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    Planned LA and school expenditure
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    S251 Budget - High needs places by school
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    • Abbey Court Foundation Special School
    • Abbey Green Nursery School
    • Abbey Hill School and Performing Arts College
    • Abbey Manor College
    • Abbey Park Middle School
    • Abbeyfield School
    • Abbot's Lea School
    • Abraham Moss Community School
    • Acland Burghley School
    • Acorns Primary School
    • Addey and Stanhope School
    • Addington School
    • Albright Education Centre
    • Alder Brook
    • Aldercar High School
    • Alderman Knight School
    • Alderman's Green Community Primary School
    • Aldermoor Farm Primary School
    • Alexandra School
    • Alfreton Park Community Special School
    • All Hallow's  High ASD/SLCN
    • All Saints CofE (Aided) Primary School
    • All Saints' Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School
    • All Saints' CofE School
    • All Souls CofE Primary School
    • Allen Edwards Primary School
    • Allenby Primary School
    • Allens Croft Nursery - C&L RB
    • Allens Croft Primary - C&L RB
    • Allerton Grange School
    • Allerton High School
    • Alma Park Primary School
    • Alt Bridge School
    • Alternative Education Service - The Beacon Centre
    • Amwell View School
    • Anglesey - SLCN RB
    • Anston Hillcrest Primary School
    • Appleby Primary School
    • Applefields School
    • Applemore College
    • Arbourthorne Community Primary School
    • Archbishop Sumner Church of England Primary School
    • Archers Brook SEMH Residential School
    • Archway
    • Ash Lea School
    • Ashbourne Hilltop Primary and Nursery School
    • Ashbury Meadow Primary School
    • Ashfield Junior School
    • Ashford Oaks Community Primary School
    • Ashford Park Primary School
    • Ashgate Specialist Support Primary School
    • Ashley College
    • Ashley High School
    • Ashley Infant School
    • Ashley Junior School
    • Ashmount School
    • Ashton Community Science College
    • Ashwood Park Primary School
    • Aston Clinton School
    • Athelney Primary School
    • Athena School
    • Atkinson House School
    • Avalon School
    • Avenue Centre
    • Badshot Lea Village Infant School
    • Baginton Fields School
    • Bagshot Infant School
    • Bamburgh School
    • Bandon Hill Primary School
    • Bank View High School
    • Barlby Primary School
    • Barley Croft Primary School
    • Barley Lane School
    • Barndale House School
    • Baskerville School
    • Batchley First and Nursery School
    • Batchwood School
    • Baycroft School
    • Baylis Court Nursery School
    • Baytree School
    • Beacon Hill School
    • Beaconsfield Primary and Nursery School
    • Beaconside CofE Primary School
    • Beaconside Primary and Nursery School
    • Beaminster School
    • Beaucroft Foundation School
    • Beaufort School
    • Becontree Primary School
    • Bede Primary School
    • Bedenham Primary School
    • Beech Grove Primary School
    • Beechcliffe Special School
    • Beechwood Primary School
    • Beeston Hill St Lukes Church of England Primary School
    • Bell Farm Primary School
    • Belmont Cheveley Park Primary School
    • Belmont Park School
    • Belmont Primary School
    • Belvue School
    • Bensham Manor School
    • Bentfield Primary School
    • Benton Dene Primary School
    • Benton Dene School
    • Bents Green School
    • Beormund Primary School
    • Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School
    • Bettridge School
    • Beverley School
    • Bewsey Lodge Primary School
    • Biddenham International School and Sports College
    • Bidston Village CofE (Controlled) Primary School
    • Bidwell Brook School
    • Bildeston Primary School
    • Billingham South Community Primary School
    • Bilston Nursery School
    • Birch Hill Primary
    • Birchwood
    • Birchwood School
    • Bishop Barrington School A Sports with Mathematics College
    • Bishops Down Primary School
    • Bishopswood School
    • Bishopton Centre
    • Bitterne Park Secondary
    • Blackhorse Primary School
    • Blackmarston School
    • Blackrod Anglican/Methodist Primary School
    • Blanche Nevile School
    • Bleasdale School
    • Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School
    • Bluebell Park School
    • Bognor Regis Nursery School
    • Boldmere Infant School ASC RB
    • Booker Park Community School
    • Bordesley Green - HI RB
    • Boroughbridge High School
    • Boughton Leigh Junior School
    • Boundstone Nursery School
    • Bourne Community College
    • Bower Grove School
    • Bowker Vale Primary School
    • Bracken Hill School
    • Brackenfield Special School
    • Brading primary school
    • Bradshaw Hall Primary School
    • Bradstow School
    • Braidwood School
    • Brampton Primary School
    • Brampton Primary School
    • Brandling Primary School
    • Bransty Primary School
    • Breakspeare School
    • Brent Knoll School
    • Brent River College
    • Brentnall Primary
    • Brentwood School
    • Briarwood School
    • Bridge Short Stay School
    • Bridgelea Pupil Referral Unit
    • Bridgewater Primary School
    • Bridlington School
    • Brimsham Green School
    • Broad Oak Primary School
    • Broadfield Specialist School
    • Brompton Hall School
    • Bromstone Primary School, Broadstairs
    • Brook Green Centre for Learning
    • Brookfield School
    • Brookfields Special School
    • Brooklands School
    • Brooklands School - Split Site
    • Brookside Primary School
    • Broomfield South SILC
    • Broomhill Bank School
    • Brough primary
    • Browick Road Primary and Nursery School
    • Brownhill School
    • Brunswick Park Primary School
    • Burnside College
    • Burnside Secondary PRU
    • Burpham Foundation Primary School
    • Burraton Community Primary School
    • Burton Short Stay School
    • Bury Secondary PRU Spring Lane School
    • Bushbury Nursery School
    • Bushy Leaze Early Years Centre
    • Buxton School
    • C.E.D.A.R.S.
    • CB - Redbridge Community School
    • CCfL Key Stage 3 PRU
    • CCfL Key Stage 4 PRU
    • Caedmon College
    • Calverton Primary School
    • Camberwell Park Specialist Support School
    • Cambridge Nursery School
    • Cambridge School
    • Camden Centre for Learning (CCfL) Special School
    • Camden Primary Pupil Referral Unit
    • Cann Bridge School
    • Cansfield High School
    • Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children and Families
    • Carden Primary
    • Cardinal Road Infant and Nursery School
    • Carisbrooke college
    • Carlton Digby School
    • Caroline Haslett Primary School
    • Carr Manor Community School, Specialist Sports College
    • Carrington Infant School
    • Carrington Junior School
    • Carrwood Primary School
    • Castle
    • Castle Hill Community Primary School
    • Castle Hill High School
    • Castle Primary School
    • Castle School, Cambridge
    • Castle Wood Special School
    • Castlebar School
    • Castlecroft Primary School
    • Caterham High School
    • Cedar Hall School
    • Cedars Manor School
    • Central Hub
    • Central Primary School
    • Central Street Infant and Nursery School
    • Chadsgrove School
    • Chadwick High School
    • Chalgrove Primary School
    • Chalkhill Education Centre, Chalkhill Hospital
    • Chalvey Nursery School & Early Years Centre
    • Chapel Green School
    • Chapel-en-le-Frith CofE VC Primary School
    • Chapel-en-le-Frith High School
    • Charter Primary School
    • Chasetown Community School
    • Chaulden Infants' and Nursery
    • Chellow Heights Special School
    • Chelsea Community Hospital School
    • Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Alternative Provision School
    • Cherbourg Primary School
    • Cherry Garden School
    • Cherry Lane Primary School
    • Cherry Oak School
    • Cherry Orchard - ASC RB
    • Chertsey Nursery School
    • Chesnut Lodge Special School
    • Chessbrook Education Support Centre
    • Chichester Nursery
    • Children's Hospital School at Gt Ormond Street and UCH
    • Children's Support Service Langdon Hills Basildon
    • Childwall Abbey School
    • Chiltern Wood School
    • Chipping Sodbury School
    • Chorley Astley Park School
    • Christ Church CofE Primary School
    • Christ The King - VI RB
    • Christ The King Catholic Primary School
    • Christ The King Catholic School, Amesbury
    • Christ's Church of England Comprehensive Secondary School
    • Christchurch Learning Centre
    • Clare Mount Specialist Sports College
    • Claremont School
    • Claytons Primary School
    • Cleaswell Hill School
    • Cliffe Hill Community Primary School
    • Clifford Holroyde Specailist SEN College
    • Clifton Hill School
    • Clockhouse Primary School
    • Cloughside College
    • Colegrave
    • Colindale Primary School
    • College Hall PRU
    • College Park School
    • Collingwood School & Media Arts College
    • Colman Infant School
    • Colman Junior School
    • Colnbrook School
    • Colton Hills Community School
    • Columbia Grange School
    • Colville Primary School
    • Comet Nursery
    • Conisborough College
    • Cooper's Lane Primary School
    • Copley Primary School
    • Coppetts Wood Primary School
    • Corbets Tey School
    • Corley Centre
    • Cornfield School, Littlehampton
    • Corpus Christi Catholic College
    • Coston Primary School
    • Coteford Infant School
    • Countess Wear Community School
    • Cove School
    • Coventry Extended Learning Centre
    • Cowley Hill School
    • Cramlington Hillcrest School
    • Cranbourne
    • Cranbrook Primary School
    • Crane Park Primary School
    • Cranleigh Church of England Primary School
    • Craven Pupil Referral Service
    • Crestwood Community School
    • Cricket Green School
    • Crocketts Community Primary School
    • Crofton School
    • Cromwell High School
    • Crook Log Primary School
    • Crosby High School
    • Crosfield Nursery School
    • Crossflatts Primary School
    • Crowdys Hill School
    • Crown Lane Primary School
    • Dacorum Education Support Centre
    • Dagenham Park
    • Dallam Community Primary School
    • Dalton School
    • Dame Ellen Pinsent School
    • Danesgate Community
    • Darell Primary and Nursery School
    • Darnhall Primary School
    • De Bohun Primary School
    • De La Salle School
    • Deanesfield Primary School
    • Dee Banks School
    • Dee Point Primary School
    • Delamere School
    • Denfield Park Primary School
    • Deptford Green School
    • Derrymount School
    • Devonshire Infant School
    • Devonshire Park Primary School
    • Discovery Primary School
    • Dorchester Learning Centre
    • Dorin Park School & Specialist SEN College
    • Dorking Nursery School
    • Downfield Primary School
    • Downham Market, HIllcrest Primary School
    • Downland School
    • Downs View
    • Drake Primary School
    • Drayton Green Primary School
    • Drumbeat School and ASD Service
    • Dryden School
    • Durants School
    • Durham Trinity School and Sports College
    • Durrington Junior School
    • E P Collier Primary School
    • EOTAS Swindon
    • Ealing Alternative Provision
    • Ealing Primary Centre
    • East Sheen Primary School
    • Eastbrook School
    • Eastbury Community School
    • Eastway Primary School
    • Eastwood Nursery School
    • Eden Special School
    • Educational Diversity
    • Edward Wilson Primary School
    • Egerton High School
    • Eldene Nursery and Primary School
    • Eldon Primary School
    • Elemore Hall School
    • Ellen Tinkham School
    • Elleray Park School
    • Ellesmere College
    • Elm Court School
    • Elm Tree Community Primary School
    • Elmfield School for Deaf Children
    • Elmgrove Primary School
    • Elms School
    • Elmwood
    • Elmwood School
    • Elthorne Park High School
    • Emersons Green Primary School
    • Emmbrook Infant School
    • Enterprise Learning Alliance
    • Epinay Business and Enterprise School
    • Ermysteds
    • Ernest Cookson School
    • Eslington Primary School
    • Essex Primary School
    • Etchells Primary School
    • Evelina Hospital School
    • Even Swindon Primary School
    • Evergreen School
    • Evergreen School
    • Exhall Grange Specialist School
    • Exning Primary School
    • Fairfield School
    • Fairmead School
    • Fairways Primary School
    • Falconer School
    • Fellgate Primary School
    • Felpham Community College
    • Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery School
    • Fender Primary School
    • Ferndale Primary School
    • Field Place Infant School
    • Firs Primary School
    • First Base
    • Fittleworth CofE Village School
    • Five Acre Wood School
    • Five Elms Primary School
    • Fiveways Special School
    • Fordwater School, Chichester
    • Fordway Centre
    • Foreland Fields School
    • Forest Moor School
    • Forest Oak School
    • Forest Park School
    • Foresters Primary School
    • Fort Royal
    • Fortuna School
    • Foundry College
    • Fox Hollies School
    • Fox Wood Special School
    • Foxfield School
    • Francis Barber Pupil Referral Unit
    • Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children
    • Frank Wise School
    • Fred Nicholson School
    • Frederick Bremer School
    • Freemantles School
    • Freshfield Primary School
    • Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary School
    • Frogwell Primary School
    • Frome Community College
    • Fryent Primary School
    • Fullhurst Community College
    • Furrowfield School
    • Furze Down School
    • Furze Platt Junior
    • Furzefield Primary School
    • Gainsborough Primary School
    • Galton Valley Primary School
    • Garlinge Primary School and Nursery
    • Garratt Park School
    • Garrett Hall Primary School
    • Garretts Green Nursery - ASC RB
    • Garston Manor School
    • Gascoigne Primary School
    • Gastrells Community Primary School
    • George Carey Church of England Primary School
    • George Stephenson High School
    • Ghyllgrove Primary School
    • Gibside School
    • Gifford Primary School
    • Gig Mill Primary School
    • Gilbrook School
    • Gillford Centre
    • Gillingham Primary School
    • Girlington Primary School
    • Glebe Primary School
    • Gledhow Primary School
    • Glenwood School
    • Glenwood School
    • Gloucester and Forest Alternative Provision School
    • Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service
    • Godwin Primary School
    • Golden Hill Pupil Referral Unit
    • Goldwyn School
    • Gorseland Primary School
    • Gosden House School
    • Grace Mary Primary School
    • Grange Park School
    • Grange Primary School
    • Granta School
    • Great Arley School
    • Great Binfields Primary School
    • Great Bridge Primary School
    • Great Torrington Bluecoat Church of England Primary School
    • Green Fold School
    • Green Lane Community Special School
    • Green Park School
    • Greenacre Community Nursery School
    • Greenbank School
    • Greenford High School
    • Greenhall Nursery, Stafford
    • Greenmead School
    • Greenmount Primary School
    • Greenside School
    • Greentrees Primary School
    • Greenvale School
    • Greenwood School
    • Grimes Dyke Primary School
    • Grove Park School
    • Grove Road Primary School
    • Grovelands Community Primary School
    • Guildford Nursery School
    • Guillemont Junior School
    • Hadrian School
    • Halesbury School
    • Hall School
    • Halton Lodge Primary School
    • Hambleton/Richmondshire Pupil Referral Service
    • Hamilton School
    • Hampton Dene Primary School
    • Hampton Hill Junior School
    • Hanson School
    • Harbour
    • Harford Manor School, Norwich
    • Hargate Primary School
    • Haringey Learning Partnership
    • Harlington School
    • Harlow Fields School and College
    • Harmanswater Primary School
    • Harrogate, Grove Road Community Primary School
    • Hatfeild Primary School
    • Hatton School and Special Needs Centre
    • Haughton School
    • Haven Early Years Centre
    • Hawbush Primary School
    • Hawkswood (Therapeutic)
    • Hawkswood Primary PRU
    • Hawthorn - HI RB
    • Hawthorn Primary School
    • Haydock High School
    • Hayes Park School
    • Hayfield School
    • Haymerle School
    • Haywood Grove School
    • Hazel Oak School
    • Heart of the Forest Community Special School
    • Heathcote School & Science College
    • Heathfield Community College
    • Heathfield Community School
    • Heathfield Infant School
    • Heathfield Junior School
    • Heathfield Special School
    • Heathlands School
    • Heathwood Lower School
    • Heaton School
    • Hebburn Lakes Primary School
    • Hebden Green Community School
    • Hedgewood School
    • Hednesford Valley High School
    • Hedworthfield Primary School
    • Helix Education Centre
    • Heltwate School
    • Henry Beaufort School
    • Henry Tyndale School
    • Herefordshire Pupil Referral Service
    • Heritage House School
    • Heritage Park School
    • Herons Dale School
    • Hetton School
    • High Tunstall College of Science
    • High Well School
    • Highbury School
    • Highfield school
    • Highfields Inclusion Partnership
    • Highfurlong School
    • Highlands School
    • Highshore School
    • Highwood Primary School
    • Highworth Combined School and Nursery
    • Hill Mead Primary School
    • Hill Park
    • Hill Top School
    • Hillbrook School
    • Hillshott Infant School and Nursery
    • Hillside Primary School
    • Hillside Special School
    • Hillside Specialist School and College
    • Hiltingbury Infant School
    • Hinderton School
    • Hindley High School
    • Hindley J and I
    • Holbrook Primary School
    • Holgate Meadows School
    • Holland Moor Primary School
    • Holly Grove School
    • Holly House Special School
    • Hollywater School
    • Hollywood - ASC RB
    • Hollywood Park Nursery School
    • Holme Slack Community Primary School
    • Holmwood School
    • Holtspur School & Pre-School
    • Holway Park Community Primary School
    • Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School
    • Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School
    • Homewood College
    • Hope High School
    • Hope School
    • Hope School
    • Horndean Technology College
    • Hornsea School
    • Hornsea primary
    • Horsham Nursery School
    • Horton Lodge Com Sp & Key Learning Cent, Rudyard
    • Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School
    • Hounslow Heath Junior School
