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    Longer term destinations
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    National level data: Longer term destinations
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    Row groups
    Row group 1
    Sustained education destination
    UK higher education
    Further education
    School sixth form or Sixth form college
    Other education destination
    Sustained apprenticeships
    Sustained employment destination
    Not recorded as a sustained destination
    Activity not captured
    Column groups
    Column group 1
    Column group 2
    year 1
    year 3
    year 5
    This data is not from the latest release
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    'National level data: Longer term destinations' for Percentage, State-funded mainstream schools, year 1, year 3 and year 5 in England for 2012/13
    year 1year 3year 5
    Sustained education destination874941
    UK higher education-2839
    Further education34172
    School sixth form or Sixth form college525-
    Other education destination11-
    Sustained apprenticeships4116
    Sustained employment destination12334
    Not recorded as a sustained destination61312
    Activity not captured146


    1. UK higher education destination: Pupils that have gone on to universities or other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), as identified in HESA data. This includes designated courses at higher education alternative providers (HEAPs) from 2015/16. Higher education courses at FE providers are also included, identified through ILR.
    2. Further education destination: includes pupils that have gone on to take qualifications at level 3 or below at FE colleges or other FE providers as identified in the Individualised Learner Record (ILR). It also includes pupils taking qualifications below level 4 at higher education institutions.
    3. School sixth form and sixth- form college: pupils that have gone on to school sixth forms and students that have gone on to sixth-form colleges. School sixth form destinations were identified from school census data and sixth-form college destinations were identified from the ILR.
    4. Other education destinations: Independent school, alternative provision, special schools, specialist post-16 institutions or sustained education combinations.
    5. Sustained apprenticeship: Young people were counted as being on an apprenticeship if they participated in relevant learning for at least six consecutive months at any point in the destination year. Apprenticeships are newly reported as a primary destination, separately from education and employment categories.
    6. Sustained education destination: Pupils who have gone to any form of sustained education destination are reported in Any sustained education destination.
    7. Sustained employment destinations: include pupils recorded as having sustained employment by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC); pupils identified as self-employed, and all types of sustained employment and training activity recorded in the National Client Caseload Information Service (NCCIS) for the first two terms (October to March). It also includes pupils sustaining participation through a combination of education and employment.
    8. Not recorded as a sustained destination: includes pupils who did not sustain a destination from October to March but had some participation between August and July. It also includes pupils who had no participation in education or employment but had claimed out-of-work benefits or were recorded NEET by their local authority between August and July
    9. Activity not captured: means the young person wasn’t found to have any participation in education or employment, had made no claim to out-of-work benefits and was not recorded NEET. Possible reasons for this could be that the young person: • was attending an independent school that wasn’t captured in the awarding body data • was attending a Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish college or school • was undertaking activity other than paid employment or study in the UK • was living, working or studying overseas • was not successfully matched to a record in our data sources
    10. State-funded mainstream schools: include community schools, voluntary aided schools, voluntary controlled schools, foundation schools, academies, free schools, city technology colleges and further education colleges with provision for 14- to 16-year-olds.

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