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    COVID mass testing data in education
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    Data on COVID Rapid testing readiness as of 10th February (unless stated)
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    • England
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    Time period
    2021 Week 6
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    • Number of settings ready to deliver tests
    • Number of settings who have reported at least one test
    • Total number of settings in scope
    • Tests reported
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    • Higher education
    • Primary & Nursery
    • Secondary & colleges
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    Row groups
    Row group 1
    Primary & Nursery
    Secondary & colleges
    Higher education
    Column groups
    Column group 1
    Total number of settings in scope
    Number of settings ready to deliver tests
    Number of settings who have reported at least one test
    Tests reported
    Column group 2
    2021 Week 6
    This is the latest data
    'Data on COVID Rapid testing readiness as of 10th February (unless stated)' for Higher education, Primary & Nursery and Secondary & colleges in England for 2021 Week 6
    Total number of settings in scopeNumber of settings ready to deliver testsNumber of settings who have reported at least one testTests reported
    Primary & Nursery17,95217,75417,4501,700,000
    Secondary & colleges6,8556,2955,9391,700,000
    Higher education238187156600,000


    1. The total number of institutions in scope will change over time as some schools open and others close. The settings in scope have been sourced from Get information about schools (GIAS) in January. This also reflects the number of institutions we made the tests available to. Some HE providers for example have chosen to offer tests via another means.
    2. For Primary schools this number is the number of schools which have test kits delivered. For secondary schools and colleges this is the total number of sites which have had their sites registered and received deliveries required to start testing. For Higher Education this is the number of providers which have either had kits delivered or have partnered with an institution who has had kits delivered.
    3. Since 18th January all Primary schools and school-based nursery settings started to receive home testing kits for staff members in the workplace to carry out tests. Therefore, the testing numbers are based on those who were self-reporting which is where the test is carried out at home rather than at school. All other educational sites should be reporting through the Asymptomatic testing site (ATS) system which is when the testing happens at schools, colleges or universities. However, we are aware there are a small number of instances (under 5% of reported tests) where test results may have been reported through the wrong system (for example a secondary test reported through the self-report system which is meant for primary school staff). The test completed numbers above have not been adjusted to take this into account.
    4. This accounts for pre-Christmas return, test on return in January and twice weekly testing in HE settings.
    5. For ATS testing, test kits require registration - this is when personal details of individual testing are attached to the kit as well as the result being record separately. Any test results reported where the test kit was not registered are not included in these figures as they do not show up in our data.

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