    • Hounslow Town Primary School
    • Hove Park
    • Howletch Lane Primary School
    • Hoyle Nursery School
    • Hudson Primary School
    • Hugglescote Primary
    • Hugh Christie School
    • Hunnyhill
    • Hunters Hall Primary School
    • Hunters Hill College
    • Hythe Bay CofE Primary School
    • Hythe Primary School
    • IMPACT
    • Ickburgh School
    • Icknield School
    • Icollege Alternative Provision
    • Ifield School
    • Ilfracombe Church of England Junior School
    • Imperial Avenue Infant School
    • Inglehurst Junior School
    • Inmans Primary
    • Ireland Wood Primary School
    • Irlam Endowed Primary LRU KS1
    • Island Learning Centre
    • Ivel Valley School
    • Iveshead Secondary
    • JCoSS
    • Jack Tizard School
    • James Wolfe Primary School and Centre for the Deaf
    • Jane Lane
    • Jarrow School
    • Jigsaw Primary Pupil Referral Unit
    • Jo Richardson Community School
    • John Chilton School
    • John Fletcher of Madeley
    • John Grant School, Caister-on-Sea
    • John Jamieson School
    • John Perry Primary School
    • John Ruskin Primary School and Language Classes
    • John Spence Community High School
    • John Watson School
    • Joseph Rowntree School
    • Joy Lane Primary Foundation School
    • Jubilee Primary School
    • Juniper Hill School
    • Keelman's Way School
    • Kelvin Grove Primary School
    • Kennel Lane
    • Kent Health Needs Education Service
    • Kentish Town Church of England Primary School
    • Kettlebrook Short Stay School
    • Keyham Lodge School
    • Kilgarth School
    • King Athelstan Primary School
    • King Edward VI Community College
    • King James's School
    • King Richard III Infant and Nursery School
    • King's Farm Primary School
    • King's Mill
    • King's Oak Primary School
    • King's Oak School
    • Kings Copse Primary School
    • Kings Heath - FAM RB
    • Kings Meadow Primary School and Early Years Education Centre
    • Kings Wood School and Nursery
    • Kings' School
    • Kingsbury Green Primary School
    • Kingsbury Primary Special School
    • Kingsland - Stanley
    • Kingsley High School
    • Kingsley Primary School
    • Kingsmead School
    • Kingsweston School
    • Kinnerley Church of England Controlled Primary School
    • Kirkham Pear Tree School
    • Kirkleatham Hall School
    • Kite Ridge School
    • Knotty Ash Primary School
    • Knowsley Central School
    • Lache Primary School
    • Lady Lumley's School
    • Lady Zia Wernher
    • Ladybridge Primary School
    • Lakeside School
    • Lakeside School
    • Laleham Gap School
    • Lambs Lane Primary School
    • Lancasterian School
    • Landgate School
    • Langafel Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
    • Langley School
    • Lansbury Bridge School
    • Lansdowne School
    • Lanterns Nursery School and Extended Services
    • Larches High School
    • Lark Hall Primary School (Including Lark Hall Centre for Pupils with Autism)
    • Launchpad Centre
    • Laycock Primary School
    • Leatherhead Trinity School and Nursery
    • Leicester City Primary PRU
    • Leicester Partnership School
    • Lewis St Primary KS2 SEM (The Leaf)
    • Lexden Primary School with Unit for Hearing Impaired Pupils
    • Lexden Springs School
    • Lickey Hills Primary School and Nursery
    • Lime Tree Primary School
    • Limington House School
    • Limpsfield Grange School
    • Lindon Bennett School
    • Lindow Community Primary School
    • Lindsworth School
    • Linwood School
    • Lionel Primary School
    • Lisburne School
    • Liss Infant School
    • Liss Junior School
    • Lister Community School
    • Little Heath School
    • Little Ilford School
    • Littleham Church of England Primary School
    • Livingstone Primary and Nursery School
    • London Meed Community Primary School
    • London Nautical School
    • Long Lee Primary School
    • Longcause Community Special School
    • Longhill
    • Longwill School
    • Lonsdale School
    • Lord Blyton
    • Lostock
    • Lostock Hall Moor Hey School
    • Low Hall Nursery School
    • Low Hill Nursery School
    • Lower Darwen Primary School
    • Lowerhouses CofE (Voluntary Controlled) Junior Infant and Early Years School
    • Lyndhurst Infant School
    • Lyndon Green Infant - C&L RB
    • Lyndon Green Junior - C&L RB
    • Mab Lane Jumior Mixed and Infant School
    • Maidenbower Junior School
    • Maidstone and Malling Alternative Provision
    • Malden Oaks School and Tuition Service
    • Malton
    • Manchester Hospital School
    • Manchester Secondary PRU
    • Mandeville School
    • Manor Green College
    • Manor Green Primary School
    • Manor Green School
    • Manor Infants
    • Manor Junior School
    • Manor Mead School
    • Manor Primary School
    • Manor Primary School, Ivybridge
    • Maple Medical PRU
    • Maple Primary School
    • Maple Ridge School
    • Mapledown School
    • Maplewell School
    • Marjorie McClure School
    • Marjory Kinnon School
    • Markeaton Primary School
    • Marland Hill Community Primary School
    • Marland School
    • Marlborough Primary School
    • Marlborough Primary School
    • Marlborough School
    • Marlborough St Mary's CE Primary School
    • Marpool Primary School
    • Marsh Green Primary School
    • Marshfields School
    • Marshlands Special School, Stafford
    • Mary Elliot
    • Matravers School
    • Matthew Arnold Primary School
    • Mayesbrook Park School
    • Mayespark Primary School
    • Mayfield School
    • Mayfield School
    • Mayfield School
    • Mayfield School
    • McKee College House
    • Mead Primary School
    • Meade Hill School
    • Meadow High School
    • Meadow Park School
    • Meadow Wood School
    • Meadowbank Primary School
    • Meadowfield School
    • Meadows First School
    • Meadows Primary (The) - SLCN RB
    • Meadowside School
    • Meadowvale Primary
    • Medina College
    • Medina House School
    • Medstead Church of England Primary School
    • Mellers Primary
    • Mellor Community Primary School
    • Melrose School
    • Meols Cop High School
    • Merefield School
    • Meridian Primary School
    • Merit Pupil Referral Unit
    • Mersey Drive Community Primary School
    • Merstone School
    • Mesne Lea Primary
    • Middlemarch School
    • Middleton School
    • Middlewich High School
    • Middlewich Primary School
    • Midland Road Nursery School
    • Midpoint Centre (Key Stage 4 PRU)
    • Mile Cross Primary School
    • Miles Coverdale Primary School
    • Mill Ford School
    • Mill Green School
    • Mill Water School
    • Millfield Primary School
    • Millfields Community School
    • Millgate School
    • Millstead School
    • Millwood Primary Special School
    • Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referral Unit
    • Milton Park Primary School
    • Moat House
    • Monkseaton High School
    • Monteagle Primary School
    • Monton Green Primary MLD
    • Moor Allerton Hall Primary School
    • Moorbridge
    • Moorbrook School
    • Moorfield Primary ASD (Gingerbread House)
    • Moorfield Primary School
    • Moorlands Junior School
    • Morecambe Road School
    • Morelands Primary School
    • Moss Bury Primary School and Nursery
    • Mossbrook School
    • Mount Tamar School
    • Mountjoy School
    • Mowbray School
    • Mulgrave Primary School
    • Mundesley Infant School
    • Muschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity Base
    • Myton Park Primary School
    • Nelmes Primary School
    • Nelson Mandela - FAM RB
    • Nene Gate
    • Nether Green Junior School
    • Nether Hall School
    • Netley Primary School & Centre for Autism
    • New Brighton Primary School
    • New Directions
    • New Fosseway School
    • New Heights High School
    • New Horizons Learning Centre
    • New Leaf
    • New Milton Infant School
    • New Regent's College
    • New River College Medical
    • New River College Primary
    • New River College Secondary
    • New Rush Hall School
    • New Woodlands School
    • Newark Orchard School
    • Newbold Verdon Primary
    • Newbridge House PRU
    • Newbridge School
    • Newfield School
    • Newfield School
    • Newhaven Pupil Referral Unit
    • Newlands School
    • Newman School
    • Newton's Walk
    • Nexus Foundation Special School
    • Norfolk Park School
    • Norham High School
    • Norman Gate School
    • North Bromsgrove High School
    • North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School
    • North Herts Education Support Centre
    • North Lakes School
    • North Ridge High School
    • North West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre
    • North West Surrey Short Stay School
    • Northcott School
    • Northern Saints CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School
    • Northfield School and Sports College
    • Northgate Primary School
    • Northgate School
    • Northumberland Pupil Referral Unit
    • Northway School
    • Northwood Community Primary School (With Designated Special Provision)
    • Norwood Green Infant and Nursery School
    • Oak Field School
    • Oak Green School
    • Oak Grove College
    • Oak Lodge School
    • Oak Lodge School
    • Oak Wood School
    • Oakdale School
    • Oakfield
    • Oakfield Community Primary School
    • Oakfield High
    • Oakfield Junior School
    • Oakfield Lodge School
    • Oakfield Park School
    • Oakgrove School
    • Oakham CofE Primary School
    • Oakhill Primary School
    • Oaklands Primary School
    • Oaklands School
    • Oaklands School
    • Oaklands School
    • Oakleigh School & Acorn Assessment Centre
    • Oakley School
    • Oaktree School
    • Oakwood
    • Oakwood School
    • Oastlers School
    • Old Hall
    • Old Warren House School
    • Orchardside School
    • Oriel High School
    • Orrets Meadow School
    • Osborne School
    • Oscott Manor School
    • Oswaldtwistle Moor End Primary School
    • Oswaldtwistle School
    • Oswaldtwistle White Ash School
    • Oulton Broad Primary School
    • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School
    • Outwoods Primary School
    • Owlsmoor Primary
    • Oxclose Nursery School
    • Oxfordshire Hospital School
    • Pace
    • Paddock School
    • Paddox Primary School
    • Paget - ASC RB
    • Palatine Primary School
    • Palmerston School
    • Park Lane School
    • Park View Primary School
    • Park View School
    • Parklands Community Primary School
    • Parklands Primary School
    • Parkside School
    • Parkway Primary School
    • Pathfield School
    • Pathways Learning Centre
    • Pavilion Study Centre
    • Pebble Brook School
    • Pendle Community High School & College
    • Pendle View Primary School
    • Penistone Grammar
    • Penkford School
    • Penn Fields School
    • Penn Hall School
    • Pennington Church of England Junior School
    • Penrose School
    • Pens Meadow School
    • Perryfields Primary Pupil Referral Unit
    • Perseid School
    • Philip Southcote School
    • Phoenix Arch School
    • Phoenix Primary School
    • Pike Fold Primary School
    • Pilgrim PRU Pathways School
    • Pilsley Primary School
    • Pinderfields Hospital PRU
    • Pines School (The)
    • Pinewood Infant School
    • Pitcheroak School
    • Pleasant Street Primary School
    • Plumstead Manor School
    • Polden Bower
    • Poplar Adolescent Unit
    • Portal House School
    • Portchester Community School
    • Portesbery School
    • Portland School and Specialist College
    • Portsdown Primary School
    • Poverest Primary School
    • Presfield High School and Specialist College
    • Preston Primary School
    • Priestley Smith School
    • Primary Pupil Referral Unit
    • Primrose Hill Primary School
    • Princes School
    • Priory Centre PRU
    • Priory School
    • Priory School
    • Priory School
    • Priory Woods School
    • Prospect School
    • Pymouth Grove Primary School
    • Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School
    • Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee School, Horsham
    • Queensbridge Primary School
    • Queensbridge Primary School
    • Queensgate Primary School
    • Queensmill School
    • RBWM Alternative Learning Provision
    • Rachel Madocks School
    • Rack House Primary School
    • Ralph Thoresby School
    • Ravenscliffe High School
    • Ravenshall School
    • Ravenswood School
    • Rawtenstall Cribden House Community Special School
    • Raynes Park High School
    • Rectory CofE Primary School
    • Red Gates School
    • Redbridge Alternative Provision
    • Redbridge High School
    • Redcastle Family School
    • Redgate Community Primary School
    • Redwood
    • Regents High School
    • Reigate Valley College
    • Reynalds Cross School
    • Ricards Lodge High School
    • Richard Alibon Primary School with ARP for Cognitive and Learning Difficulties : SEN Base
    • Richard Cloudesley School
    • Richard Lander School
    • Richmond Hill
    • Ridgeway School
    • Ridgewood Community High School
    • Rigby Hall Day Special School
    • Rimrose Hope CofE Primary School
    • Ringwood Church of England Infant School
    • Ripple Primary School
    • Rise Carr College
    • Rise at Garth Hill College
    • River Primary School
    • River View Primary
    • Rivers Education Support Centre
    • Riversdale Primary School
    • Riverside
    • Riverside Community Special School
    • Riverside Primary School
    • Riverside Primary School and Nursery
    • Riverside School
    • Riverside School
    • Robert Le Kyng Primary School
    • Robertsbridge Community College
    • Rochdale Pupil Referral Service
    • Roding Primary School
    • Rodney House School
    • Roman Fields
    • Romans Field School
    • Ronald Openshaw Nursery School
    • Rose Hill Primary School
    • Rose Lane Primary School
    • Rosebank School
    • Rosehill School
    • Rosewood School
    • Rossmere Primary School
    • Rotherham Aspire
    • Round Diamond Primary School
    • Roundhay School
    • Rowan Gate Primary School -Two Sites + Satellite
    • Rowan Park School
    • Rowan Tree
    • Rowhill School
    • Rowhill School
    • Rowlands Gill Community Primary School
    • Royal Cross Primary School
    • Royal Free Hospital Children's School
    • Ruardean Church of England Primary School
    • Rumworth School
    • Rushey Green Primary School
    • Rushey Mead Primary School
    • Russell Scott Primary School
    • Russet House School
    • Rutlish School
    • Rye Oak Primary School
    • ST PAULS
    • Sacred Heart Primary School
    • Saffron Valley Collegiate
    • Saint John Bosco College
    • Salisbury, Manor Fields Primary School
    • Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College
    • Samuel Laycock School
    • Samuel Pepys School
    • Samuel Rhodes MLD School
    • Sandfield Close Primary School
    • Sandfield Park School
    • Sandgate School
    • Sandringham
    • Sandside Lodge School
    • Sandwell Community School
    • Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School
    • Sandy Lane Primary
    • Sarum St Paul's CofE (VA) Primary School
    • Sauncey Wood Primary School
    • Saxon Wood School
    • Scarborough Pupil Referral Unit
    • Selborne Primary School
    • Selincourt Primary School
    • Selly Oak Trust School
    • Settle College
    • Seven Hills School
    • Seven Kings School
    • Shaftesbury High School
    • Shaftesbury High School
    • Shakespeare Junior School
    • Shawclough primary
    • Sheffield Inclusion Centre
    • Shepherds Down Special School
    • Shepwell
    • Sherbourne Fields School
    • Sherbrook Primary School, Cannock
    • Sheringham Woodfields School
    • Sherwood Park School
    • Shoreditch Park Primary School
    • Shorefields School
    • Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School and Nursery
    • Sidestrand Hall School
    • Silsoe CofE VC Lower School
    • Silverdale School
    • Silverwood School
    • Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys
    • Sir Charles Parsons School
    • Sir John Heron Primary School
    • Sir Thomas Abney School
    • Sir Tom Finney Community High School
    • Sketchley Menphys Nursery
    • Skilts School
    • Sky College
    • Slade Primary School and Attached Unit for Children with Hearing Impairment
    • Slated Row School
    • Slough Centre Nursery School
    • Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit
    • Smannell Field School
    • Snowsfields Primary School
    • South Bank Community Primary School
    • South Farnborough Junior School
    • South Grove Primary School
    • South Somerset Partnership School
    • South View Infant and Nursery School
    • South View Junior School
    • Southall School
    • Southbrook School
    • Southcote Primary School
    • Southern Cross School
    • Southfield School
    • Southfields Primary School
    • Southgate School
    • Southlands School
    • Southmead Primary School
    • Southsea Infant School
    • Southwark Inclusive Learning Service (Sils)
    • Spring Meadow Infant School
    • Springdale Primary School
    • Springfield Centre PRU
    • Springfield House School
    • Springfield School
    • Springhallow School
    • Springhead School
    • Springside
    • Springwater School
    • Springwell School
    • Springwood
    • Springwood Heath
    • Sprowston Infant School
    • St Andrew's Church of England Primary School
    • St Andrew's CofE Primary School
    • St Andrew's CofE VC Lower School
    • St Ann's School
    • St Anne's
    • St Anthony's School
    • St Anthony's School
    • St Augustine's Federated Schools: CE High School
    • St Cuthbert's Church of England Primary School
    • St Denys Infant
    • St Edmund's Catholic School
    • St Edmund's Nursery School & Children's Centre
    • St Francis Special School
    • St George's School
    • St Giles School
    • St Giles School
    • St Gregory Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
    • St Gregory's Catholic High School
    • St Hugh's School
    • St James's Roman Catholic Primary School
    • St John Fisher Catholic High School
    • St John Fisher Catholic High School
    • St John the Baptist Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
    • St John's Primary School
    • St John's and St Clement's Church of England Primary School
    • St Joseph's
    • St Lawrence CofE Primary School
    • St Luke's Primary School
    • St Luke's School
    • St Margaret's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primare School
    • St Margaret's CofE Primary School
    • St Mark's Church of England Primary School
    • St Martin's CofE Primary School
    • St Mary's Bluecoat CofE (VA) Primary School
