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    Further education: outcome-based success measures
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    Destinations of apprenticeship learners by demographics (ND02)
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    • England
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    • Learners
    • Number of learners matched to LEO data
    • Destination not sustained
    • Destination not sustained and in receipt of benefits
    • Destination not sustained and not on benefits
    • In receipt of benefits only
    • No activity captured in data
    • Sustained employment and learning
    • Sustained positive destination rate
    • Learners with earnings one year after study
    • Lower quartile annualised earnings
    • Median annualised earnings
    • Upper quartile annualised earnings
    • Self-employed rate
    • Sustained employment only rate
    • Sustained employment rate
    • Advanced apprenticeship (Level 3 or above)
    • Any learning rate
    • Below Level 2 (excluding English & Maths)
    • English & Maths
    • Full Level 2
    • Full Level 3
    • Intermediate apprenticeship (Level 2)
    • Level 2
    • Level 3
    • Level 4/5
    • Level not assigned
    • Sustained further education rate
    • Sustained apprenticeship rate
    • Sustained higher education rate (Level 6+)
    • Sustained learning only rate
    • Sustained learning rate
    • Total
    Benefit learner
    • Total
    Learning difficulties
    • Total
    • Total
    • Total
    Ethnicity group
    • Total
    Apprenticeship type
    • Total
    • Framework apprenticeship
    • Standard apprenticeship
    Level of learning
    • Total
    • Advanced Apprenticeship
    • Higher (Level 4) Apprenticeship
    • Higher (Level 5+) Apprenticeship
    • Intermediate Apprenticeship
    Age Band
    • Total
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