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'Pupil characteristics - national curriculum year and gender' from 'Schools, pupils and their characteristics'

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Headcount for 'Pupil characteristics - national curriculum year and gender' for Early 1, Early 2, Not followed, Nursery 1, Nursery 2 and 18 other filters in England for 2019/20
Pupil referral unitState-funded primaryState-funded special school
Nursery 1552,112246
Nursery 216230,1871,114
Early 104291
Early 204,1331
Year 164624,3445,665
Year 2137637,1646,396
Year 3245651,0217,539
Year 4301650,5018,128
Year 5374627,5388,682
Year 6444615,9219,001
Year 729863812,927
Year 81,10914312,303
Year 92,084012,083
Year 103,543011,827
Year 116,350011,406
Year 1228405,977
Year 1310305,146
Year 142803,726
Not followed00634


  1. Includes state-funded nursery, primary, secondary and special schools, non-maintained special schools and pupil referral units. Does not include independent schools

Source: Schools, pupils and their characteristics, Pupil characteristics - national curriculum year and gender

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