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    Suspensions and permanent exclusions in England
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    Permanent exclusions and suspensions - by geography (2006-07 to 2021-22)
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    'Permanent exclusions and suspensions - by geography (2006-07 to 2021-22)' in East Midlands, East of England, England, Inner London, North East and 6 other locations for 2021/22
    Permanent exclusionsPermanent exclusions (rate)SuspensionsSuspension (rate)
    North East5310.1342,09610.69
    North West1,2560.1180,7477.12
    Yorkshire and The Humber6590.0883,8239.93
    East Midlands5380.0754,6737.57
    West Midlands1,0460.1163,3736.75
    East of England7010.0759,7496.31
    South East5280.0475,1235.68
    South West6820.0962,3188.13
    Inner London1490.0320,6034.75
    Outer London4050.0535,7754.14


    1. For 2019/20 and 2020/21, while suspensions and permanent exclusions were possible throughout the academic year, pandemic restrictions will have had an impact on the numbers presented and caution should be taken when comparing across years.

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