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    Initial Teacher Training Census
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    5) ITT new entrants by training route and trainee characteristics
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    • England
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    2019/20 to 2021/22
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    '5) ITT new entrants by training route and trainee characteristics' for High Potential ITT, Higher Education Institution, Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship, Postgraduate Total, School Centred ITT and 3 other filters in England between 2019/20 and 2021/22
    TotalUndergraduatePostgraduate TotalHigher Education InstitutionSchool Centred ITTSchool Direct (fee-funded)School Direct (salaried)Postgraduate Teaching ApprenticeshipHigh Potential ITT
    Asian ethnicity3,1963,9753,6083565975562,8403,3783,0521,6472,0441,80933840437948457361718417863172140170158144
    Black ethnicity1,1171,5471,372631201391,0541,4271,2335739137406863922032512811321162691331697163
    Mixed ethnicity9711,2111,1031151511538561,0609504406005216788741832152557770277719828054
    Other ethnicity378548538325353346495485205286297223836571041024138113416182523
    White ethnicity26,49531,35126,7244,2855,0274,73122,21026,32421,9939,64711,9579,9783,0873,6642,9986,4567,8236,9231,7091,4454361212585521,1901,1771,106
    Asian ethnicity percentage10%10%11%7%10%10%10%10%11%13%13%14%9%9%11%7%6%8%9%10%11%11%7%6%11%10%10%
    Black ethnicity percentage3%4%4%1%2%2%4%4%4%5%6%6%2%1%3%3%3%3%6%6%5%6%4%5%5%5%5%
    Mixed ethnicity percentage3%3%3%2%3%3%3%3%3%4%4%4%2%2%2%2%2%3%4%4%5%4%2%3%5%5%4%
    Other ethnicity percentage1%1%2%1%1%1%1%2%2%2%2%2%1%1%1%1%1%1%2%2%2%2%1%2%1%2%2%
    White ethnicity percentage82%81%80%88%85%84%81%81%79%77%76%75%86%86%84%87%87%85%80%78%77%77%85%84%78%78%80%

    Footnotes for undefined

    1. 2020/21 and 2021/22 data was extracted on 21st November 2021. 2019/20 data was extracted on 13th November 2020.
    2. Figures for 2021/22 are provisional and are subject to change. Figures for 2019/20 and 2020/21 have been revised.

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