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    Participation in education, training and employment age 16 to 18
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    2. Participation in education and apprenticeships by institution and qualification type
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    • England
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    2018 to 2020
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    Percent for '2. Participation in education and apprenticeships by institution and qualification type' for 16-17, 16-18, 18, All state-funded schools, Full-time and 6 other filters in England between 2018 and 2020
    16-18Total in education71.5%72.8%75.0%
    State-funded schoolsAll state-funded schools24.0%24.5%25.9%
    Other educational institutionIndependent schools4.7%4.7%4.6%
    Special schools0.9%0.9%0.9%
    Higher education institutions11.2%11.7%12.2%
    General FE tertiary and specialist colleges24.4%25.2%25.6%
    Sixth form colleges6.3%5.9%5.7%
    16-17Total in education82.7%83.8%85.2%
    State-funded schoolsAll state-funded schools35.1%35.7%37.4%
    Other educational institutionIndependent schools6.7%6.6%6.4%
    Special schools1.0%1.0%1.1%
    Higher education institutions0.6%0.6%0.6%
    General FE tertiary and specialist colleges30.4%31.6%31.8%
    Sixth form colleges8.9%8.3%8.0%
    18Total in education50.0%51.4%53.9%
    State-funded schoolsAll state-funded schools2.8%2.5%2.3%
    Other educational institutionIndependent schools1.0%1.0%0.8%
    Special schools0.6%0.7%0.7%
    Higher education institutions31.4%33.6%36.1%
    General FE tertiary and specialist colleges12.8%12.5%13.0%
    Sixth form colleges1.2%1.0%0.9%

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