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    Apprenticeships and traineeships
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    Geographical breakdowns - LEP and EDA
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    English Devolved Area
    • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
    • Greater London Authority
    • Greater Manchester
    • Liverpool City Region
    • North East
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    2016/17 to 2020/21
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    Starts for 'Geographical breakdowns - LEP and EDA' for Advanced Apprenticeship, Higher Apprenticeship and Intermediate Apprenticeship in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Greater London Authority, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, North East and 6 other locations between 2016/17 and 2020/21
    Cambridgeshire and PeterboroughIntermediate Apprenticeship3,3201,8401,6601,180890
    Advanced Apprenticeship2,3701,9502,2201,8101,730
    Higher Apprenticeship3506401,2001,3201,670
    Greater London AuthorityIntermediate Apprenticeship20,82013,11011,9007,4506,910
    Advanced Apprenticeship19,09017,59018,49014,97015,000
    Higher Apprenticeship4,4706,14010,37011,47015,030
    Greater ManchesterIntermediate Apprenticeship14,9209,4608,2305,4204,430
    Advanced Apprenticeship11,34010,21010,0007,6207,690
    Higher Apprenticeship2,1602,9204,0304,3705,150
    Liverpool City RegionIntermediate Apprenticeship9,5505,3004,5503,1402,480
    Advanced Apprenticeship7,4605,2005,3604,4104,050
    Higher Apprenticeship1,6301,7202,2802,4902,920
    North EastIntermediate Apprenticeship8,7304,8704,1502,4402,060
    Advanced Apprenticeship6,1104,1304,5403,6703,660
    Higher Apprenticeship1,3001,2701,8101,9401,920
    North of TyneIntermediate Apprenticeship4,8202,8502,3301,6001,300
    Advanced Apprenticeship3,2102,6502,9002,2502,310
    Higher Apprenticeship6208101,2501,2501,390
    Sheffield City RegionIntermediate Apprenticeship8,3004,4104,2802,8402,290
    Advanced Apprenticeship5,6604,3004,2303,3503,210
    Higher Apprenticeship1,1801,1902,0401,8902,100
    Tees ValleyIntermediate Apprenticeship5,1202,9502,6201,5301,410
    Advanced Apprenticeship3,4002,4402,6502,3602,060
    Higher Apprenticeship6306701,0109801,200
    West MidlandsIntermediate Apprenticeship16,3709,0408,3705,2704,260
    Advanced Apprenticeship11,0708,5209,5607,5107,200
    Higher Apprenticeship2,2802,4704,1304,7705,120
    West of EnglandIntermediate Apprenticeship3,5902,6002,0201,4201,300
    Advanced Apprenticeship2,8902,8702,9702,3102,530
    Higher Apprenticeship4007801,2501,5101,730
    West YorkshireIntermediate Apprenticeship12,5507,6306,9704,6903,970
    Advanced Apprenticeship9,2007,6908,3106,5206,210
    Higher Apprenticeship1,4802,0103,5703,4104,350

    Footnotes for undefined

    1. Geography is based upon the home postcode of the learner. Where the postcode is outside of England or not known it is included in the 'Outside of England and unknown' category
    2. Volumes are rounded to the nearest 10 and '~' indicates a base value of fewer than 5

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