    • St Matthias School
    • St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School
    • St Michael in the Hamlet
    • St Michael's CE High School
    • St Nicholas Catholic High School
    • St Nicholas CofE Primary
    • St Nicholas Primary School
    • St Nicholas School
    • St Nicholas' School
    • St Oswald's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
    • St Paul's Catholic School
    • St Paul's Nursery School
    • St Peter's Catholic Primary School
    • St Peter's Centre
    • St Peter's RC High School
    • St Phillips CE Primary LRU KS2
    • St Swithun's Church of England VC Primary School
    • St Teresa's RC Primary School
    • St Thomas's Centre
    • St Willibrord's RC Primary School
    • St. Michael's CE (A) Primary
    • Stanley Primary School
    • Stanley School
    • Starks Field
    • Stepgates Community School
    • Stepping Stones School
    • Stevenage Education Support Centre
    • Steyning CofE Primary School
    • Stocklake Park Community School
    • Stoke Mandeville Combined School
    • Stoke Park Infant School
    • Stone Bay School
    • Stone Hill School
    • Stonehenge School
    • Stony Dean School
    • Stormont House School
    • Stradbroke Primary School
    • Strand-on-the-Green Infant and Nursery School
    • Strand-on-the-Green Junior School
    • Strong Close Nursery School
    • Stroud and Cotswold Alternative Provision School
    • Studley Community Infants' School
    • Studley Green Primary School
    • Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School, Cromer
    • Suffolks Primary School
    • Summerfield Education Centre
    • Sunningdale School
    • Sunnydown School
    • Surbiton Children's Centre Nursery
    • Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service
    • Swain House Primary School
    • Swalwell Primary School
    • Swanwick School and Sports College
    • Swiss Cottage School - Development & Research Centre
    • Sycamore Short Stay School
    • Talbot Specialist School
    • Tameside Pupil Referral Service
    • Tanners Brook Primary School
    • Taunton Deane Partnership College
    • Terrington St Clement Community School
    • Tettenhall Wood School
    • Thames Ditton Junior School
    • Thamesview School
    • The Acorns Primary and Nursery School
    • The Acorns School
    • The Angmering School
    • The Archbishop's School
    • The Attic
    • The Bay Church of England School
    • The Beacon Folkestone
    • The Beacon Primary Pupil Referral Unit
    • The Bemrose School
    • The Birches School
    • The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School
    • The Braybrook Centre (Key Stage 3 PRU)
    • The Bridge Education Centre
    • The Bridge School
    • The Bridge School Sedgemoor
    • The Bridge Short Stay School
    • The Bridge at HLC
    • The Brier School
    • The Brook Special Primary School
    • The Brow Community Primary School
    • The Buckinghamshire Primary Pupil Referral Unit
    • The Canterbury Centre
    • The Castle School
    • The Cedars Primary School
    • The Children's Hospital School
    • The Chiltern School
    • The Clare School
    • The Clifton Centre
    • The Collett School
    • The Compass
    • The Constance Bridgeman Centre
    • The Coppice School
    • The Croft School
    • The Dales School
    • The Dales School
    • The Darley Centre
    • The Disraeli School
    • The Edith Borthwick School
    • The Forge Secondary Short Stay School
    • The Forum Centre
    • The Friars Primary MLD
    • The Garden School
    • The Giles Infant and Nursery School
    • The Grange Primary School
    • The Grove Special School
    • The Heights
    • The Holmesdale School
    • The Holy Brook School
    • The Holy Family Catholic School
    • The Hope Service
    • The Horizon School, Hartlepool
    • The Hub
    • The John Wesley Church of England Methodist Voluntary Aided Primary School
    • The Judd School
    • The Key Education Centre
    • The Kingsmead School
    • The Lakes School
    • The Lampard Community School
    • The Levett School
    • The Lincoln St Christopher's School
    • The Linden Centre
    • The Link School
    • The Livity School
    • The Loyne Specialist School
    • The Malling School
    • The Mark Way School
    • The Market Weighton School
    • The Mead Infant and Nursery School
    • The Meadows School
    • The Meadows School
    • The Michael Tippett School
    • The Mulberry Primary School
    • The New Bewerley Community Primary School
    • The New Broadwalk PRU
    • The North School
    • The Oaks Secondary School
    • The Observatory School
    • The Old Park School
    • The Orchard Centre (Home and Hospital PRU)
    • The Orchard School
    • The Orchard School
    • The Orion Primary School
    • The Parks School
    • The Parkside School, Norwich
    • The Pendlebury Centre
    • The Pines Primary School
    • The Primrose Centre
    • The Prince of Wales School
    • The Priory Parish CofE Primary School
    • The R J Mitchell Primary School
    • The Radcliffe School
    • The Redway School
    • The Rose School
    • The Rowan Centre
    • The Rowan School
    • The Rubicon Centre
    • The Shrubberies School
    • The Smallberry Green Primary School
    • The Spires College
    • The St Aubyn Centre Education Department
    • The St Francis Special School, Lincoln
    • The Surrey Teaching Centre
    • The Sutton School and Specialist College
    • The Toynbee School
    • The Valley School
    • The Vyne Community School
    • The Walnuts School
    • The Waterloo School
    • The Wavell School
    • The Westminster School
    • The Willows School
    • The Winchcombe School
    • The Woodbridge Park Education Service
    • The Woodlands
    • The Wyvern School (Buxford)
    • Theale C.E. Primary School
    • Thirsk School & Sixth Form College
    • Thomas Arnold
    • Thomas Ashton School
    • Thomas Fairchild Community School
    • Thomas Tallis School
    • Thomasson Memorial School
    • Thomlinson Junior School
    • Thorney Close Primary School
    • Thornton-Cleveleys Red Marsh School
    • Thorpe Acre Junior
    • Three Bridges Primary School
    • Tibshelf Community School
    • Timothy Hackworth Primary School
    • Tiptoe Primary School
    • Titus Salt School
    • Tiverton High School
    • Tiverton School
    • Tolworth Infant and Nursery School
    • Tolworth Junior School
    • Tor School
    • Torriano Primary School
    • Torridon Primary School
    • Trafford High School/ Trafford Alternative Education Provision
    • Triangle Nursery School
    • Trinity Road Primary School
    • Trinity School
    • Triple Crown Centre
    • Trosnant Junior School
    • Tuition, Medical and Behaviour Support Service
    • Tuke School
    • Tunmarsh School
    • Turney Primary and Secondary Special School
    • Turton School
    • Two Bridges School
    • Tyssen Community Primary School
    • Uffculme School
    • Ullswater Community College
    • Uplands Manor Primary School
    • Upton Primary School
    • Upton Westlea Primary School
    • Usworth Colliery Primary School
    • Vale School
    • Vale View Primary School
    • Valence Primary School
    • Valence School
    • Valley Gardens Middle School
    • Valley School
    • Vernon Park Primary School
    • Vicarage Park CofE Primary School
    • Vickerstown School
    • Victoria Community School
    • Victoria Drive Primary Pupil Referral Unit
    • Victoria School
    • Vigo Primary School
    • Villa Real School
    • Voyage Learning Campus
    • Wallands Community Primary School
    • Wallisdean Junior School
    • Walsh CofE Junior School
    • Walton Leigh School
    • Walworth School
    • Wandsworth Hospital and Home Tuition Service
    • Warmley Park School
    • Warstones Primary School
    • Water Orton Primary School
    • Watergate School
    • Waterloo Primary School
    • Waterside School
    • Waterville Primary School
    • Watling View School
    • Waverley School
    • Welburn Hall School
    • Welford - FAM RB
    • Welford-on-Avon Primary School
    • Wellfield Infant and Nursery School
    • Wellfield Junior School
    • Wells Park School
    • Welsh House - C&L RB
    • Wennington Hall School
    • Wensleydale School
    • Wentworth Nursery
    • Wessex Primary School
    • West Acton Primary School
    • West Cumbria Learning Centre
    • West Gate School
    • West Green Primary School
    • West Horndon Primary School
    • West Lancashire Community High School
    • West Lea School
    • West Lodge Primary School
    • West Minster Primary
    • West Moors Middle School
    • West Oaks SEN Specialist School and College
    • West Park CofE Primary (Controlled) School
    • West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre
    • West Sussex Alternative Provision College
    • West Wimbledon Primary School
    • Westbury Church of England Junior School
    • Westbury Infant School
    • Westfield Arts College
    • Westfield Community school
    • Westfield Infant
    • Westfield Junior
    • Westfield School
    • Westfield School
    • Westgate Community Primary School and Nursery
    • Westhaven School
    • Weston Point Community Primary School
    • Westwood Farm Infant School
    • Westwood Farm Junior School
    • Wexham School
    • Wey Valley College
    • Whaley Bridge Primary School
    • Wheatley Hill Community Primary School
    • White Spire School
    • Whitehall Primary School
    • Whitehouse Primary School
    • Whitfield Aspen School
    • Whitley Bay High School
    • Whitley Lodge First School
    • Whitmore High School
    • Whitmore Park Primary School
    • Whittington CofE (VA) Primary School
    • Wigston Menphys Nursery
    • Wigton Infant School
    • Wildground Infant School
    • Will Adams Centre
    • William Bellamy Primary School
    • William Cobbett Primary School
    • William Harding School
    • Willow Grove Primary School
    • Willow House Hospital Education
    • Willow Tree Primary School
    • Willow Wood Community Nursery & Primary School
    • Wilmslow High School
    • Wimbledon Chase Primary School
    • Wincheap Foundation Primary School
    • Winchelsea School
    • Windham Nursery School
    • Windlehurst School
    • Windlestone School
    • Windmill CofE (VC) Primary School
    • Windsor Nursery School
    • Winterbourne Nursery and Infants' School
    • Wirral Hospitals' School
    • Wolverdene Special School
    • Wood Bank School
    • Woodcote Primary
    • Woodeaton Manor School
    • Woodfield
    • Woodfield School
    • Woodfield School
    • Woodlands
    • Woodlands Meed
    • Woodlands School
    • Woodlands School
    • Woodlands School
    • Woodlands School
    • Woodlane High School
    • Woodlawn School
    • Woodley School and College
    • Woodsetton School
    • Woodside Primary School
    • Woolley Wood School
    • Woolston Brook School
    • Woolton High School
    • Worlds End Infant - VI RB
    • Worlds End Junior - VI RB
    • Worple Primary School
    • Worplesdon Primary School
    • Wyre Forest School
    • Wyvil Primary School and Centres for Children With Speech and Language Impairment and Autism
    • Yewstock School
    • |The Wharf Nursery
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    • Number of PRU places between April and August
    • Number of PRU places between September and March
    • Number of SEN places between April and August
    • Number of SEN places between September and March
    • Number of hospital education places between April and August
    • Number of hospital education places between September and March
    • School phase
    • Total funding for PRU places
    • Total funding for SEN places
    • Total funding for hospital education places
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    This data is not from the latest release
    View latest data: Financial Year 2022-23
    'S251 Budget - High needs places by school' in Abbey Court Foundation Special School, Abbey Green Nursery School, Abbey Hill School and Performing Arts College, Abbey Manor College, Abbey Park Middle School and 1561 other locations for 2021-22
    School phaseNumber of SEN places between April and AugustNumber of SEN places between September and MarchTotal funding for SEN placesNumber of PRU places between April and AugustNumber of PRU places between September and MarchTotal funding for PRU placesNumber of hospital education places between April and AugustNumber of hospital education places between September and MarchTotal funding for hospital education places
    Surrey|The Wharf NurseryMainstream55£44,65800£000£0
    MedwayAbbey Court Foundation Special SchoolSpecial159159£1,590,00000£000£0
    WiltshireAbbeyfield SchoolMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    BradfordAbbey Green Nursery SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    Stoke-on-TrentAbbey Hill School and Performing Arts CollegeSpecial270294£2,840,00000£000£0
    LewishamAbbey Manor CollegePRU00£0160160£1,600,00000£0
    WorcestershireAbbey Park Middle SchoolMainstream1010£72,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolAbbot's Lea SchoolSpecial272272£2,720,00000£000£0
    ManchesterAbraham Moss Community SchoolMainstream1212£103,05900£000£0
    CamdenAcland Burghley SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    LancashireAcorns Primary SchoolSpecial7474£740,00000£000£0
    LewishamAddey and Stanhope SchoolMainstream2525£150,00000£000£0
    WokinghamAddington SchoolSpecial240255£2,487,50000£000£0
    SandwellAlbright Education CentrePRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    SalfordAlder BrookPRU00£05656£560,00000£0
    DerbyshireAldercar High SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    GloucestershireAlderman Knight SchoolSpecial198208£2,038,33300£000£0
    CoventryAlderman's Green Community Primary SchoolMainstream1212£88,00000£000£0
    Aldermoor Farm Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    Kingston upon ThamesAlexandra SchoolMainstream010£35,00000£000£0
    DerbyshireAlfreton Park Community Special SchoolSpecial8790£887,50000£000£0
    EalingAllenby Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    LambethAllen Edwards Primary SchoolMainstream610£54,00000£000£0
    BirminghamAllens Croft Nursery - C&L RBMainstream66£60,00000£000£0
    Allens Croft Primary - C&L RBMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    LeedsAllerton Grange SchoolMainstream1113£73,00000£000£0
    Allerton High SchoolMainstream1113£77,66700£000£0
    SalfordAll Hallow's  High ASD/SLCNMainstream2222£132,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolAll Saints' Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary SchoolMainstream2030£120,00000£000£0
    WokinghamAll Saints CofE (Aided) Primary SchoolMainstream1414£128,00000£000£0
    CumbriaAll Saints' CofE SchoolMainstream1514£93,83300£000£0
    WestminsterAll Souls CofE Primary SchoolMainstream1010£63,33400£000£0
    ManchesterAlma Park Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    KnowsleyAlt Bridge SchoolSpecial220220£2,200,00000£000£0
    South TynesideAlternative Education Service - The Beacon CentrePRU00£07272£720,00000£0
    HertfordshireAmwell View SchoolSpecial144148£1,463,33300£000£0
    BirminghamAnglesey - SLCN RBMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    RotherhamAnston Hillcrest Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    CumbriaAppleby Primary SchoolMainstream77£49,33300£000£0
    YorkApplefields SchoolSpecial170170£1,700,00000£000£0
    HampshireApplemore CollegeMainstream2020£140,00000£000£0
    SheffieldArbourthorne Community Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    LambethArchbishop Sumner Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream33£26,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterArchers Brook SEMH Residential SchoolSpecial8585£850,00000£000£0
    Redcar and ClevelandArchwayPRU00£08574£785,83300£0
    DerbyshireAshbourne Hilltop Primary and Nursery SchoolMainstream54£26,50000£000£0
    ManchesterAshbury Meadow Primary SchoolMainstream1414£120,23600£000£0
    CumbriaAshfield Junior SchoolMainstream33£30,00000£000£0
    KentAshford Oaks Community Primary SchoolMainstream88£54,00000£000£0
    SurreyAshford Park Primary SchoolMainstream2525£158,00000£000£0
    ManchesterAshgate Specialist Support Primary SchoolSpecial140140£1,400,00000£000£0
    NottinghamshireAsh Lea SchoolSpecial9999£990,00000£000£0
    BrentAshley CollegePRU00£02020£200,00055£50,000
    HaltonAshley High SchoolSpecial108108£1,080,00000£000£0
    HampshireAshley Infant SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    Ashley Junior SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    LeicestershireAshmount SchoolSpecial182182£1,820,00000£000£0
    LancashireAshton Community Science CollegeMainstream1012£83,66700£000£0
    DudleyAshwood Park Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireAston Clinton SchoolMainstream1010£80,00000£000£0
    LewishamAthelney Primary SchoolMainstream1919£114,00000£000£0
    LincolnshireAthena SchoolSpecial82104£948,33300£000£0
    NorthumberlandAtkinson House SchoolSpecial8080£800,00000£000£0
    SomersetAvalon SchoolSpecial6060£600,00000£000£0
    LutonAvenue CentrePRU00£06565£650,00000£0
    SurreyBadshot Lea Village Infant SchoolMainstream1313£78,00000£000£0
    CoventryBaginton Fields SchoolSpecial116118£1,171,66700£000£0
    SurreyBagshot Infant SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    South TynesideBamburgh SchoolSpecial192192£1,920,00000£000£0
    SuttonBandon Hill Primary SchoolMainstream4242£252,00000£000£0
    Tower HamletsBANGABANDHU PRIMARY SCHOOLMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolBank View High SchoolSpecial242242£2,420,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamBARKING ABBEY COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOLMainstream1223£114,50000£000£0
    Kensington and ChelseaBarlby Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    LeicesterBarley Croft Primary SchoolMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    DevonBarley Lane SchoolSpecial7777£770,00000£000£0
    NorthumberlandBarndale House SchoolSpecial4656£518,33300£000£0
    BirminghamBaskerville SchoolSpecial160160£1,600,00000£000£0
    WorcestershireBatchley First and Nursery SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireBatchwood SchoolSpecial7278£755,00000£000£0
    HampshireBaycroft SchoolSpecial180185£1,829,16700£000£0
    SloughBaylis Court Nursery SchoolMainstream44£22,75000£000£0
    North SomersetBaytree SchoolSpecial7272£720,00000£000£0
    North TynesideBeacon Hill SchoolSpecial190190£1,900,00000£000£0
    EalingBeaconsfield Primary and Nursery SchoolMainstream2222£132,00000£000£0
    CumbriaBeaconside CofE Primary SchoolMainstream55£32,33300£000£0
