379178420521.6452746690314.83287
Academic yearSix half terms202021NationalEnglandE92000001TotalSpecialTotalTotal11860141150747625702515.20513539575313.112168612722.092975804648.94225
Academic yearSix half terms202021NationalEnglandE92000001IDACITotalTotal0 - 10 % most deprived951688330794751207389906.26944130773373.9533176616532.3161317625218.51994

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 14 variables
Variable nameVariable description
enrolmentsNumber of pupil enrolments
enrolments_pa_10_exactNumber of persistent absentees
enrolments_pa_10_exact_percentPercentage of persistent absentees
pup_idaciIDACI band of pupil residence - Filter by IDACI band of pupil residence


  1. Total includes state-funded primary, secondary and special schools. Data for special schools is available from 2016/17 to present.
  2. Sessions recorded as not attending due to COVID circumstances are included as possible sessions in 2020/21 only, but not as an absence within absence rates.

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