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    Subjects and levels - standards and frameworks
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    2015/16 to 2020/21
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    • Abattoir Worker-ST0418
    • Able Seafarer (Deck)-ST0274
    • Academic Professional-ST0477
    • Accident Repair Technician-ST0352
    Learner Characteristic
    • Total
    Sector Subject Area (tier 1)
    • Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care
    • Arts, Media and Publishing
    • Business, Administration and Law
    • Construction, Planning and the Built Environment
    • Education and Training
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    Starts for 'Subjects and levels - standards and frameworks' for Abattoir Worker-ST0418, Able Seafarer (Deck)-ST0274, Academic Professional-ST0477, Accident Repair Technician-ST0352, Accountancy and 698 other filters in England between 2015/16 and 2020/21
    Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal CareAbattoir Worker-ST0418no datano data10201010
    Advanced Golf Greenkeeper-ST0207no datano datano datano datano data70
    Agriculture or Horticulture Professional Adviser-ST0761no datano datano datano datano data20
    Animal Care76077064057043010
    Animal Care and Welfare Assistant-ST0397no datano datano data150240490
    Animal Technologist-ST0058no datano data10101020
    Arborist-ST0223no datano data130170170220
    Countryside Worker-ST0408no datano datano datano data1050
    Crop Technician-ST0018no datano datano data407080
    Environmental Conservation901009090600
    Environmental Practitioner (Degree)-ST0778no datano datano datano data1030
    Equine Groom-ST0166no datano data70540470780
    Equine Industry1,7801,5401,240490270~
    Farrier-ST0172no datano datano datano data5050
    Florist-ST0538no datano datano datano datano data40
    Forest Operative-ST0224no datano data~101020
    Game and Wildlife Management60505030300
    Golf Course Manager-ST0208no datano datano datano data~10
    Golf Greenkeeper-ST0209no data50280300210320
    Horticulture or Landscape Operative-ST0225no data10500730610840
    Keeper and Aquarist-ST0789no datano datano datano data2020
    Land-based Service Engineering39025010040300
    Land-Based Service Engineering Technician-ST0243no data~170180300270
    Land-Based Service Engineer-ST0242no data~4010090140
    Landscape or Horticulture Supervisor-ST0226no datano datano datano data2030
    Nursing Assistants in a Veterinary Environment110140906040~
    Packhouse Line Leader-ST0016no datano datano datano datano data~
    Poultry Worker-ST0389no datano data10905050
    Senior Equine Groom-ST0167no datano datano data180170310
    Sports Turf Operative-ST0210no data~90705080
    Stockperson (Beef, Pigs, Sheep, Dairy)-ST0017no datano datano data210330320
    Trees and Timber3002707030100
    Underkeeper-ST0412no datano datano datano datano data20
    Veterinary Nurse-ST0343no datano datano data600940980
    Veterinary Nursing71067089052028040
    Waste Resource Operative-ST0545no datano datano data605090
    Water Environment Worker-ST0767no datano datano datano data8070
    Arts, Media and PublishingAdvertising and Marketing Communications30101000no data
    Advertising and Media Executive-ST0644no datano datano data508040
    Assistant Technical Director (Visual Effects)-ST0346no data10~10~0
    Bespoke Furniture Maker-ST0639no datano datano datano data~20
    Broadcast and Media Systems Technical Operator-ST0424no datano datano datano data10~
    Broadcast and Media Systems Technician-ST0425no datano datano datano datano data10
    Broadcast Production Assistant-ST0341no data3050605030
    Broadcast Technology Higher Apprenticeship - BBC2001000no data
    Creative and Digital Media570340190100200
    Creative Craft Practitioner101000no datano data
    Creative Industries Production Manager-ST0525no datano datano datano datano data~
    Creative Venue Technician-ST0106no datano data10409020
    Cultural Learning and Participation Officer-ST0396no datano datano datano data1020
    Digital Community Manager-ST0345no datano datano datano datano data30
    Event Assistant-ST0168no data109015012090
    Fashion and Textiles Pattern Cutter-ST0541no datano datano data~~0
    Fashion and Textiles Product Technologist-ST0540no datano datano data~010
    Fashion Studio Assistant-ST0173no datano datano data~20~
    Fitted Furniture Design Technician-ST0654no datano datano datano data30100