    WorcestershireBeaconside Primary and Nursery SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    DorsetBeaminster SchoolMainstream2323£178,00000£000£0
    Tower HamletsBEATRICE TATE SCHOOLSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    DorsetBeaucroft Foundation SchoolSpecial165165£1,650,00000£000£0
    BirminghamBeaufort SchoolSpecial8484£840,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamBecontree Primary SchoolMainstream1212£120,00000£000£0
    HampshireBedenham Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    GatesheadBede Primary SchoolMainstream88£72,00000£000£0
    BradfordBeechcliffe Special SchoolSpecial248248£2,480,00000£000£0
    MiddlesbroughBeech Grove Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    HaltonBeechwood Primary SchoolMainstream66£44,00000£000£0
    LeedsBeeston Hill St Lukes Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream1212£100,00000£000£0
    SurreyBell Farm Primary SchoolMainstream1111£66,00000£000£0
    County DurhamBelmont Cheveley Park Primary SchoolMainstream2020£124,00000£000£0
    Waltham ForestBelmont Park SchoolSpecial5757£570,0003030£300,00000£0
    HarrowBelmont Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    EalingBelvue SchoolSpecial194210£2,033,33300£000£0
    Tower HamletsBEN JONSONMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    CroydonBensham Manor SchoolMainstream233240£2,370,83300£000£0
    EssexBentfield Primary SchoolMainstream2424£160,00000£000£0
    North TynesideBenton Dene Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    Benton Dene SchoolSpecial102102£1,020,00000£000£0
    SheffieldBents Green SchoolSpecial256306£2,851,66700£000£0
    SouthwarkBeormund Primary SchoolSpecial3535£350,00000£000£0
    Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital SchoolHSP00£000£06464£640,000
    GloucestershireBettridge SchoolSpecial148148£1,480,00000£000£0
    MiddlesbroughBeverley SchoolSpecial143153£1,486,66700£000£0
    WarringtonBewsey Lodge Primary SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    BedfordBiddenham International School and Sports CollegeMainstream22£12,00000£000£0
    WirralBidston Village CofE (Controlled) Primary SchoolMainstream2424£144,00000£000£0
    DevonBidwell Brook SchoolSpecial137140£1,387,50000£000£0
    SuffolkBildeston Primary SchoolMainstream00£000£000£0
    Stockton-on-TeesBillingham South Community Primary SchoolMainstream2020£156,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonBilston Nursery SchoolMainstream1011£63,50000£000£0
    Bracknell ForestBirch Hill PrimaryMainstream04£23,00000£000£0
    LeicestershireBirchwood SchoolSpecial199201£2,001,66700£000£0
    County DurhamBishop Barrington School A Sports with Mathematics CollegeMainstream99£70,00000£000£0
    KentBishops Down Primary SchoolMainstream78£51,83300£000£0
    OxfordshireBishopswood SchoolSpecial7172£715,80000£000£0
    Stockton-on-TeesBishopton CentrePRU00£06565£650,00000£0
    SouthamptonBitterne Park SecondaryMainstream4045£285,80000£000£0
    South GloucestershireBlackhorse Primary SchoolMainstream2222£132,00000£000£0
    Herefordshire, County ofBlackmarston SchoolSpecial9292£920,00000£000£0
    BoltonBlackrod Anglican/Methodist Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    HaringeyBlanche Nevile SchoolSpecial6262£620,00000£000£0
    LancashireBleasdale SchoolSpecial2934£319,16700£000£0
    ReadingBlessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic SchoolMainstream2525£158,00000£000£0
    KnowsleyBluebell Park SchoolSpecial201201£2,010,00000£000£0
    West SussexBognor Regis Nursery SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    BirminghamBoldmere Infant School ASC RBMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireBooker Park Community SchoolSpecial225225£2,250,00000£000£0
    BirminghamBordesley Green - HI RBMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireBoroughbridge High SchoolMainstream01£3,50000£000£0
    WarwickshireBoughton Leigh Junior SchoolMainstream88£73,28000£000£0
    West SussexBoundstone Nursery SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    Bourne Community CollegeMainstream1718£111,83300£000£0
    Tower HamletsBOWDEN HOUSE SCHOOLSpecial6262£620,00000£000£0
    KentBower Grove SchoolSpecial214225£2,204,16700£000£0
    ManchesterBowker Vale Primary SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    DerbyshireBrackenfield Special SchoolSpecial82112£995,00000£000£0
    NottinghamshireBracken Hill SchoolSpecial147147£1,470,00000£000£0
    Isle of WightBrading primary schoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    StockportBradshaw Hall Primary SchoolMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    WandsworthBradstow SchoolSpecial6062£611,66700£000£0
    BirminghamBraidwood SchoolSpecial7171£710,00000£000£0
    NewhamBrampton Primary SchoolMainstream1616£100,00000£000£0
    DerbyshireBrampton Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    GatesheadBrandling Primary SchoolMainstream88£76,00000£000£0
    CumbriaBransty Primary SchoolMainstream11£10,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireBreakspeare SchoolSpecial8991£901,66700£000£0
    LewishamBrent Knoll SchoolSpecial154154£1,540,00000£000£0
    SalfordBrentnall PrimaryMainstream1212£84,00000£000£0
    BrentBrent River CollegePRU00£06262£620,00000£0
    TraffordBrentwood SchoolSpecial117117£1,170,00000£000£0
    Bristol, City ofBriarwood SchoolSpecial155155£1,550,00000£000£0
    ManchesterBridgelea Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£08080£800,00000£0
    StaffordshireBridge Short Stay SchoolPRU00£06565£650,00000£0
    Newcastle upon TyneBridgewater Primary SchoolMainstream88£52,00000£000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireBridlington SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    South GloucestershireBrimsham Green SchoolMainstream1415£87,50000£000£0
    LancashireBroadfield Specialist SchoolSpecial143147£1,453,33300£000£0
    ManchesterBroad Oak Primary SchoolMainstream77£62,70600£000£0
    North YorkshireBrompton Hall SchoolSpecial7067£682,50000£000£0
    KentBromstone Primary School, BroadstairsMainstream2020£126,00000£000£0
    LancashireBrookfield SchoolSpecial6470£675,00000£000£0
    West BerkshireBrookfields Special SchoolSpecial2180£2,180,00000£000£0
    PlymouthBrook Green Centre for LearningSpecial9696£960,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireBrooklands SchoolSpecial6470£675,00000£000£0
    SurreyBrooklands School - Split SiteSpecial121121£1,210,00000£000£0
    StockportBrookside Primary SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    LeedsBroomfield South SILCSpecial222226£2,243,33300£000£0
    KentBroomhill Bank SchoolSpecial318318£3,180,00000£000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireBrough primaryMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    NorfolkBrowick Road Primary and Nursery SchoolMainstream1010£100,00000£000£0
    RochdaleBrownhill SchoolSpecial7575£750,00000£000£0
    SouthwarkBrunswick Park Primary SchoolMainstream1614£92,33300£000£0
    North TynesideBurnside CollegeMainstream136£85,16700£000£0
    Waltham ForestBurnside Secondary PRUPRU00£04646£460,00000£0
    SurreyBurpham Foundation Primary SchoolMainstream1313£82,00000£000£0
    CornwallBurraton Community Primary SchoolMainstream2020£124,00000£000£0
    StaffordshireBurton Short Stay SchoolPRU00£05050£500,00000£0
    BuryBury Secondary PRU Spring Lane SchoolPRU00£0136136£1,449,76000£0
    WolverhamptonBushbury Nursery SchoolMainstream610£50,00000£000£0
    HampshireBushy Leaze Early Years CentreMainstream1818£241,34400£000£0
    Waltham ForestBuxton SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireCaedmon CollegeMainstream35£25,00000£000£0
    NewhamCalverton Primary SchoolMainstream2121£142,00000£000£0
    ManchesterCamberwell Park Specialist Support SchoolSpecial146146£1,460,00000£000£0
    SeftonCambridge Nursery SchoolMainstream66£39,21600£000£0
    Hammersmith and FulhamCambridge SchoolSpecial7575£750,00000£000£0
    CamdenCamden Centre for Learning (CCfL) Special SchoolSpecial3535£350,00000£000£0
    Camden Primary Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    PlymouthCann Bridge SchoolSpecial9292£920,00000£000£0
    WiganCansfield High SchoolMainstream020£116,66700£000£0
    BradfordCanterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children and FamiliesMainstream1717£100,80000£000£0
    Brighton and HoveCarden PrimaryMainstream2222£144,00000£000£0
    HounslowCardinal Road Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    Isle of WightCarisbrooke collegeMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    NottinghamshireCarlton Digby SchoolSpecial9090£900,00000£000£0
    Milton KeynesCaroline Haslett Primary SchoolMainstream55£46,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireCarrington Infant SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    Carrington Junior SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    LeedsCarr Manor Community School, Specialist Sports CollegeMainstream1514£91,50000£000£0
    BradfordCarrwood Primary SchoolMainstream1212£84,00000£000£0
    EalingCastlebar SchoolSpecial164164£1,640,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonCastlecroft Primary SchoolMainstream88£70,33300£000£0
    KentCastle Hill Community Primary SchoolMainstream711£66,00000£000£0
    StockportCastle Hill High SchoolSpecial293293£2,930,00000£000£0
    DevonCastle Primary SchoolMainstream88£64,00000£000£0
    CambridgeshireCastle School, CambridgeSpecial200200£2,000,00000£000£0
    CoventryCastle Wood Special SchoolSpecial156160£1,583,33300£000£0
    RedbridgeCaterham High SchoolMainstream2323£138,00000£000£0
    SouthamptonCB - Redbridge Community SchoolMainstream77£65,00000£000£0
    CamdenCCfL Key Stage 3 PRUPRU00£02525£250,00000£0
    CCfL Key Stage 4 PRUPRU00£02020£200,00000£0
    EssexCedar Hall SchoolSpecial156156£1,560,00000£000£0
    HarrowCedars Manor SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    Brighton and HoveCentral HubPRU00£08888£880,00000£0
    HertfordshireCentral Primary SchoolMainstream1616£116,00000£000£0
    CalderdaleCentral Street Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream66£60,00000£000£0
    WorcestershireChadsgrove SchoolSpecial131131£1,313,42000£000£0
    LancashireChadwick High SchoolPRU00£07570£720,83300£0
    BarnetChalgrove Primary SchoolMainstream1012£67,00000£000£0
    West SussexChalkhill Education Centre, Chalkhill HospitalHSP00£000£01616£160,000
    SloughChalvey Nursery School & Early Years CentreMainstream79£47,25000£000£0
    DerbyshireChapel-en-le-Frith CofE VC Primary SchoolMainstream1919£114,00000£000£0
    Chapel-en-le-Frith High SchoolMainstream3434£204,00000£000£0
    NorfolkChapel Green SchoolSpecial116116£1,160,00000£000£0
    WiltshireCharter Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    StaffordshireChasetown Community SchoolSpecial8484£840,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireChaulden Infants' and NurseryMainstream88£76,00000£000£0
    BradfordChellow Heights Special SchoolSpecial251251£2,508,00000£000£0
    Kensington and ChelseaChelsea Community Hospital SchoolMainstream156156£1,562,30000£01010£95,200
    GloucestershireCheltenham and Tewkesbury Alternative Provision SchoolPRU00£05454£540,00000£0
    HampshireCherbourg Primary SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    SouthwarkCherry Garden SchoolSpecial8585£850,00000£000£0
    HillingdonCherry Lane Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    BirminghamCherry Oak SchoolSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    Cherry Orchard - ASC RBMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    SurreyChertsey Nursery SchoolMainstream106£70,11200£000£0
    HaltonChesnut Lodge Special SchoolSpecial7373£730,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireChessbrook Education Support CentrePRU00£06161£610,00000£0
    West SussexChichester NurseryMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    CamdenChildren's Hospital School at Gt Ormond Street and UCHHSP00£000£0229247£2,595,193
    EssexChildren's Support Service Langdon Hills BasildonPRU00£0198198£1,980,00000£0
    LiverpoolChildwall Abbey SchoolSpecial160160£1,600,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireChiltern Wood SchoolSpecial210210£2,100,00000£000£0
    South GloucestershireChipping Sodbury SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    LancashireChorley Astley Park SchoolSpecial170173£1,717,50000£000£0
    SandwellChrist Church CofE Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    Bournemouth, Christchurch andChristchurch Learning CentrePRU00£04848£480,00000£0
    Richmond upon ThamesChrist's Church of England Comprehensive Secondary SchoolMainstream66£52,00000£000£0
    ReadingChrist The King Catholic Primary SchoolMainstream2121£158,00000£000£0
    WiltshireChrist The King Catholic School, AmesburyMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    BirminghamChrist The King - VI RBMainstream22£16,00000£000£0
    Bristol, City ofClaremont SchoolSpecial7272£720,00000£000£0
    WirralClare Mount Specialist Sports CollegeSpecial226226£2,260,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireClaytons Primary SchoolMainstream1212£76,00000£000£0
    NorthumberlandCleaswell Hill SchoolSpecial187194£1,910,83300£000£0
    CalderdaleCliffe Hill Community Primary SchoolMainstream66£60,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolClifford Holroyde Specailist SEN CollegeSpecial6868£680,00000£000£0
    SurreyClifton Hill SchoolSpecial8585£850,00000£000£0
    HaveringClockhouse Primary SchoolMainstream88£60,00000£000£0
    BuryCloughside CollegeSpecial4848£511,68000£000£0
    BarnetColindale Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    Bracknell ForestCollege Hall PRUPRU00£05656£560,00000£0
    WestminsterCollege Park SchoolSpecial105113£1,096,66400£000£0
    NorthumberlandCollingwood School & Media Arts CollegeSpecial199220£2,112,50000£000£0
    NorfolkColman Infant SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    Colman Junior SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireColnbrook SchoolSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonColton Hills Community SchoolMainstream00£000£000£0
    SunderlandColumbia Grange SchoolSpecial115115£1,150,00000£000£0
    CambridgeshireColville Primary SchoolMainstream1212£76,00000£000£0
    HackneyComet NurseryMainstream77£70,00000£000£0
    LewishamConisborough CollegeMainstream3535£210,00000£000£0
    Cooper's Lane Primary SchoolMainstream44£24,00000£000£0
    CalderdaleCopley Primary SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    BarnetCoppetts Wood Primary SchoolMainstream810£55,00000£000£0
    HaveringCorbets Tey SchoolSpecial155155£1,550,00000£000£0
    CoventryCorley CentreSpecial122129£1,260,83300£000£0
    West SussexCornfield School, LittlehamptonSpecial6464£640,00000£000£0
    LeedsCorpus Christi Catholic CollegeMainstream2220£125,00000£000£0
    EalingCoston Primary SchoolMainstream3535£210,00000£000£0
    HillingdonCoteford Infant SchoolMainstream1010£72,00000£000£0
    DevonCountess Wear Community SchoolMainstream66£44,00000£000£0
    CoventryCoventry Extended Learning CentrePRU00£0105105£1,050,00000£0
    HampshireCove SchoolMainstream35£33,68700£000£0
    HertfordshireCowley Hill SchoolMainstream1616£104,00000£000£0
    NorthumberlandCramlington Hillcrest SchoolSpecial101110£1,062,50000£000£0
    RedbridgeCranbrook Primary SchoolMainstream68£43,00000£000£0
    HounslowCrane Park Primary SchoolMainstream2424£144,00000£000£0
    SurreyCranleigh Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream1010£76,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireCraven Pupil Referral ServicePRU00£02313£171,66700£0
    HampshireCrestwood Community SchoolMainstream3636£244,00000£000£0
    MertonCricket Green SchoolSpecial216216£2,160,00000£000£0
    SandwellCrocketts Community Primary SchoolMainstream1212£84,00000£000£0
    HampshireCrofton SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    TamesideCromwell High SchoolSpecial97117£1,086,66700£000£0
    BexleyCrook Log Primary SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    SeftonCrosby High SchoolSpecial138138£1,380,00000£000£0
    CroydonCrosfield Nursery SchoolMainstream1212£120,00000£000£0
    BradfordCrossflatts Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    SwindonCrowdys Hill SchoolSpecial219219£2,190,00000£000£0
    LambethCrown Lane Primary SchoolMainstream1515£98,00000£000£0
    Tower HamletsCYRIL JACKSON PRIMARY SCHOOLMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireDacorum Education Support CentrePRU00£04444£440,00000£0
    Barking and DagenhamDagenham ParkMainstream5050£300,00000£000£0
    WarringtonDallam Community Primary SchoolMainstream2424£144,00000£000£0
    KirkleesDalton SchoolMainstream1414£100,00000£000£0
    BirminghamDame Ellen Pinsent SchoolSpecial150150£1,500,00000£000£0
    YorkDanesgate CommunityPRU00£0192192£1,920,00000£0
    Richmond upon ThamesDarell Primary and Nursery SchoolMainstream1518£115,50000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterDarnhall Primary SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    HillingdonDeanesfield Primary SchoolMainstream88£64,00000£000£0
    EnfieldDe Bohun Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterDee Banks SchoolSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    Dee Point Primary SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    TraffordDelamere SchoolSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    St. HelensDe La Salle SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    North NorthamptonshireDenfield Park Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    LewishamDeptford Green SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    NottinghamshireDerrymount SchoolSpecial8484£840,00000£000£0
    PortsmouthDevonshire Infant SchoolMainstream1010£68,00000£000£0
    WirralDevonshire Park Primary SchoolMainstream2626£156,00000£000£0
    GreenwichDiscovery Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    DorsetDorchester Learning CentrePRU2424£240,0004040£400,00000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterDorin Park School & Specialist SEN CollegeSpecial135135£1,350,00000£000£0
    SurreyDorking Nursery SchoolMainstream117£77,12300£000£0
    HertfordshireDownfield Primary SchoolMainstream1212£112,00000£000£0
    NorfolkDownham Market, HIllcrest Primary SchoolMainstream010£58,33300£000£0
    WiltshireDownland SchoolSpecial9090£900,00000£000£0
    Brighton and HoveDowns ViewSpecial197199£1,981,66700£000£0
    NorfolkDrake Primary SchoolMainstream1010£100,00000£000£0
    EalingDrayton Green Primary SchoolMainstream2121£126,00000£000£0
