Data set from Admission appeals in England

Admissions appeals - by school type - 2016 to 2020

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Pupils and schools
Admission appeals in England
Release type
Geographic levels
  • Admission appeals lodged by parents
  • Admission appeals lodged by parents (percentage)
  • Admissions
  • School phase
  • School type
Time period
2016 to 2020

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001England01-Sep-19PrimaryCommunity and voluntary controlled 380,52211,27736,7041.81,10316.5
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001England01-Sep-19PrimaryVoluntary aided98,8641,92921,5221.536724.1
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001England01-Sep-19PrimaryFoundation30,0855031.73631.25615.4
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001England01-Sep-19PrimaryAcademy303,4825,3231.83,8761.378420.2
2020Reporting yearNationalE92000001England01-Sep-19PrimaryTotal812,95319,0322.312,4651.52,31018.5

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 9 variables
Variable nameVariable description
appeals_heard_numberAppeals heard by an appeals panel
appeals_heard_percentageAppeals heard by an appeals panel (percentage)
appeals_lodged_numberAdmission appeals lodged by parents
appeals_lodged_percentageAdmission appeals lodged by parents (percentage)

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