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    Initial Teacher Training Census
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    8) ITT new entrants by region and training route
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    • East Midlands
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    2019/20 to 2021/22
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    This data is not from the latest release
    View latest data: Academic Year 2022/23
    Total new entrants to ITT for '8) ITT new entrants by region and training route' for High Potential ITT, Higher Education Institution, Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship, Postgraduate Total, School Centred ITT and 3 other filters in East Midlands, East of England, London, North East, North West and 4 other locations between 2019/20 and 2021/22
    TotalUndergraduatePostgraduate TotalHigher Education InstitutionSchool Centred ITTSchool Direct (fee-funded)School Direct (salaried)Postgraduate Teaching ApprenticeshipHigh Potential ITT
    East Midlands2,4242,8982,7534404915121,9842,4072,2418371,033953405456463665830759665932112934no datano datano data
    East of England2,6163,0082,6981491501242,4672,8582,5747368767485195695828101,0191,04039335716593739no datano datano data
    North East1,8152,0391,6453324054211,4831,6341,224618741501340380320413403377151381013188784no data
    North West5,3176,6245,7941,0181,3661,2124,2995,2584,5822,4042,9842,6124796066281,2081,4461,3006454421638no data128130no data
    South East4,9365,8085,2219159769664,0214,8324,2551,5661,8971,7324886126341,1371,4931,618577516202334869220266no data
    South West2,7513,0782,9213494054802,4022,6732,4411,3211,5021,37536439440354863563189399613237490no data
    West Midlands3,9124,9064,0945087347343,4044,1723,3601,6852,3471,8922894093879229841,0151501004781319350319no data
    Yorkshire and The Humber3,9184,6954,2287088598113,2103,8363,4171,0201,3021,0707999749751,1301,2871,181949328615163161165no data

    Footnotes for undefined

    1. 2020/21 and 2021/22 data was extracted on 21st November 2021. 2019/20 data was extracted on 13th November 2020.
    2. Figures for 2021/22 are provisional and are subject to change. Figures for 2019/20 and 2020/21 have been revised.

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