    LewishamDrumbeat School and ASD ServiceSpecial210210£2,100,00000£000£0
    GatesheadDryden SchoolSpecial4646£460,00000£000£0
    EnfieldDurants SchoolSpecial171226£2,030,83300£000£0
    County DurhamDurham Trinity School and Sports CollegeSpecial202207£2,049,16500£000£0
    West SussexDurrington Junior SchoolMainstream1010£68,00000£000£0
    EalingEaling Alternative ProvisionPRU00£0165165£1,650,00000£0
    Ealing Primary CentrePRU00£01818£180,00000£0
    Barking and DagenhamEastbrook SchoolMainstream3446£246,00000£000£0
    Eastbury Community SchoolMainstream1620£134,00000£000£0
    Richmond upon ThamesEast Sheen Primary SchoolMainstream66£44,00000£000£0
    WirralEastway Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    WandsworthEastwood Nursery SchoolMainstream1111£66,00000£000£0
    Blackburn with DarwenEden Special SchoolSpecial4254£490,00000£000£0
    BlackpoolEducational DiversityPRU00£0200185£1,912,50000£0
    WestminsterEdward Wilson Primary SchoolMainstream89£51,50000£000£0
    TraffordEgerton High SchoolSpecial6464£640,00000£000£0
    SwindonEldene Nursery and Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    EnfieldEldon Primary SchoolMainstream1616£120,00000£000£0
    County DurhamElemore Hall SchoolSpecial8686£860,00000£000£0
    DevonEllen Tinkham SchoolSpecial235235£2,350,00000£000£0
    WirralElleray Park SchoolSpecial151151£1,510,00000£000£0
    LeicesterEllesmere CollegeSpecial306366£3,410,00000£000£0
    LambethElm Court SchoolSpecial136136£1,360,00000£000£0
    Bristol, City ofElmfield School for Deaf ChildrenSpecial4545£450,00000£000£0
    HarrowElmgrove Primary SchoolMainstream1111£66,00000£000£0
    KentElms SchoolSpecial158158£1,580,00000£000£0
    LancashireElm Tree Community Primary SchoolSpecial109106£1,072,50000£000£0
    SomersetElmwood SchoolSpecial920£383,36400£000£0
    EalingElthorne Park High SchoolMainstream2127£147,00000£000£0
    South GloucestershireEmersons Green Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    WokinghamEmmbrook Infant SchoolMainstream88£64,00000£000£0
    KentEnterprise Learning AlliancePRU00£0111111£1,110,00000£0
    SwindonEOTAS SwindonPRU00£0135135£1,350,00000£0
    ReadingE P Collier Primary SchoolMainstream1212£76,00000£000£0
    South TynesideEpinay Business and Enterprise SchoolSpecial164164£1,640,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireErmystedsMainstream10£2,50000£000£0
    LiverpoolErnest Cookson SchoolSpecial5858£580,00000£000£0
    GatesheadEslington Primary SchoolSpecial6868£680,00000£000£0
    NewhamEssex Primary SchoolMainstream1414£88,00000£000£0
    StockportEtchells Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    SouthwarkEvelina Hospital SchoolHSP00£000£05353£530,000
    SwindonEven Swindon Primary SchoolMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    WarwickshireEvergreen SchoolSpecial268268£2,856,88000£000£0
    County DurhamEvergreen SchoolSpecial182183£1,825,83300£000£0
    WarwickshireExhall Grange Specialist SchoolSpecial258258£2,722,28000£000£0
    SuffolkExning Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    West NorthamptonshireFAIRFIELDSSpecial116121£1,189,16700£000£0
    KirkleesFairfield SchoolSpecial124124£1,240,00000£000£0
    SomersetFairmead SchoolSpecial110140£1,274,99000£000£0
    Southend-on-SeaFairways Primary SchoolMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireFalconer SchoolSpecial9292£920,00000£000£0
    South TynesideFellgate Primary SchoolMainstream4242£252,00000£000£0
    West SussexFelpham Community CollegeMainstream00£000£000£0
    HounslowFeltham Hill Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream1515£94,00000£000£0
    WirralFender Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    SandwellFerndale Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    West SussexField Place Infant SchoolMainstream1313£78,00000£000£0
    TraffordFirs Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    SuffolkFirst BasePRU00£01212£120,00000£0
    West SussexFittleworth CofE Village SchoolMainstream00£000£000£0
    KentFive Acre Wood SchoolSpecial472601£5,471,66700£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamFive Elms Primary SchoolMainstream2020£140,00000£000£0
    SomersetFiveways Special SchoolSpecial8394£894,16300£000£0
    West SussexFordwater School, ChichesterSpecial136136£1,359,58300£000£0
    SurreyFordway CentrePRU00£02424£240,00000£0
    KentForeland Fields SchoolSpecial220224£2,224,16700£000£0
    SuttonForesters Primary SchoolMainstream4242£252,00000£000£0
    BirminghamMayfield SchoolSpecial303303£3,030,00000£000£0
    LeedsRoundhay SchoolMainstream1916£103,50000£000£0
    North West Specialist Inclusive Learning CentreSpecial259259£2,590,00000£000£0
    WakefieldHigh Well SchoolSpecial7070£700,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireLady Lumley's SchoolMainstream01£3,50000£000£0
    Forest Moor SchoolSpecial7587£820,00000£000£0
    SouthamptonTanners Brook Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    LeicestershireIveshead SecondaryMainstream2831£178,50000£000£0
    SomersetPolden BowerSpecial0168£979,94400£000£0
    SolihullForest Oak SchoolSpecial187191£1,893,33300£000£0
    HampshireForest Park SchoolSpecial124130£1,275,83300£000£0
    WorcestershireFort RoyalSpecial229229£2,292,17000£000£0
    LincolnshireFortuna SchoolSpecial8081£805,83300£000£0
    WokinghamFoundry CollegePRU00£04747£470,00000£0
    WirralFoxfield SchoolSpecial147147£1,470,00000£000£0
    BirminghamFox Hollies SchoolSpecial108108£1,080,00000£000£0
    WarringtonFox Wood Special SchoolSpecial104104£1,040,00000£000£0
    WandsworthFrancis Barber Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£0120120£1,200,00000£0
    CamdenFrank Barnes School for Deaf ChildrenSpecial3535£350,00000£000£0
    OxfordshireFrank Wise SchoolSpecial117116£1,163,04000£000£0
    Waltham ForestFrederick Bremer SchoolMainstream3030£105,00000£000£0
    NorfolkFred Nicholson SchoolSpecial163163£1,630,00000£000£0
    SurreyFreemantles SchoolSpecial197197£1,970,00000£000£0
    SeftonFreshfield Primary SchoolMainstream2020£168,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterFrodsham Weaver Vale Primary SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    WiltshireFrogwell Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    SomersetFrome Community CollegeMainstream22£12,00000£000£0
    BrentFryent Primary SchoolMainstream3636£220,00000£000£0
    LeicesterFullhurst Community CollegeMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    GatesheadFurrowfield SchoolSpecial7171£710,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireFurze Down SchoolSpecial177177£1,770,00000£000£0
    SurreyFurzefield Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    Windsor and MaidenheadFurze Platt JuniorMainstream08£46,66600£000£0
    HackneyGainsborough Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    SandwellGalton Valley Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    KentGarlinge Primary School and NurseryMainstream1218£131,00000£000£0
    WandsworthGarratt Park SchoolSpecial195210£2,037,50000£000£0
    WiganGarrett Hall Primary SchoolMainstream05£29,16600£000£0
    BirminghamGarretts Green Nursery - ASC RBMainstream66£60,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireGarston Manor SchoolSpecial140140£1,400,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamGascoigne Primary SchoolMainstream88£68,00000£000£0
    GloucestershireGastrells Community Primary SchoolMainstream1010£76,00000£000£0
    West NorthamptonshireGATEWAYSpecial6566£655,83300£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamGeorge Carey Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream1213£75,50000£000£0
    Tower HamletsGEORGE GREEN'S SCHOOLMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    North TynesideGeorge Stephenson High SchoolMainstream105£66,83300£000£0
    EssexGhyllgrove Primary SchoolMainstream66£40,00000£000£0
    GatesheadGibside SchoolSpecial170170£1,700,00000£000£0
    EalingGifford Primary SchoolMainstream105£42,50000£000£0
    DudleyGig Mill Primary SchoolMainstream88£60,00000£000£0
    WirralGilbrook SchoolSpecial6060£600,00000£000£0
    CumbriaGillford CentrePRU00£05090£733,33300£0
    DorsetGillingham Primary SchoolMainstream1414£112,00000£000£0
    BradfordGirlington Primary SchoolMainstream2020£144,00000£000£0
    HillingdonGlebe Primary SchoolMainstream1111£66,00000£000£0
    LeedsGledhow Primary SchoolMainstream31£11,00000£000£0
    EssexGlenwood SchoolSpecial223223£2,230,00000£000£0
    HampshireGlenwood SchoolSpecial97106£1,022,50000£000£0
    Tower HamletsGLOBE PRIMARY SCHOOLMainstream3030£180,00000£000£0
    GloucestershireGloucester and Forest Alternative Provision SchoolPRU00£0108108£1,080,00000£0
    Gloucestershire Hospital Education ServiceHSP00£000£01515£209,002
    Barking and DagenhamGodwin Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    LancashireGolden Hill Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£05050£500,00000£0
    KentGoldwyn SchoolSpecial157189£1,755,00000£000£0
    SuffolkGorseland Primary SchoolMainstream3030£180,00000£000£0
    SurreyGosden House SchoolSpecial124124£1,240,00000£000£0
    SandwellGrace Mary Primary SchoolMainstream2020£128,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamGRAFTON PRIMARY SCHOOLMainstream1213£87,50000£000£0
    KentGrange Park SchoolSpecial151144£1,469,16700£000£0
    HartlepoolGrange Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    CambridgeshireGranta SchoolSpecial150180£1,675,00000£000£0
    LancashireGreat Arley SchoolSpecial101100£1,004,16700£000£0
    HampshireGreat Binfields Primary SchoolMainstream66£48,00000£000£0
    SandwellGreat Bridge Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    DevonGreat Torrington Bluecoat Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    SeftonGreenacre Community Nursery SchoolMainstream1414£91,50400£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterGreenbank SchoolSpecial9999£990,00000£000£0
    BoltonGreen Fold SchoolSpecial139139£1,390,00000£000£0
    EalingGreenford High SchoolMainstream1320£102,50000£000£0
    StaffordshireGreenhall Nursery, StaffordSpecial1516£155,83300£000£0
    WarringtonGreen Lane Community Special SchoolSpecial199199£1,990,00000£000£0
    WandsworthGreenmead SchoolSpecial6365£641,66700£000£0
    Isle of WightGreenmount Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonGreen Park SchoolSpecial144145£1,445,83300£000£0
    HertfordshireGreenside SchoolSpecial146156£1,518,33300£000£0
    WiltshireGreentrees Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    LewishamGreenvale SchoolSpecial140160£1,516,66700£000£0
    HampshireGreenwood SchoolPRU00£03838£380,0002020£318,240
    LeedsGrimes Dyke Primary SchoolMainstream22£12,00000£000£0
    East SussexGrovelands Community Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    Grove Park SchoolSpecial108120£1,150,00000£000£0
    HounslowGrove Road Primary SchoolMainstream1212£76,00000£000£0
    SurreyGuildford Nursery SchoolMainstream117£77,12300£000£0
    HampshireGuillemont Junior SchoolMainstream1616£100,00000£000£0
    Newcastle upon TyneHadrian SchoolSpecial170170£1,700,00000£000£0
    Tower HamletsHAGUE PRIMARY SCHOOLMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    DudleyHalesbury SchoolSpecial148151£1,497,50000£000£0
    NorfolkHall SchoolSpecial9090£900,00000£000£0
    HaltonHalton Lodge Primary SchoolMainstream66£48,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireHambleton/Richmondshire Pupil Referral ServicePRU00£03030£300,00000£0
    BirminghamHamilton SchoolSpecial122118£1,196,66700£000£0
    Herefordshire, County ofHampton Dene Primary SchoolMainstream4848£288,00000£000£0
    Richmond upon ThamesHampton Hill Junior SchoolMainstream66£44,00000£000£0
    BradfordHanson SchoolMainstream4848£364,00000£000£0
    NorfolkHarford Manor School, NorwichSpecial89101£960,00000£000£0
    SandwellHargate Primary SchoolMainstream2222£144,00000£000£0
    HaringeyHaringey Learning PartnershipPRU00£0118118£1,180,0001212£225,000
    HillingdonHarlington SchoolMainstream77£50,00000£000£0
    EssexHarlow Fields School and CollegeSpecial165165£1,650,00000£000£0
    Bracknell ForestHarmanswater Primary SchoolMainstream04£23,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireHarrogate, Grove Road Community Primary SchoolMainstream88£60,00000£000£0
    MertonHatfeild Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    RedbridgeHatton School and Special Needs CentreSpecial191191£1,910,00000£000£0
    Telford and WrekinHaughton SchoolSpecial150150£1,500,00000£000£0
    HampshireHaven Early Years CentreMainstream1212£160,89600£000£0
    DudleyHawbush Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    Waltham ForestHawkswood Primary PRUPRU00£02020£200,00000£0
    Hawkswood (Therapeutic)PRU00£02010£141,70000£0
    BirminghamHawthorn - HI RBMainstream1515£106,00000£000£0
    Newcastle upon TyneHawthorn Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    St. HelensHaydock High SchoolMainstream2727£162,00000£000£0
    HillingdonHayes Park SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    WirralHayfield SchoolSpecial120120£1,200,00000£000£0
    SouthwarkHaymerle SchoolSpecial7777£770,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireHaywood Grove SchoolSpecial5656£560,00000£000£0
    SolihullHazel Oak SchoolSpecial175180£1,779,16700£000£0
    GloucestershireHeart of the Forest Community Special SchoolSpecial115115£1,150,00000£000£0
    Waltham ForestHeathcote School & Science CollegeMainstream1313£78,0001212£120,00000£0
    East SussexHeathfield Community CollegeMainstream1212£80,00000£000£0
    SomersetHeathfield Community SchoolMainstream2830£183,66600£000£0
    Richmond upon ThamesHeathfield Infant SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    Heathfield Junior SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    HampshireHeathfield Special SchoolSpecial130130£1,300,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireHeathlands SchoolSpecial110120£1,158,33300£000£0
    Central BedfordshireHeathwood Lower SchoolMainstream88£60,00000£000£0
    StockportHeaton SchoolSpecial9999£990,00000£000£0
    South TynesideHebburn Lakes Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterHebden Green Community SchoolSpecial119119£1,190,00000£000£0
    HillingdonHedgewood SchoolSpecial170170£1,700,00000£000£0
    StaffordshireHednesford Valley High SchoolSpecial165165£1,650,00000£000£0
    South TynesideHedworthfield Primary SchoolMainstream2424£144,00000£000£0
    HarrowHelix Education CentrePRU00£07474£740,00000£0
    PeterboroughHeltwate SchoolSpecial206206£2,060,00000£000£0
    HampshireHenry Beaufort SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    Henry Tyndale SchoolSpecial140153£1,471,83300£000£0
    Herefordshire, County ofHerefordshire Pupil Referral ServicePRU00£06550£562,5002525£250,000
    BuckinghamshireHeritage House SchoolSpecial9090£900,00000£000£0
    SheffieldHeritage Park SchoolSpecial108108£1,080,00000£000£0
    Tower HamletsHERMITAGEMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    West SussexHerons Dale SchoolSpecial131130£1,304,16700£000£0
    SunderlandHetton SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    CalderdaleHighbury SchoolSpecial9494£940,00000£000£0
    WakefieldHighfield schoolSpecial196191£1,930,83300£000£0
    StockportHighfields Inclusion PartnershipPRU00£0125125£1,250,00000£0
    BlackpoolHighfurlong SchoolSpecial85105£966,66700£000£0
    EnfieldHighlands SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    SouthwarkHighshore SchoolSpecial140140£1,400,00000£000£0
    HartlepoolHigh Tunstall College of ScienceMainstream2626£180,00000£000£0
    WokinghamHighwood Primary SchoolMainstream2424£188,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireHighworth Combined School and NurseryMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    WandsworthHillbrook SchoolMainstream1111£66,00000£000£0
    LambethHill Mead Primary SchoolMainstream1210£96,33300£000£0
    Brighton and HoveHill ParkSpecial212216£2,143,33300£000£0
    HertfordshireHillshott Infant School and NurseryMainstream108£80,33300£000£0
    NorfolkHillside Primary SchoolMainstream1010£100,00000£000£0
    LancashireHillside Specialist School and CollegeSpecial8995£925,00000£000£0
    SuffolkHillside Special SchoolSpecial8686£860,00000£000£0
    GatesheadHill Top SchoolSpecial105105£1,050,00000£000£0
    HampshireHiltingbury Infant SchoolMainstream1212£76,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterHinderton SchoolSpecial4545£450,00000£000£0
    WiganHindley High SchoolMainstream44£24,00000£000£0
    Hindley J and IMainstream11£6,00000£000£0
    HampshireHolbrook Primary SchoolMainstream1424£118,98000£000£0
    SheffieldHolgate Meadows SchoolSpecial9494£940,00000£000£0
    LancashireHolland Moor Primary SchoolMainstream20£8,33300£000£0
    Holly Grove SchoolSpecial113113£1,130,00000£000£0
    DerbyshireHolly House Special SchoolSpecial4343£430,00000£000£0
    HampshireHollywater SchoolSpecial128128£1,280,00000£000£0
    BirminghamHollywood - ASC RBMainstream1313£78,00000£000£0
    StockportHollywood Park Nursery SchoolMainstream44£40,00000£000£0
    LancashireHolme Slack Community Primary SchoolMainstream21£14,16700£000£0
    MiddlesbroughHolmwood SchoolSpecial8085£829,16700£000£0
    BuckinghamshireHoltspur School & Pre-SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    SomersetHolway Park Community Primary SchoolMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    SeftonHoly Spirit Catholic Primary SchoolMainstream33£19,60800£000£0
    KentHoly Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream08£46,66700£000£0
    Brighton and HoveHomewood CollegeSpecial4650£483,33300£000£0
    LancashireHope High SchoolSpecial6173£680,00000£000£0
    WiganHope SchoolSpecial217217£2,165,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolHope SchoolSpecial6565£650,00000£000£0
    HampshireHorndean Technology CollegeMainstream1517£97,02000£000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireHornsea primaryMainstream22£12,00000£000£0
    Hornsea SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    West SussexHorsham Nursery SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    StaffordshireHorton Lodge Com Sp & Key Learning Cent, RudyardSpecial5054£523,33300£000£0
    HounslowHounslow Heath Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream99£78,00000£000£0
    Hounslow Heath Junior SchoolMainstream1818£116,00000£000£0
    Hounslow Town Primary SchoolMainstream2323£142,00000£000£0
    Brighton and HoveHove ParkMainstream2020£136,00000£000£0
    County DurhamHowletch Lane Primary SchoolMainstream1212£108,00000£000£0
