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  1. Step 1 Choose a publication

    Graduate outcomes (LEO)
  2. Step 2 Choose a subject

    Underlying data 1819 National
  3. Step 3 Choose locations

    • Great Britain
  4. Step 4 Choose time period

    Time period
    2014-15 to 2018-19
  5. Step 5 Choose your filters

    • Graduates included in earnings figures
    • Lower quartile of earnings of graduates
    • Median earnings of graduates
    • Upper quartile of earnings of graduates
    Free school meal status
    • Total_GB
    Current region
    • Total_GB
    Age band at start of study
    • Total_GB
    Subject studied
    • Total_GB
    Study mode
    • Total_GB
    Ethnicity broad
    • Total_GB
    Term time residence
    • Total_GB
    Local area HE participation grouping
    • Total_GB
    Ethnicity broad (with Chinese)
    • Total_GB
    Region prior to HE study
    • Total_GB
    Ethnicity detailed
    • Total_GB
    Prior attainment level
    • Total_GB
    Years after graduation
    • 10YAG
    • 1YAG
    • 3YAG
    • 5YAG
    Graduate sex
    • Female + male
    Provider type
    • Total_GB
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    Row group 1
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    Column group 1

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