Academic Year 2018/19

Participation measures in higher education

Metadata guidance document



This document describes the data included in the Participation Measures in Higher Education: 2018/19 National Statistics release’s underlying data files. This data is released under the terms of the Open Government License and is intended to meet at least 3 stars for Open Data. 

The methodology document attached to this release should be referenced alongside this data. It provides information on the data sources, their coverage and quality as well as explaining methodology used in producing the data. 


The release covers the latest Higher Education Initial Participation (HEIP) measure.

The measure is the sum of the age specific participation rates for the 17 to 30 year-old population in England in each academic year (HEIP30), and can be thought of as a projection of the likelihood of a 17-year-old today participating in higher education by age 30 if the latest year's entry rates persisted in the future.

It also includes tables specific to postgraduate entry (PGIP30), as well as some age tables up to ages 20 and 60 (HEIP20, HEIP60). 

File formats and conventions

Throughout the publication, all entrant numbers are rounded to the nearest 5 in line with the Higher Education Statistics Agency’s (HESA) rounding policy.  All participation percentages are rounded to 1 decimal place. 

‘:’ Not applicable 

Data files