    BuryHoyle Nursery SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    SeftonHudson Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    LeicestershireHugglescote PrimaryMainstream1011£63,50000£000£0
    KentHugh Christie SchoolMainstream2222£132,00000£000£0
    Isle of WightHunnyhillMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    West NorthamptonshireHUNSBURY PARK PRIMARY SCHOOLMainstream1111£110,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamHunters Hall Primary SchoolMainstream1212£80,00000£000£0
    BirminghamHunters Hill CollegeSpecial840£350,00000£000£0
    KentHythe Bay CofE Primary SchoolMainstream2422£148,33300£000£0
    SurreyHythe Primary SchoolMainstream2525£154,00000£000£0
    HackneyIckburgh SchoolSpecial134149£1,427,50000£000£0
    HampshireIcknield SchoolSpecial7979£786,00000£000£0
    West BerkshireIcollege Alternative ProvisionPRU00£0660£660,00000£0
    KentIfield SchoolSpecial249249£2,491,66700£000£0
    DevonIlfracombe Church of England Junior SchoolMainstream08£46,66700£000£0
    LeicesterImperial Avenue Infant SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    Inglehurst Junior SchoolMainstream1222£107,00000£000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireInmans PrimaryMainstream26£26,00000£000£0
    LeedsIreland Wood Primary SchoolMainstream1915£104,16700£000£0
    SalfordIrlam Endowed Primary LRU KS1Mainstream88£60,00000£000£0
    Isle of WightIsland Learning CentrePRU00£06060£600,00000£0
    Central BedfordshireIvel Valley SchoolSpecial200220£2,115,83300£000£0
    Hammersmith and FulhamJack Tizard SchoolSpecial7070£700,00000£000£0
    GreenwichJames Wolfe Primary School and Centre for the DeafMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    WalsallJane LaneSpecial120123£1,217,50000£000£0
    South TynesideJarrow SchoolMainstream4444£264,00000£000£0
    SeftonJigsaw Primary Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£03030£300,00000£0
    EalingJohn Chilton SchoolSpecial127130£1,287,50000£000£0
    Telford and WrekinJohn Fletcher of MadeleyMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    NorfolkJohn Grant School, Caister-on-SeaSpecial149149£1,490,00000£000£0
    LeedsJohn Jamieson SchoolSpecial340400£3,750,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamJohn Perry Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    SouthwarkJohn Ruskin Primary School and Language ClassesMainstream2424£168,00000£000£0
    North TynesideJohn Spence Community High SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    OxfordshireJohn Watson SchoolSpecial93102£982,20000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamJo Richardson Community SchoolMainstream2424£144,00000£000£0
    YorkJoseph Rowntree SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    KentJoy Lane Primary Foundation SchoolMainstream3030£192,00000£000£0
    LambethJubilee Primary SchoolMainstream810£59,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireJuniper Hill SchoolMainstream1212£92,00000£000£0
    South TynesideKeelman's Way SchoolSpecial146146£1,460,00000£000£0
    LewishamKelvin Grove Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    Bracknell ForestKennel LaneSpecial198198£1,980,00000£000£0
    KentKent Health Needs Education ServiceHSP00£000£0262262£2,972,754
    CamdenKentish Town Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream2121£126,00000£000£0
    StaffordshireKettlebrook Short Stay SchoolPRU00£06060£600,00000£0
    LeicesterKeyham Lodge SchoolSpecial112112£1,120,00000£000£0
    WirralKilgarth SchoolSpecial5555£550,00000£000£0
    Kingston upon ThamesKing Athelstan Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    DevonKing Edward VI Community CollegeMainstream22£12,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireKing James's SchoolMainstream25£22,50000£000£0
    LeicesterKing Richard III Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    BrentKingsbury Green Primary SchoolMainstream1818£120,00000£000£0
    LancashireKingsbury Primary Special SchoolSpecial7979£790,00000£000£0
    HampshireKings Copse Primary SchoolMainstream99£58,00000£000£0
    KentKing's Farm Primary SchoolMainstream1212£84,00000£000£0
    BirminghamKings Heath - FAM RBMainstream1010£72,00000£000£0
    WakefieldKingsland - StanleySpecial190185£1,870,83300£000£0
    HarrowKingsley High SchoolSpecial96103£1,000,83300£000£0
    HartlepoolKingsley Primary SchoolMainstream2525£150,00000£000£0
    West NorthamptonshireKINGS MEADOWSpecial3540£379,16700£000£0
    SeftonKings Meadow Primary School and Early Years Education CentreMainstream1010£72,00000£000£0
    DerbyKingsmead SchoolSpecial9090£900,00000£000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireKing's MillSpecial133133£1,330,00000£000£0
    Kingston upon ThamesKing's Oak Primary SchoolMainstream2727£170,00000£000£0
    GreenwichKing's Oak SchoolSpecial3232£400,00000£000£0
    HampshireKings' SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    West NorthamptonshireKINGSTHORPE GROVE PRIMARY SCHOOLMainstream2828£280,00000£000£0
    Bristol, City ofKingsweston SchoolSpecial170170£1,700,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireKings Wood School and NurseryMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    ShropshireKinnerley Church of England Controlled Primary SchoolMainstream46£51,66700£000£0
    LancashireKirkham Pear Tree SchoolSpecial103100£1,012,50000£000£0
    Redcar and ClevelandKirkleatham Hall SchoolSpecial147147£1,470,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireKite Ridge SchoolPRU00£01010£100,00000£0
    LiverpoolKnotty Ash Primary SchoolMainstream1818£116,00000£000£0
    KnowsleyKnowsley Central SchoolSpecial100100£1,000,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterLache Primary SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    StockportLadybridge Primary SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    LutonLady Zia WernherSpecial125125£1,250,00000£000£0
    HampshireLakeside SchoolSpecial9297£949,16700£000£0
    HertfordshireLakeside SchoolSpecial6775£716,66700£000£0
    KentLaleham Gap SchoolSpecial198196£1,967,50000£000£0
    WokinghamLambs Lane Primary SchoolMainstream1010£80,00000£000£0
    ManchesterLancasterian SchoolSpecial147147£1,470,00000£000£0
    WiganLandgate SchoolSpecial106108£1,071,66700£000£0
    KentLangafel Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolMainstream2525£162,00000£000£0
    BirminghamLangley SchoolSpecial113113£1,130,00000£000£0
    St. HelensLansbury Bridge SchoolSpecial222222£2,220,00000£000£0
    LambethLansdowne SchoolSpecial140140£1,400,00000£000£0
    HampshireLanterns Nursery School and Extended ServicesMainstream2222£289,61300£000£0
    LancashireLarches High SchoolPRU00£0110110£1,100,00000£0
    LambethLark Hall Primary School (Including Lark Hall Centre for Pupils with Autism)Mainstream4242£256,00000£000£0
    St. HelensLaunchpad CentrePRU00£0100100£1,000,00000£0
    IslingtonLaycock Primary SchoolMainstream6464£384,00000£000£0
    SurreyLeatherhead Trinity School and NurseryMainstream2121£134,00000£000£0
    LeicesterLeicester City Primary PRUPRU00£04242£420,00000£0
    Leicester Partnership SchoolPRU00£0110110£1,100,00000£0
    SalfordLewis St Primary KS2 SEM (The Leaf)Mainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    EssexLexden Primary School with Unit for Hearing Impaired PupilsMainstream1818£144,00000£000£0
    Lexden Springs SchoolSpecial200200£2,000,00000£000£0
    WorcestershireLickey Hills Primary School and NurseryMainstream2121£130,00000£000£0
    Kingston upon ThamesLime Tree Primary SchoolMainstream2121£130,00000£000£0
    HampshireLimington House SchoolSpecial8595£905,33300£000£0
    SurreyLimpsfield Grange SchoolSpecial8080£800,00000£000£0
    HounslowLindon Bennett SchoolSpecial168168£1,680,00000£000£0
    Cheshire EastLindow Community Primary SchoolMainstream1212£100,00000£000£0
    BirminghamLindsworth SchoolSpecial136136£1,360,00000£000£0
    Bournemouth, Christchurch andLinwood SchoolSpecial397397£3,970,00000£000£0
    HounslowLionel Primary SchoolMainstream2525£166,00000£000£0
    StockportLisburne SchoolSpecial169169£1,690,00000£000£0
    HampshireLiss Infant SchoolMainstream1010£100,00000£000£0
    Liss Junior SchoolMainstream1212£80,00000£000£0
    NewhamLister Community SchoolMainstream2426£184,00000£000£0
    DevonLittleham Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    RedbridgeLittle Heath SchoolSpecial180196£1,893,33300£000£0
    NewhamLittle Ilford SchoolMainstream1520£120,00000£000£0
    BarnetLivingstone Primary and Nursery SchoolMainstream2121£224,03400£000£0
    Tower HamletsLONDON EAST ALTERNATIVE PROVISIONPRU00£0225225£2,250,00000£0
    West SussexLondon Meed Community Primary SchoolMainstream1111£66,00000£000£0
    LambethLondon Nautical SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    PlymouthLongcause Community Special SchoolSpecial105105£1,050,00000£000£0
    Brighton and HoveLonghillMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    BradfordLong Lee Primary SchoolMainstream1616£112,00000£000£0
    BirminghamLongwill SchoolSpecial5858£580,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireLonsdale SchoolSpecial95104£1,002,50000£000£0
    South TynesideLord BlytonMainstream1313£78,00000£000£0
    LancashireLostock Hall Moor Hey SchoolSpecial108110£1,091,66700£000£0
    Blackburn with DarwenLower Darwen Primary SchoolMainstream1515£94,00000£000£0
    KirkleesLowerhouses CofE (Voluntary Controlled) Junior Infant and Early Years SchoolMainstream1414£100,00000£000£0
    Waltham ForestLow Hall Nursery SchoolMainstream00£000£000£0
    WolverhamptonLow Hill Nursery SchoolMainstream1012£67,00000£000£0
    West SussexLyndhurst Infant SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    BirminghamLyndon Green Infant - C&L RBMainstream1515£114,00000£000£0
    Lyndon Green Junior - C&L RBMainstream1212£76,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolMab Lane Jumior Mixed and Infant SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    West SussexMaidenbower Junior SchoolMainstream1616£104,00000£000£0
    KentMaidstone and Malling Alternative ProvisionPRU00£06969£690,00000£0
    Kingston upon ThamesMalden Oaks School and Tuition ServicePRU00£099107£1,036,66700£0
    North YorkshireMaltonMainstream13£13,00000£000£0
    ManchesterManchester Hospital SchoolSpecial7070£700,00000£000£0
    Manchester Secondary PRUPRU00£0418388£4,005,00000£0
    EalingMandeville SchoolSpecial141141£1,410,00000£000£0
    West SussexManor Green CollegeSpecial219210£2,137,50000£000£0
    Manor Green Primary SchoolSpecial210210£2,100,00000£000£0
    Windsor and MaidenheadManor Green SchoolSpecial275275£2,750,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamManor InfantsMainstream1212£80,00000£000£0
    HampshireManor Junior SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    SurreyManor Mead SchoolSpecial8383£830,00000£000£0
    East SussexManor Primary SchoolMainstream88£52,00000£000£0
    DevonManor Primary School, IvybridgeMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    BarnetMapledown SchoolSpecial89104£977,50000£000£0
    DoncasterMaple Medical PRUPRU00£05757£570,00000£0
    HertfordshireMaple Primary SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    HampshireMaple Ridge SchoolSpecial100100£1,000,00000£000£0
    LeicestershireMaplewell SchoolSpecial245281£2,660,00000£000£0
    BromleyMarjorie McClure SchoolSpecial100100£1,000,00000£000£0
    HounslowMarjory Kinnon SchoolSpecial315330£3,237,50000£000£0
    DerbyMarkeaton Primary SchoolMainstream44£24,00000£000£0
    RochdaleMarland Hill Community Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    DevonMarland SchoolSpecial110122£1,170,00000£000£0
    Kensington and ChelseaMarlborough Primary SchoolMainstream1220£100,00000£000£0
    HounslowMarlborough Primary SchoolMainstream20£5,00000£000£0
    BexleyMarlborough SchoolSpecial8585£850,00000£000£0
    WiltshireMarlborough St Mary's CE Primary SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    DevonMarpool Primary SchoolMainstream66£44,00000£000£0
    PeterboroughMarshfields SchoolSpecial181175£1,775,00000£000£0
    WiganMarsh Green Primary SchoolMainstream55£50,00000£000£0
    StaffordshireMarshlands Special School, StaffordSpecial95100£979,16700£000£0
    WalsallMary ElliotSpecial122122£1,220,00000£000£0
    WiltshireMatravers SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolMatthew Arnold Primary SchoolMainstream1616£160,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamMayesbrook Park SchoolPRU00£0189189£1,890,00000£0
    RedbridgeMayespark Primary SchoolMainstream57£37,00000£000£0
    CumbriaMayfield SchoolSpecial160190£1,775,00000£000£0
    TorbayMayfield SchoolSpecial263263£2,630,00000£000£0
    LancashireMayfield SchoolSpecial117122£1,199,16700£000£0
    McKee College HousePRU00£0130130£1,300,00000£0
    ManchesterMeade Hill SchoolSpecial9292£920,00000£000£0
    WiganMeadowbank Primary SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    KentMeadowfield SchoolSpecial346351£3,490,00000£000£0
    HillingdonMeadow High SchoolSpecial250250£2,500,00000£000£0
    KnowsleyMeadow Park SchoolPRU00£0100100£1,000,00000£0
    WorcestershireMeadows First SchoolMainstream1010£92,00000£000£0
    WirralMeadowside SchoolSpecial7575£750,00000£000£0
    BirminghamMeadows Primary (The) - SLCN RBMainstream3030£216,00000£000£0
    Bracknell ForestMeadowvale PrimaryMainstream1313£98,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireMeadow Wood SchoolSpecial3636£360,00000£000£0
    HaveringMead Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    Isle of WightMedina CollegeMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    Medina House SchoolSpecial9393£930,00000£000£0
    HampshireMedstead Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream1214£79,02000£000£0
    NottinghamMellers PrimaryMainstream013£75,83300£000£0
    LeicesterMellor Community Primary SchoolMainstream010£35,00000£000£0
    MertonMelrose SchoolSpecial7070£700,00000£000£0
    SeftonMeols Cop High SchoolMainstream2218£118,00000£000£0
    Merefield SchoolSpecial103102£1,024,16700£000£0
    GreenwichMeridian Primary SchoolMainstream1818£132,00000£000£0
    Stoke-on-TrentMerit Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£03838£380,00000£0
    BuryMersey Drive Community Primary SchoolMainstream1616£132,00000£000£0
    SolihullMerstone SchoolSpecial126128£1,273,66700£000£0
    SalfordMesne Lea PrimaryMainstream88£52,00000£000£0
    WarwickshireMiddlemarch SchoolMainstream88£73,28000£000£0
    HertfordshireMiddleton SchoolSpecial9090£900,00000£000£0
    Cheshire EastMiddlewich High SchoolMainstream2020£144,00000£000£0
    Middlewich Primary SchoolMainstream1010£88,00000£000£0
    BradfordMidland Road Nursery SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonMidpoint Centre (Key Stage 4 PRU)PRU6868£680,00000£000£0
    NorfolkMile Cross Primary SchoolMainstream1010£88,00000£000£0
    Hammersmith and FulhamMiles Coverdale Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    NorfolkMillfield Primary SchoolMainstream1010£64,00000£000£0
    HackneyMillfields Community SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    PlymouthMill Ford SchoolSpecial100108£1,046,66700£000£0
    LeicesterMillgate SchoolSpecial120120£1,200,00000£000£0
    St. HelensMill Green SchoolSpecial106115£1,112,49700£000£0
    LiverpoolMillstead SchoolSpecial135135£1,350,00000£000£0
    DevonMill Water SchoolSpecial117117£1,170,00000£000£0
    BuryMillwood Primary Special SchoolSpecial155156£1,658,51800£000£0
    Milton KeynesMilton Keynes Primary Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£01818£180,00000£0
    PortsmouthMilton Park Primary SchoolMainstream1616£104,00000£000£0
    StockportMoat HousePRU00£02020£200,00000£0
    North TynesideMonkseaton High SchoolMainstream40£16,66700£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamMonteagle Primary SchoolMainstream3636£216,00000£000£0
    SalfordMonton Green Primary MLDMainstream1010£72,00000£000£0
    LeedsMoor Allerton Hall Primary SchoolMainstream1212£76,00000£000£0
    North TynesideMoorbridgePRU00£0165135£1,475,00000£0
    LancashireMoorbrook SchoolSpecial4446£451,66700£000£0
    SalfordMoorfield Primary ASD (Gingerbread House)Mainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    StockportMoorfield Primary SchoolMainstream1818£124,00000£000£0
    TraffordMoorlands Junior SchoolMainstream1010£72,00000£000£0
    LancashireMorecambe Road SchoolSpecial154158£1,563,33300£000£0
    HampshireMorelands Primary SchoolMainstream2424£144,00000£000£0
    SheffieldMossbrook SchoolSpecial136160£1,500,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireMoss Bury Primary School and NurseryMainstream66£40,00000£000£0
    DorsetMountjoy SchoolSpecial9595£950,00000£000£0
    PlymouthMount Tamar SchoolSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireMowbray SchoolSpecial253278£2,675,83300£000£0
    GreenwichMulgrave Primary SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    NorfolkMundesley Infant SchoolMainstream1010£96,00000£000£0
    SuttonMuschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity BaseMainstream5252£320,00000£000£0
    Stockton-on-TeesMyton Park Primary SchoolMainstream1010£88,00000£000£0
    HaveringNelmes Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    BirminghamNelson Mandela - FAM RBMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    PeterboroughNene GateSpecial5858£580,00000£000£0
    SheffieldNether Green Junior SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    LeicesterNether Hall SchoolSpecial112132£1,236,66700£000£0
    CamdenNetley Primary School & Centre for AutismMainstream2430£165,00000£000£0
    NottinghamshireNewark Orchard SchoolSpecial136136£1,360,00000£000£0
    LeicestershireNewbold Verdon PrimaryMainstream2424£144,00000£000£0
    CumbriaNewbridge House PRUPRU00£05067£600,00000£0
    WiganNewbridge SchoolSpecial8888£880,00000£000£0
    WirralNew Brighton Primary SchoolMainstream2222£132,00000£000£0
    NewhamNew DirectionsPRU00£07272£720,00000£0
    SeftonNewfield SchoolSpecial8181£810,00000£000£0
    Blackburn with DarwenNewfield SchoolSpecial200200£2,000,00000£000£0
    Bristol, City ofNew Fosseway SchoolSpecial150150£1,500,00000£000£0
    GreenwichNewhaven Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£0122122£1,220,00000£0
    LiverpoolNew Heights High SchoolPRU00£0106106£1,060,00000£0
    South GloucestershireNew Horizons Learning CentreSpecial6464£640,00000£000£0
    RochdaleNewlands SchoolSpecial120120£1,200,00000£000£0
    WalsallNew LeafPRU00£06565£650,00000£0
    RotherhamNewman SchoolSpecial161153£1,563,33300£000£0
    HampshireNew Milton Infant SchoolMainstream66£71,29200£000£0
    HackneyNew Regent's CollegePRU00£0240240£2,400,00000£0
    IslingtonNew River College MedicalPRU00£000£088£64,000
