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'Absence rates by geographic level' from 'Pupil absence in schools in England'

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'Absence rates by geographic level' for Special, State-funded primary and State-funded secondary in England between 2016/17 and 2021/22
Number of persistent absentees (10% or more missed)Total744,276783,424771,863872,4381,643,876
State-funded primary325,229344,023328,745347,489699,877
State-funded secondary392,199409,888412,485466,903893,492
Number of severe absentees (50% or more missed)Total48,46053,69960,24781,652120,623
State-funded primary13,66214,70215,56528,31425,155
State-funded secondary31,00134,61439,82346,71788,188
Percentage of persistent absentees (10% or more missed)Total10.8%11.2%10.9%12.1%22.5%
State-funded primary8.3%8.7%8.2%8.8%17.7%
State-funded secondary13.5%13.9%13.7%14.8%27.7%
Percentage of severe absentees (50% or more missed)Total0.7%0.8%0.8%1.1%1.7%
State-funded primary0.3%0.4%0.4%0.7%0.6%
State-funded secondary1.1%1.2%1.3%1.5%2.7%


  1. Total includes state-funded primary, secondary and special schools. Data for special schools is available from 2016/17 to present.
  2. Sessions recorded as not attending due to COVID circumstances are included as possible sessions in 2020/21 and 2021/22 only, but not as an absence within absence rates.

Source: Pupil absence in schools in England, Absence rates by geographic level

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