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UK STEM employment growth

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Employment volume and growth for occupation groups. Data from Annual Population Survey July 2022 - June 2023 and July 2012 - June 2013, sourced from ONS NOMIS:

  • Employment volumes presented in millions, to one decimal place
  • Details of group definitions are available in the publication methodology

Data set details

Further education
Supply of skills for jobs in science and technology
Release type
Geographic levels
  • Employment (millions)
  • Growth since 2013
  • Group of occupations
Time period
2013 to 2023

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
2013Calendar yearNationalK02000001United KingdomAll occupations29.50
2023Calendar yearNationalK02000001United KingdomAll occupations32.711
2013Calendar yearNationalK02000001United KingdomSTEM7.70
2023Calendar yearNationalK02000001United KingdomSTEM9.422
2013Calendar yearNationalK02000001United KingdomNot STEM21.80

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 3 variables
Variable nameVariable description
employmentEmployment (millions)
groupGroup of occupations - Filter by occupation group
growth_since_2013Growth since 2013


  1. Data for 2021 onwards is based on SOC 2020, and data prior to 2021 is based on SOC 2010.
  2. Not STEM includes Medicine and Health.

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