    New River College PrimaryPRU00£01818£180,00000£0
    New River College SecondaryPRU00£08282£820,00000£0
    RedbridgeNew Rush Hall SchoolSpecial8080£800,00000£000£0
    DerbyNewton's WalkPRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    LewishamNew Woodlands SchoolSpecial112112£1,120,00000£000£0
    KentNexus Foundation Special SchoolSpecial228250£2,408,33300£000£0
    SheffieldNorfolk Park SchoolSpecial103103£1,030,00000£000£0
    North TynesideNorham High SchoolMainstream2727£162,00000£000£0
    HampshireNorman Gate SchoolSpecial9393£930,00000£000£0
    WorcestershireNorth Bromsgrove High SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    Kingston upon Hull, City ofNorthcott SchoolSpecial136136£1,360,00000£000£0
    SurreyNorth East Surrey Secondary Short Stay SchoolPRU00£06060£600,00000£0
    SunderlandNorthern Saints CofE Voluntary Aided Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    Stockton-on-TeesNorthfield School and Sports CollegeMainstream2020£176,00000£000£0
    West SussexNorthgate Primary SchoolMainstream1414£92,00000£000£0
    BarnetNorthgate SchoolPRU00£01010£100,0001818£357,282
    HertfordshireNorth Herts Education Support CentrePRU00£03333£330,00000£0
    CumbriaNorth Lakes SchoolMainstream77£48,33300£000£0
    ManchesterNorth Ridge High SchoolSpecial189189£1,890,00000£000£0
    NorthumberlandNorthumberland Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    BarnetNorthway SchoolSpecial123125£1,241,66700£000£0
    SurreyNorth West Surrey Short Stay SchoolPRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    KnowsleyNorthwood Community Primary School (With Designated Special Provision)Mainstream4848£288,00000£000£0
    HounslowNorwood Green Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream1313£106,00000£000£0
    TamesideOakdale SchoolSpecial136130£1,325,00000£000£0
    Kingston upon Hull, City ofOakfieldSpecial101110£1,062,50000£000£0
    HaltonOakfield Community Primary SchoolMainstream1717£118,00000£000£0
    WiganOakfield HighSpecial278305£2,937,50000£000£0
    SurreyOakfield Junior SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    Cheshire EastOakfield Lodge SchoolPRU00£06060£600,00000£0
    WakefieldOakfield Park SchoolSpecial135140£1,379,16700£000£0
    NottinghamOak Field SchoolSpecial168168£1,680,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireOak Green SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    West SussexOak Grove CollegeSpecial267256£2,604,16700£000£0
    StockportOakgrove SchoolSpecial3737£370,00000£000£0
    RutlandOakham CofE Primary SchoolMainstream2020£140,00000£000£0
    Waltham ForestOakhill Primary SchoolMainstream44£24,00000£000£0
    SomersetOaklands Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    HounslowOaklands SchoolSpecial198230£2,166,66700£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterOaklands SchoolSpecial155155£1,550,00000£000£0
    LeicesterOaklands SchoolSpecial101103£1,021,66700£000£0
    BarnetOakleigh School & Acorn Assessment CentreSpecial138144£1,758,48800£000£0
    KentOakley SchoolSpecial250212£2,278,33300£000£0
    WandsworthOak Lodge SchoolSpecial8285£837,50000£000£0
    HampshireOak Lodge SchoolSpecial153153£1,530,00000£000£0
    EnfieldOaktree SchoolSpecial120120£1,200,00000£000£0
    SurreyOakwood SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    HillingdonOak Wood SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    BradfordOastlers SchoolSpecial134134£1,340,00000£000£0
    WalsallOld HallSpecial103103£1,030,00000£000£0
    SuffolkOld Warren House SchoolPRU00£02424£240,00000£0
    EnfieldOrchardside SchoolPRU00£0100100£1,000,00000£0
    West SussexOriel High SchoolMainstream2220£140,66700£000£0
    WirralOrrets Meadow SchoolSpecial7070£700,00000£000£0
    HampshireOsborne SchoolSpecial216216£2,160,00000£000£0
    BirminghamOscott Manor SchoolSpecial116120£1,183,33300£000£0
    LancashireOswaldtwistle Moor End Primary SchoolMainstream33£18,00000£000£0
    Oswaldtwistle SchoolPRU00£09595£950,00000£0
    Oswaldtwistle White Ash SchoolSpecial103109£1,065,00000£000£0
    SuffolkOulton Broad Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    SeftonOur Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary SchoolMainstream2424£152,00000£000£0
    WarwickshireOutwoods Primary SchoolMainstream88£53,28000£000£0
    Bracknell ForestOwlsmoor PrimaryMainstream02£12,00000£000£0
    SunderlandOxclose Nursery SchoolMainstream22£20,00000£000£0
    OxfordshireOxfordshire Hospital SchoolHSP00£000£0105105£1,642,771
    St. HelensPacePRU00£02525£250,00000£0
    WandsworthPaddock SchoolSpecial224240£2,333,33300£000£0
    WarwickshirePaddox Primary SchoolMainstream1010£106,60000£000£0
    BirminghamPaget - ASC RBMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    West SussexPalatine Primary SchoolSpecial158158£1,580,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolPalmerston SchoolSpecial130137£1,340,83300£000£0
    West SussexParklands Community Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    LeedsParklands Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    Cheshire EastPark Lane SchoolSpecial96106£1,018,33300£000£0
    BradfordParkside SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    HampshirePark View Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    South TynesidePark View SchoolSpecial5050£500,00000£000£0
    BexleyParkway Primary SchoolMainstream4040£269,00000£000£0
    DevonPathfield SchoolSpecial186186£1,860,00000£000£0
    South GloucestershirePathways Learning CentrePRU00£0150150£1,500,00000£0
    BarnetPavilion Study CentrePRU00£0130130£1,300,0002020£273,920
    BuckinghamshirePebble Brook SchoolSpecial140140£1,400,00000£000£0
    LancashirePendle Community High School & CollegeSpecial128137£1,332,50000£000£0
    Pendle View Primary SchoolSpecial119128£1,242,50000£000£0
    BarnsleyPenistone GrammarMainstream2727£162,00000£000£0
    St. HelensPenkford SchoolSpecial5555£550,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonPenn Fields SchoolSpecial190193£1,917,50000£000£0
    Penn Hall SchoolSpecial103106£1,047,50000£000£0
    HampshirePennington Church of England Junior SchoolMainstream05£17,52000£000£0
    SomersetPenrose SchoolSpecial560£233,35200£000£0
    DudleyPens Meadow SchoolSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    WorcestershirePerryfields Primary Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£05252£520,00000£0
    MertonPerseid SchoolSpecial158158£1,580,00000£000£0
    SurreyPhilip Southcote SchoolSpecial156156£1,560,00000£000£0
    BrentPhoenix Arch SchoolSpecial5555£550,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolPhoenix Primary SchoolMainstream3030£204,00000£000£0
    Tower HamletsPHOENIX SCHOOLSpecial450450£4,500,00000£000£0
    ManchesterPike Fold Primary SchoolMainstream77£62,70600£000£0
    CambridgeshirePilgrim PRU Pathways SchoolHSP00£000£06060£711,651
    DerbyshirePilsley Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    WakefieldPinderfields Hospital PRUPRU5054£523,3331111£110,0003034£803,296
    BirminghamPines School (The)Special212230£2,225,00000£000£0
    HampshirePinewood Infant SchoolMainstream1515£94,00000£000£0
    WorcestershirePitcheroak SchoolSpecial153153£1,534,62000£000£0
    LiverpoolPleasant Street Primary SchoolMainstream1616£160,00000£000£0
    GreenwichPlumstead Manor SchoolMainstream2727£166,00000£000£0
    EssexPoplar Adolescent UnitPRU00£01616£160,00000£0
    KentPortal House SchoolSpecial8080£800,00000£000£0
    HampshirePortchester Community SchoolMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    SurreyPortesbery SchoolSpecial115115£1,150,00000£000£0
    Stoke-on-TrentPortland School and Specialist CollegeSpecial140140£1,400,00000£000£0
    PortsmouthPortsdown Primary SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    BromleyPoverest Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    SeftonPresfield High School and Specialist CollegeSpecial9393£930,00000£000£0
    Stockton-on-TeesPreston Primary SchoolMainstream2020£188,00000£000£0
    BirminghamPriestley Smith SchoolSpecial9090£900,00000£000£0
    BradfordPrimary Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£09090£900,00000£0
    CamdenPrimrose Hill Primary SchoolMainstream46£31,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolPrinces SchoolSpecial145145£1,450,00000£000£0
    WakefieldPriory Centre PRUPRU00£06060£600,00000£0
    CroydonPriory SchoolMainstream136136£1,360,00000£000£0
    SloughPriory SchoolMainstream7160£387,50000£000£0
    East SussexPriory SchoolMainstream58£58,00000£000£0
    MiddlesbroughPriory Woods SchoolSpecial191199£1,956,66700£000£0
    HampshireProspect SchoolSpecial8080£800,00000£000£0
    ManchesterPymouth Grove Primary SchoolMainstream11£8,52300£000£0
    WestminsterQueen Elizabeth II Jubilee SchoolSpecial7575£750,00000£000£0
    West SussexQueen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee School, HorshamSpecial114120£1,174,58300£000£0
    HackneyQueensbridge Primary SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    BoltonQueensbridge Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    StockportQueensgate Primary SchoolMainstream88£52,00000£000£0
    Hammersmith and FulhamQueensmill SchoolSpecial246246£2,460,00000£000£0
    HampshireRachel Madocks SchoolSpecial8994£942,00000£000£0
    ManchesterRack House Primary SchoolMainstream77£62,70600£000£0
    LeedsRalph Thoresby SchoolMainstream109£56,50000£000£0
    CalderdaleRavenscliffe High SchoolSpecial213213£2,130,00000£000£0
    KirkleesRavenshall SchoolSpecial200200£2,000,00000£000£0
    North SomersetRavenswood SchoolSpecial119140£1,312,50000£000£0
    LancashireRawtenstall Cribden House Community Special SchoolSpecial7788£834,16700£000£0
    MertonRaynes Park High SchoolMainstream2525£150,00000£000£0
    Windsor and MaidenheadRBWM Alternative Learning ProvisionPRU00£03535£350,00000£0
    St. HelensRectory CofE Primary SchoolMainstream4040£284,00000£000£0
    RedbridgeRedbridge Alternative ProvisionPRU00£04848£480,00000£0
    LiverpoolRedbridge High SchoolSpecial138141£1,397,50000£000£0
    NorfolkRedcastle Family SchoolMainstream1010£100,00000£000£0
    SeftonRedgate Community Primary SchoolMainstream2828£172,00000£000£0
    CroydonRed Gates SchoolMainstream162158£1,596,66700£000£0
    CamdenRegents High SchoolMainstream44£24,00000£000£0
    SurreyReigate Valley CollegePRU00£07272£720,00000£0
    SolihullReynalds Cross SchoolSpecial126142£1,355,33300£000£0
    MertonRicards Lodge High SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamRichard Alibon Primary School with ARP for Cognitive and Learning Difficulties : SEN BaseMainstream2020£140,00000£000£0
    IslingtonRichard Cloudesley SchoolSpecial8787£870,00000£000£0
    CornwallRichard Lander SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    LutonRichmond HillSpecial254250£2,516,70000£000£0
    BedfordRidgeway SchoolSpecial8585£850,00000£000£0
    LancashireRidgewood Community High SchoolSpecial130152£1,428,33300£000£0
    WorcestershireRigby Hall Day Special SchoolSpecial178178£1,778,48000£000£0
    SeftonRimrose Hope CofE Primary SchoolMainstream100£35,00000£000£0
    HampshireRingwood Church of England Infant SchoolMainstream66£71,29200£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamRipple Primary SchoolMainstream2840£246,00000£000£0
    Bracknell ForestRise at Garth Hill CollegeMainstream5156£323,50000£000£0
    DarlingtonRise Carr CollegePRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    KentRiver Primary SchoolMainstream1012£72,00000£000£0
    WandsworthRiversdale Primary SchoolMainstream1719£109,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireRivers Education Support CentrePRU00£06868£680,00000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireRiversideSpecial130140£1,365,00000£000£0
    HampshireRiverside Community Special SchoolSpecial117125£1,216,66700£000£0
    WirralRiverside Primary SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    Windsor and MaidenheadRiverside Primary School and NurseryMainstream1313£86,00000£000£0
    HaringeyRiverside SchoolSpecial140140£1,400,00000£000£0
    BromleyRiverside SchoolSpecial300300£3,000,00000£000£0
    SalfordRiver View PrimaryMainstream3030£196,00000£000£0
    SwindonRobert Le Kyng Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    East SussexRobertsbridge Community CollegeMainstream58£58,00000£000£0
    RochdaleRochdale Pupil Referral ServicePRU00£0160160£1,600,00000£0
    RedbridgeRoding Primary SchoolMainstream3535£210,00000£000£0
    ManchesterRodney House SchoolSpecial6262£620,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireRoman FieldsPRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    Milton KeynesRomans Field SchoolSpecial5866£626,66700£000£0
    NewhamRonald Openshaw Nursery SchoolMainstream66£60,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterRosebank SchoolSpecial4949£490,00000£000£0
    StockportRose Hill Primary SchoolMainstream1414£104,00000£000£0
    NottinghamRosehill SchoolSpecial116116£1,160,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamRose Lane Primary SchoolMainstream1212£120,00000£000£0
    DudleyRosewood SchoolSpecial5858£580,00000£000£0
    HartlepoolRossmere Primary SchoolMainstream66£60,00000£000£0
    RotherhamRotherham AspirePRU00£0145129£1,356,66700£0
    HertfordshireRound Diamond Primary SchoolMainstream1514£86,50000£000£0
    North NorthamptonshireRowan Gate Primary School -Two Sites + SatelliteMainstream195195£1,950,00000£000£0
    SeftonRowan Park SchoolSpecial216216£2,160,00000£000£0
    WiganRowan TreeSpecial116116£1,160,00000£000£0
    HampshireRowhill SchoolPRU00£06262£620,0002020£318,240
    KentRowhill SchoolSpecial110132£1,228,33300£000£0
    GatesheadRowlands Gill Community Primary SchoolMainstream88£76,00000£000£0
    LancashireRoyal Cross Primary SchoolSpecial2121£210,00000£000£0
    CamdenRoyal Free Hospital Children's SchoolHSP00£000£04242£598,499
    GloucestershireRuardean Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream1010£72,00000£000£0
    BoltonRumworth SchoolSpecial268268£2,680,00000£000£0
    LewishamRushey Green Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    LeicesterRushey Mead Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    TamesideRussell Scott Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    EnfieldRusset House SchoolSpecial136136£1,360,00000£000£0
    MertonRutlish SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    SouthwarkRye Oak Primary SchoolMainstream1614£89,00000£000£0
    WandsworthSacred Heart Primary SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    CroydonSaffron Valley CollegiatePRU00£0190190£1,900,00000£0
    WandsworthSaint John Bosco CollegeMainstream3343£233,00000£000£0
    WiltshireSalisbury, Manor Fields Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    HampshireSamuel Cody Specialist Sports CollegeSpecial178205£1,937,50000£000£0
    TamesideSamuel Laycock SchoolSpecial178187£1,832,50000£000£0
    CambridgeshireSamuel Pepys SchoolSpecial116120£1,183,33300£000£0
    IslingtonSamuel Rhodes MLD SchoolSpecial124124£1,240,00000£000£0
    LeicesterSandfield Close Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolSandfield Park SchoolSpecial7878£780,00000£000£0
    CumbriaSandgate SchoolSpecial120120£1,200,00000£000£0
    CumbriaSandside Lodge SchoolSpecial100100£1,000,00000£000£0
    SandwellSandwell Community SchoolPRU00£0180180£1,800,00000£0
    WarringtonSandy Lane Nursery and Forest SchoolMainstream4242£420,00000£000£0
    Bracknell ForestSandy Lane PrimaryMainstream03£18,00000£000£0
    WiltshireSarum St Paul's CofE (VA) Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireSauncey Wood Primary SchoolMainstream88£60,00000£000£0
    HampshireSaxon Wood SchoolSpecial3535£348,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireScarborough Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    EalingSelborne Primary SchoolMainstream2121£126,00000£000£0
    WandsworthSelincourt Primary SchoolMainstream1214£79,00000£000£0
    BirminghamSelly Oak Trust SchoolSpecial387387£3,870,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireSettle CollegeMainstream03£10,50000£000£0
    SheffieldSeven Hills SchoolSpecial184208£1,980,00000£000£0
    RedbridgeSeven Kings SchoolMainstream1717£102,00000£000£0
    HarrowShaftesbury High SchoolSpecial175180£1,779,16700£000£0
    LancashireShaftesbury High SchoolPRU00£0120120£1,200,00000£0
    HampshireShakespeare Junior SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    RochdaleShawclough primaryMainstream1414£124,00000£000£0
    SheffieldSheffield Inclusion CentrePRU00£0180180£1,800,00000£0
    HampshireShepherds Down Special SchoolSpecial158158£1,580,00000£000£0
    CoventrySherbourne Fields SchoolSpecial200220£2,116,66700£000£0
    StaffordshireSherbrook Primary School, CannockSpecial128128£1,280,00000£000£0
    NorfolkSheringham Woodfields SchoolSpecial135135£1,350,00000£000£0
    SuttonSherwood Park SchoolSpecial148152£1,503,30000£000£0
    HackneyShoreditch Park Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    EssexShorefields SchoolSpecial145145£1,450,00000£000£0
    ShropshireShrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School and NurseryMainstream45£33,83300£000£0
    NorfolkSidestrand Hall SchoolSpecial185185£1,850,00000£000£0
    Central BedfordshireSilsoe CofE VC Lower SchoolMainstream88£56,00000£000£0
    North TynesideSilverdale SchoolSpecial122122£1,220,00000£000£0
    WiltshireSilverwood SchoolSpecial360360£3,600,00000£000£0
    KentSimon Langton Grammar School for BoysMainstream2325£192,00000£000£0
    Newcastle upon TyneSir Charles Parsons SchoolSpecial210210£2,100,00000£000£0
    NewhamSir John Heron Primary SchoolMainstream1616£100,00000£000£0
    HackneySir Thomas Abney SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    LancashireSir Tom Finney Community High SchoolSpecial168173£1,708,33300£000£0
    LeicestershireSketchley Menphys NurserySpecial2424£240,00000£000£0
    BirminghamSkilts SchoolSpecial9090£900,00000£000£0
    SomersetSky CollegeSpecial8089£849,99700£000£0
    KentSlade Primary School and Attached Unit for Children with Hearing ImpairmentMainstream88£54,00000£000£0
    Milton KeynesSlated Row SchoolSpecial232232£2,320,00000£000£0
    SloughSlough Centre Nursery SchoolMainstream55£30,00000£000£0
    WandsworthSmallwood Primary School and Language UnitMainstream4040£240,00000£000£0
    HampshireSmannell Field SchoolPRU00£02828£280,0002020£318,240
    SouthwarkSnowsfields Primary SchoolMainstream1414£88,00000£000£0
    Telford and WrekinSouthall SchoolSpecial190185£1,870,83300£000£0
    Redcar and ClevelandSouth Bank Community Primary SchoolMainstream2525£150,00000£000£0
    DevonSouthbrook SchoolSpecial147147£1,470,00000£000£0
    ReadingSouthcote Primary SchoolMainstream48£55,33200£000£0
