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    'Achievement rates - gender' for Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care, Arts, Media and Publishing, Business, Administration and Law, Construction, Planning and the Built Environment, Education and Training and 8 other filters in England for 2018/19
    LeaversAchievement RateLeaversAchievement RateLeaversAchievement Rate
    Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care2,50075.7%3,38070.1%5,88072.5%
    Arts, Media and Publishing39072.4%39066.8%78069.6%
    Business, Administration and Law47,15063.9%30,68057.2%77,83061.3%
    Construction, Planning and the Built Environment47064.2%16,19064.8%16,66064.8%
    Education and Training4,79075.1%98066.9%5,78073.7%
    Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies3,33068.1%48,27071.9%51,60071.7%
    Health, Public Services and Care63,91064.6%13,43062.9%77,33064.3%
    Information and Communication Technology1,99058.6%10,28068.7%12,27067.0%
    Leisure, Travel and Tourism3,31073.1%5,56075.2%8,87074.4%
    Retail and Commercial Enterprise21,72059.9%16,79055.9%38,50058.2%
    Science and Mathematics14074.6%19071.0%34072.5%

    Footnotes for undefined

    1. Percentages are rounded to one decimal place and calculated on unrounded volumes. '~' indicates a percentage below 0.5%
    2. Age, gender, learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and ethnicity are based upon self-declaration by the learner

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