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    Key stage 4 performance
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    KS4 national characteristics data
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    • England
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    2018/19 to 2021/22
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    • Average Attainment 8 score of all pupils
    • Average EBacc APS score per pupil
    • Percentage of pupils achieving grades 5 or above in English and mathematics GCSEs
    • Percentage of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate
    • Total number of pupils at the end of key stage 4
    All pupils with a primary need (from 2014/15 onwards this consisted of pupils flagged as SEN with a statement, EHC plan, SEN support, school action or school action plus)
    • Total
    Basis for admission into the school e.g. non-selective schools in other areas, selective schools
    • Total
    Disadvantaged status
    • Total
    English as an Additional Language status
    • Total
    Free school meal eligibility
    • Total
    • Total
    Major ethnic group
    • Asian
    • Black
    • Chinese
    • Mixed
    • Other
    Minor ethnic group
    • Total
    • Any other Asian background
    • Any other black background
    • Any other ethnic group
    • Any other mixed background
    Primary need grouping
    • Total
    Religious denomination of school
    • Total
    Special Educational Needs description
    • Total
    Special Educational Needs status
    • Total
    The types of school in the data
    • All state-funded
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    This data is not from the latest release
    View latest data: Academic year 2022/23
    WarningSome rows and columns are not shown in this table as the data does not exist in the underlying file.
    'KS4 national characteristics data' for All state-funded, Any other Asian background, Any other black background, Any other ethnic group, Any other mixed background and 20 other filters in England between 2018/19 and 2021/22
    TotalAny other Asian backgroundBangladeshiIndianPakistaniTotalAny other black backgroundBlack AfricanCaribbeanTotalChineseTotalAny other mixed backgroundWhite and AsianWhite and Black AfricanWhite and Black CaribbeanTotalAny other ethnic groupTotalAny other white backgroundGypsy/RomaTraveller of Irish heritageWhite BritishWhite Irish
    Total number of pupils at the end of key stage 42018/1958,1119,3039,87715,42923,50231,1753,87519,8077,4932,0062,00627,01810,1086,1443,2627,5049,6079,607406,70728,2141,243151375,4111,688
    Percentage of pupils achieving grades 5 or above in English and mathematics GCSEs2018/1951.9%60.1%50.3%64.1%41.3%37.8%33.7%42.9%26.5%76.3%76.3%43.8%47.0%55.5%41.5%31.0%43.4%43.4%42.4%41.5%6.0%13.9%42.5%54.9%
    Percentage of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate2018/1950.6%56.1%49.1%59.0%43.6%46.5%44.1%50.5%37.4%61.6%61.6%44.3%48.7%50.6%45.5%32.5%51.1%51.1%37.5%49.5%11.1%15.2%36.6%46.9%
    Average Attainment 8 score of all pupils2018/1951.254.550.657.346.244.943.047.439.464.364.347.649.253.247.441.047.347.346.146.819.126.646.252.1
    Average EBacc APS score per pupil2018/194.574.974.455.244.033.943.764.213.335.995.994.194.394.774.193.464.304.304.004.251.472.143.994.63


    1. All pupils with a primary need (from 2014/15 onwards this consisted of pupils flagged as SEN with a statement, EHC plan, SEN support).
    2. 'Total' includes pupils for whom Free School Meal eligibility (FSM), Special Educational Needs status (SEN provision) or SEN primary need could not be determined. This figure also includes pupils at further education colleges: as FE colleges do not complete the school census, we do not have matched pupil characteristics data of pupils in FE colleges and therefore these pupils are not included in characteristics breakdowns. This means that there are some cases where the individual characteristics breakdowns will not add up to the all pupils figure.

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