    ManchesterSouthern Cross SchoolSpecial139139£1,390,00000£000£0
    HampshireSouth Farnborough Junior SchoolMainstream2020£128,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireSouthfield SchoolSpecial8080£800,00000£000£0
    PeterboroughSouthfields Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    KirkleesSouthgate SchoolSpecial160160£1,600,00000£000£0
    Waltham ForestSouth Grove Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    North TynesideSouthlands SchoolSpecial161161£1,610,00000£000£0
    WandsworthSouthmead Primary SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    PortsmouthSouthsea Infant SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    SomersetSouth Somerset Partnership SchoolPRU44£40,0008080£801,0002727£270,000
    HampshireSouth View Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream1919£149,29200£000£0
    South View Junior SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    SouthwarkSouthwark Inclusive Learning Service (Sils)PRU00£0100100£1,000,00000£0
    WolverhamptonSpringdale Primary SchoolMainstream3028£181,33300£000£0
    WakefieldSpringfield Centre PRUPRU00£0100100£1,000,00000£0
    BirminghamSpringfield House SchoolSpecial9096£935,00000£000£0
    Cheshire EastSpringfield SchoolSpecial170180£1,758,33300£000£0
    EalingSpringhallow SchoolSpecial140160£1,516,66700£000£0
    North YorkshireSpringhead SchoolSpecial8890£891,66700£000£0
    CambridgeshireSpring Meadow Infant SchoolMainstream810£62,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireSpringwater SchoolSpecial9195£933,33300£000£0
    HartlepoolSpringwell SchoolSpecial8888£880,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolSpringwood HeathMainstream4848£364,00000£000£0
    NorfolkSprowston Infant SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    OxfordshireSt Andrew's Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream79£48,96000£000£0
    ShropshireSt Andrew's CofE Primary SchoolMainstream88£64,00000£000£0
    Central BedfordshireSt Andrew's CofE VC Lower SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    Richmond upon ThamesStanley Primary SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    WirralStanley SchoolSpecial141141£1,410,00000£000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireSt Anne'sSpecial159159£1,590,00000£000£0
    EalingSt Ann's SchoolSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    KentSt Anthony's SchoolSpecial9898£980,00000£000£0
    West SussexSt Anthony's SchoolSpecial222225£2,237,50000£000£0
    EnfieldStarks FieldMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    WestminsterSt Augustine's Federated Schools: CE High SchoolMainstream810£55,00000£000£0
    Blackburn with DarwenSt Cuthbert's Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream1919£114,00000£000£0
    LeicestershireSt Denys InfantMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    PortsmouthSt Edmund's Catholic SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    BradfordSt Edmund's Nursery School & Children's CentreMainstream2020£118,80000£000£0
    SurreyStepgates Community SchoolMainstream2020£128,00000£000£0
    Tower HamletsSTEPHEN HAWKING SCHOOLSpecial130130£1,300,00000£000£0
    LancashireStepping Stones SchoolPRU00£03232£320,00000£0
    HertfordshireStevenage Education Support CentrePRU00£03636£360,00000£0
    West SussexSteyning CofE Primary SchoolMainstream810£59,66700£000£0
    HampshireSt Francis Special SchoolSpecial9393£932,00000£000£0
    Isle of WightSt George's SchoolSpecial188188£1,880,00000£000£0
    CroydonSt Giles SchoolMainstream116118£1,171,66700£000£0
    NottinghamshireSt Giles SchoolSpecial131131£1,310,00000£000£0
    SuffolkSt Gregory Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    WarringtonSt Gregory's Catholic High SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    North LincolnshireSt Hugh's SchoolSpecial180170£1,741,67000£000£0
    Richmond upon ThamesSt James's Roman Catholic Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    PeterboroughSt John Fisher Catholic High SchoolMainstream44£40,00000£000£0
    North YorkshireSt John Fisher Catholic High SchoolMainstream01£3,50000£000£0
    SouthwarkSt John's and St Clement's Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream1515£98,00000£000£0
    EalingSt John's Primary SchoolMainstream2525£150,00000£000£0
    Stockton-on-TeesSt John the Baptist Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolMainstream2020£144,00000£000£0
    WiltshireSt Joseph'sMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    ShropshireSt Lawrence CofE Primary SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    North LincolnshireSt Luke's Primary SchoolSpecial133139£1,365,00000£000£0
    HertfordshireSt Luke's SchoolSpecial160160£1,600,00000£000£0
    LeedsSt Margaret's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primare SchoolMainstream015£87,50000£000£0
    West SussexSt Margaret's CofE Primary SchoolMainstream88£52,00000£000£0
    HampshireSt Mark's Church of England Primary SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    SandwellSt Martin's CofE Primary SchoolMainstream55£34,00000£000£0
    ShropshireSt Mary's Bluecoat CofE (VA) Primary SchoolMainstream88£56,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonSt Matthias SchoolMainstream812£69,00000£000£0
    WirralSt Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary SchoolMainstream88£80,00000£000£0
    LiverpoolSt Michael in the HamletMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonSt. Michael's CE (A) PrimaryMainstream07£40,83300£000£0
    SandwellSt Michael's CE High SchoolMainstream2020£144,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterSt Nicholas Catholic High SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    Bath and North East SomersetSt Nicholas CofE PrimaryMainstream1010£76,00000£000£0
    OxfordshireSt Nicholas Primary SchoolMainstream1515£90,00000£000£0
    CroydonSt Nicholas SchoolMainstream205225£2,166,66700£000£0
    KentSt Nicholas' SchoolSpecial291312£3,033,33300£000£0
    BuckinghamshireStocklake Park Community SchoolSpecial8080£800,00000£000£0
    Stoke Mandeville Combined SchoolMainstream1010£76,00000£000£0
    HampshireStoke Park Infant SchoolMainstream1414£100,00000£000£0
    KentStone Bay SchoolSpecial8190£863,33300£000£0
    WiltshireStonehenge SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    DoncasterStone Hill SchoolSpecial125125£1,250,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireStony Dean SchoolSpecial196196£1,960,00000£000£0
    HackneyStormont House SchoolSpecial135135£1,350,00000£000£0
    YorkSt Oswald's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary SchoolMainstream1010£100,00000£000£0
    OldhamST PAULSMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    Milton KeynesSt Paul's Catholic SchoolMainstream4949£334,00000£000£0
    YorkSt Paul's Nursery SchoolMainstream66£60,00000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamSt Peter's Catholic Primary SchoolMainstream1312£74,50000£000£0
    SurreySt Peter's CentreHSP00£000£01212£191,323
    ManchesterSt Peter's RC High SchoolMainstream1212£103,05900£000£0
    SalfordSt Phillips CE Primary LRU KS2Mainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    SheffieldStradbroke Primary SchoolMainstream2323£138,00000£000£0
    HounslowStrand-on-the-Green Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    Strand-on-the-Green Junior SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    BradfordStrong Close Nursery SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    GloucestershireStroud and Cotswold Alternative Provision SchoolPRU00£05454£540,00000£0
    Central BedfordshireSt Swithun's Church of England VC Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    BoltonSt Teresa's RC Primary SchoolMainstream66£36,00000£000£0
    Blackburn with DarwenSt Thomas's CentrePRU00£0165165£1,650,00000£0
    WarwickshireStudley Community Infants' SchoolMainstream88£65,28000£000£0
    WiltshireStudley Green Primary SchoolMainstream3434£204,00000£000£0
    ManchesterSt Willibrord's RC Primary SchoolMainstream77£62,70600£000£0
    NorfolkSuffield Park Infant and Nursery School, CromerMainstream1010£92,00000£000£0
    EnfieldSuffolks Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    SolihullSummerfield Education CentrePRU00£03535£350,00000£0
    SunderlandSunningdale SchoolSpecial110110£1,100,00000£000£0
    SurreySunnydown SchoolSpecial8181£810,00000£000£0
    Kingston upon ThamesSurbiton Children's Centre NurseryMainstream99£90,00000£000£0
    SuttonSutton Tuition and Reintegration ServicePRU00£07575£750,00000£0
    BradfordSwain House Primary SchoolMainstream2020£144,00000£000£0
    GatesheadSwalwell Primary SchoolMainstream1010£64,00000£000£0
    DerbyshireSwanwick School and Sports CollegeSpecial8285£837,50000£000£0
    CamdenSwiss Cottage School - Development & Research CentreSpecial260260£2,600,00000£000£0
    DudleySycamore Short Stay SchoolPRU00£03232£320,00000£0
    SheffieldTalbot Specialist SchoolSpecial190206£1,993,33300£000£0
    TamesideTameside Pupil Referral ServicePRU3837£374,1679293£925,83300£0
    SomersetTaunton Deane Partnership CollegePRU99£90,0007171£712,0002525£250,000
    NorfolkTerrington St Clement Community SchoolMainstream1010£100,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonTettenhall Wood SchoolSpecial142142£1,420,00000£000£0
    SurreyThames Ditton Junior SchoolMainstream1616£100,00000£000£0
    KentThamesview SchoolMainstream99£58,00000£000£0
    Cheshire West and ChesterThe Acorns Primary and Nursery SchoolMainstream77£42,00000£000£0
    LancashireThe Acorns SchoolPRU00£07565£691,66700£0
    West BerkshireTheale C.E. Primary SchoolMainstream100£60,00000£000£0
    West SussexThe Angmering SchoolMainstream4443£297,66700£000£0
    KentThe Archbishop's SchoolMainstream77£50,00000£000£0
    SuffolkThe AtticPRU00£05050£500,00000£0
    Isle of WightThe Bay Church of England SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    KentThe Beacon FolkestoneSpecial414402£4,069,16700£000£0
    WorcestershireThe Beacon Primary Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£04545£450,00000£0
    DerbyThe Bemrose SchoolMainstream3535£210,00000£000£0
    ManchesterThe Birches SchoolSpecial155155£1,550,00000£000£0
    Herefordshire, County ofThe Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonThe Braybrook Centre (Key Stage 3 PRU)PRU4242£420,00000£000£0
    Telford and WrekinThe Bridge at HLCSpecial215215£2,150,00000£000£0
    HampshireThe Bridge Education CentrePRU00£05858£580,0002020£318,240
    HaltonThe Bridge SchoolPRU00£06060£600,00000£0
    SomersetThe Bridge School SedgemoorPRU1010£100,0007474£742,0001515£150,000
    Cheshire West and ChesterThe Bridge Short Stay SchoolPRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    DudleyThe Brier SchoolSpecial164164£1,640,00000£000£0
    HaringeyThe Brook Special Primary SchoolSpecial119119£1,190,00000£000£0
    HaltonThe Brow Community Primary SchoolMainstream1717£122,00000£000£0
    BuckinghamshireThe Buckinghamshire Primary Pupil Referral UnitPRU00£03636£360,00000£0
    SalfordThe Canterbury CentrePRU00£06565£650,00000£0
    West BerkshireThe Castle SchoolSpecial1470£1,470,00000£000£0
    HounslowThe Cedars Primary SchoolSpecial7070£700,00000£000£0
    LeicesterThe Children's Hospital SchoolHSP00£000£0111111£1,800,987
    Central BedfordshireThe Chiltern SchoolSpecial250257£2,541,38900£000£0
    NorfolkThe Clare SchoolSpecial103103£1,030,00000£000£0
    SalfordThe Clifton CentrePRU00£07070£700,00000£0
    HertfordshireThe Collett SchoolSpecial128128£1,280,00000£000£0
    DorsetThe CompassPRU2424£240,0004040£400,00000£0
    RedbridgeThe Constance Bridgeman CentrePRU00£04242£420,00000£0
    LancashireThe Coppice SchoolSpecial6564£644,16700£000£0
    County DurhamThe Croft SchoolSpecial137160£1,504,15900£000£0
    North YorkshireThe Dales SchoolSpecial5661£589,16700£000£0
    NorthumberlandThe Dales SchoolSpecial150160£1,558,33300£000£0
    North LincolnshireThe Darley CentrePRU00£02020£200,00000£0
    BuckinghamshireThe Disraeli SchoolMainstream1818£108,00000£000£0
    EssexThe Edith Borthwick SchoolSpecial245245£2,450,00000£000£0
    WorcestershireThe Forge Secondary Short Stay SchoolPRU00£04848£480,00000£0
    DorsetThe Forum CentrePRU1616£160,0004848£480,00000£0
    SalfordThe Friars Primary MLDMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    HackneyThe Garden SchoolSpecial150170£1,616,66700£000£0
    HertfordshireThe Giles Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream1010£76,00000£000£0
    SeftonThe Grange Primary SchoolMainstream6262£388,00000£000£0
    NorthumberlandThe Grove Special SchoolSpecial4647£465,83300£000£0
    Blackburn with DarwenThe HeightsPRU00£011£10,00000£0
    KentThe Holmesdale SchoolMainstream88£56,00000£000£0
    ReadingThe Holy Brook SchoolSpecial3232£320,00000£000£0
    BradfordThe Holy Family Catholic SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    SurreyThe Hope ServicePRU00£03232£320,00000£0
    HartlepoolThe Horizon School, HartlepoolPRU00£03434£340,00000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireThe HubPRU00£0141141£1,410,00000£0
    KentThe John Wesley Church of England Methodist Voluntary Aided Primary SchoolMainstream1010£72,00000£000£0
    The Judd SchoolMainstream1014£91,33300£000£0
    HampshireThe Key Education CentrePRU00£0105105£1,050,0004040£636,480
    DerbyThe Kingsmead SchoolPRU00£06060£600,00000£0
    CumbriaThe Lakes SchoolMainstream44£37,66700£000£0
    DevonThe Lampard Community SchoolSpecial132139£1,360,00000£000£0
    DoncasterThe Levett SchoolPRU00£0100100£1,000,00000£0
    LincolnshireThe Lincoln St Christopher's SchoolSpecial228228£2,280,83300£000£0
    Telford and WrekinThe Linden CentrePRU00£04848£480,00000£0
    SunderlandThe Link SchoolPRU00£0189189£1,890,00000£0
    LambethThe Livity SchoolSpecial9595£950,00000£000£0
    LancashireThe Loyne Specialist SchoolSpecial113117£1,153,33300£000£0
    KentThe Malling SchoolMainstream120120£834,00000£000£0
    East Riding of YorkshireThe Market Weighton SchoolMainstream2020£120,00000£000£0
    HampshireThe Mark Way SchoolSpecial7580£779,16700£000£0
    SurreyThe Mead Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream99£74,00000£000£0
    County DurhamThe Meadows SchoolSpecial6666£660,00000£000£0
    SandwellThe Meadows SchoolSpecial185185£1,850,00000£000£0
    LambethThe Michael Tippett SchoolSpecial8080£800,00000£000£0
    HaringeyThe Mulberry Primary SchoolMainstream1818£180,00000£000£0
    LeedsThe New Bewerley Community Primary SchoolMainstream1515£98,00000£000£0
    SalfordThe New Broadwalk PRUPRU00£04040£400,00000£0
    KentThe North SchoolMainstream2725£180,00000£000£0
    County DurhamThe Oaks Secondary SchoolSpecial262281£2,730,82700£000£0
    WirralThe Observatory SchoolSpecial7676£760,00000£000£0
    DudleyThe Old Park SchoolSpecial154154£1,540,00000£000£0
    WolverhamptonThe Orchard Centre (Home and Hospital PRU)PRU7585£808,33300£000£485,153
    KentThe Orchard SchoolSpecial8385£841,66700£000£0
    SandwellThe Orchard SchoolSpecial147147£1,470,00000£000£0
    BarnetThe Orion Primary SchoolMainstream2222£132,00000£000£0
    NorfolkThe Parkside School, NorwichSpecial173173£1,730,00000£000£0
    RutlandThe Parks SchoolSpecial88£75,00000£000£0
    StockportThe Pendlebury CentrePRU00£04545£450,00000£0
    Bracknell ForestThe Pines Primary SchoolMainstream05£29,00000£000£0
    SandwellThe Primrose CentrePRU00£02525£250,00000£0
    DorsetThe Prince of Wales SchoolMainstream108£60,30000£000£0
    WirralThe Priory Parish CofE Primary SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    Milton KeynesThe Radcliffe SchoolMainstream1515£106,00000£000£0
    The Redway SchoolSpecial191191£1,910,00000£000£0
    HaveringThe R J Mitchell Primary SchoolMainstream2121£154,00000£000£0
    LancashireThe Rose SchoolSpecial6772£699,16700£000£0
    RotherhamThe Rowan CentrePRU00£06969£690,00000£0
    SheffieldThe Rowan SchoolSpecial9897£974,16700£000£0
    North YorkshireThe Rubicon CentrePRU00£03030£300,00000£0
    GloucestershireThe Shrubberies SchoolSpecial130130£1,300,00000£000£0
    HounslowThe Smallberry Green Primary SchoolMainstream88£48,00000£000£0
    TorbayThe Spires CollegeMainstream2020£136,00000£000£0
    EssexThe St Aubyn Centre Education DepartmentPRU00£02828£280,00000£0
    LincolnshireThe St Francis Special School, LincolnSpecial162162£1,620,83300£000£0
    SurreyThe Surrey Teaching CentreHSP00£000£02424£472,923
    DudleyThe Sutton School and Specialist CollegeSpecial182187£1,849,20000£000£0
    HampshireThe Toynbee SchoolMainstream1519£109,31300£000£0
    HertfordshireThe Valley SchoolSpecial150155£1,529,16700£000£0
    HampshireThe Vyne Community SchoolMainstream1212£88,00000£000£0
    Milton KeynesThe Walnuts SchoolSpecial180190£1,858,33300£000£0
    HampshireThe Waterloo SchoolSpecial8282£820,00000£000£0
    The Wavell SchoolMainstream2020£136,00000£000£0
    SandwellThe Westminster SchoolSpecial226226£2,260,00000£000£0
    RotherhamThe Willows SchoolSpecial165165£1,650,00000£000£0
    West BerkshireThe Winchcombe SchoolMainstream150£102,00000£000£0
    HounslowThe Woodbridge Park Education ServicePRU00£0127127£1,270,0003232£179,008
    County DurhamThe WoodlandsPRU00£0150150£1,500,00000£0
    KentThe Wyvern School (Buxford)Special292285£2,879,16700£000£0
    North YorkshireThirsk School & Sixth Form CollegeMainstream01£3,50000£000£0
    Barking and DagenhamThomas ArnoldMainstream2424£144,00000£000£0
    TamesideThomas Ashton SchoolSpecial8690£883,33300£000£0
    HackneyThomas Fairchild Community SchoolMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    BoltonThomasson Memorial SchoolSpecial7979£790,00000£000£0
    GreenwichThomas Tallis SchoolMainstream5555£346,00000£000£0
    CumbriaThomlinson Junior SchoolMainstream66£49,66700£000£0
    SunderlandThorney Close Primary SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    LancashireThornton-Cleveleys Red Marsh SchoolSpecial9094£923,33300£000£0
    LeicestershireThorpe Acre JuniorMainstream1010£60,00000£000£0
    West SussexThree Bridges Primary SchoolMainstream2119£142,33300£000£0
    DerbyshireTibshelf Community SchoolMainstream1815£97,50000£000£0
    County DurhamTimothy Hackworth Primary SchoolMainstream2020£164,00000£000£0
    HampshireTiptoe Primary SchoolMainstream1616£96,00000£000£0
    BradfordTitus Salt SchoolMainstream3030£180,00000£000£0
    DevonTiverton High SchoolMainstream88£60,00000£000£0
    CoventryTiverton SchoolSpecial104110£1,075,00000£000£0
    Kingston upon ThamesTolworth Infant and Nursery SchoolMainstream99£54,00000£000£0
    Tolworth Junior SchoolMainstream1212£72,00000£000£0
    CamdenTorriano Primary SchoolMainstream1414£84,00000£000£0
    LewishamTorridon Primary SchoolMainstream