    Information and Library Services10102010100
    Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Trades2040101010~
    Junior 2D Artist (Visual Effects)-ST0347no data101010100
    Junior Advertising Creative-ST0925no datano datano datano datano data10
    Junior Content Producer-ST0105no data102003004401,270
    Junior Journalist-ST02852040907011050
    Library, Information and Archive Services Assistant-ST0664no datano datano data106070
    Live Event Rigger-ST0256no data10~000
    Live Event Technician-ST0255no datano datano data~20~
    Media Production Co-Ordinator-ST0792no datano datano datano datano data~
    Outside Broadcasting Engineer (Integrated Degree)-ST0342no data~no data~100
    Photographic Assistant-ST0506no datano datano datano data1020
    Photo Imaging for Staff Photographers20200000
    Post Production Technical Operator-ST0696no datano datano datano data1010
    Print Technician-ST0309no datano datano datano data50100
    Publishing Assistant-ST0532no datano datano datano data2040
    Senior Journalist-ST0286no datano datano datano datano data10
    Sewing Machinist-ST0549no datano datano data101020
    Sound Recording, Engineering and Studio Facilities10~000no data
    Watchmaker-ST0395no datano datano datano data~~
    Business, Administration and LawAccountancy7,9907,5901,9401,36087020
    Accountancy or Taxation Professional-ST0001no datano data3,7106,8107,5607,550
    Accounts or Finance Assistant-ST0608no datano datano data~3501,330
    Actuarial Technician-ST00041010302010~
    Actuary-ST0502no datano datano data90100140
    Advanced Credit Controller and Debt Collection Specialist-ST0175no data10909070110
    Assistant Accountant-ST0002no data4004,8704,6303,4602,740
    Associate Project Manager-ST0310no data1802,1603,3502,8603,410
    Bid and Proposal Co-Ordinator-ST0056no datano datano data~6040
    Business Administration50,16046,68028,73018,91010,300400
    Business Administrator-ST0070no datano data4,82010,79010,34014,600
    Business Innovation and Growth202000no datano data
    Business to Business Sales Professional (Integrated Degree)-ST0423no datano datano data806060
    Career Development Professional-ST0694no datano datano datano data160160
    Chartered Legal Executive-ST0244no data~19020016090
    Chartered Manager (Degree)-ST0272605802,3102,8502,6102,470
    Coaching Professional-ST0809no datano datano datano data301,720
    Commercial Procurement and Supply (Formerly Public Sector Commercial Professional)-ST0313no datano data270730730730
    Compliance and Risk Officer-ST0362no datano data110210140210
    Contact Centres4504604020~~
    Conveyancing Technician-ST0100no data401006060140
    Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner-ST0934no datano datano datano datano data~
    Credit Controller and Collector-ST0176no data1040401020
    Customer Service26,37020,1204,3101,70050030
    Customer Service Practitioner-ST0072301,6108,3007,7504,4606,700
    Debt Adviser-ST0766no datano datano datano datano data10
    Digital Marketer (Integrated Degree)-ST0481no datano datano data20130150
    Enterprise302000no datano data
    Facilities Services Operative-ST0617no datano datano data20200300
    Financial Adviser-ST0374no data6050160110100
    Financial Services Administrator-ST0177203011010090190
    Financial Services Customer Adviser-ST0178802701,3901,250360290
    Financial Services Professional-ST0472no datano data50280330330
    Fundraiser-ST0887no datano datano datano datano data140
    Hire Controller (Plant, Tools and Equipment)-ST0269no datano datano data~5060
    HR Consultant Partner-ST0238no datano data1,0601,9801,9701,840
    HR Support-ST0239no datano data7301,6901,5101,490
    Human Resource Management11023014020100
    Improvement Leader-ST0556no datano datano data~4080
    Improvement Specialist-ST0555no datano datano data30160200
    Information Manager-ST0762no datano datano datano datano data~
    Insurance Practitioner-ST024040250870760740750
    Insurance Professional-ST0241~50230250200310
    Internal Audit Practitioner-ST0587no datano datano data608080
    Internal Audit Professional-ST0610no datano datano data104030
    Investment Operations Administrator-ST0179no data~40110400
    Investment Operations Specialist-ST0180605080180140190
    Investment Operations Technician-ST01811050901409060
    Junior Management Consultant-ST027310301101109070
    Legal Advice3010100no datano data
    Legal Services24026010~00
    Leisure Duty Manager-ST0301no datano data6014015080
    Licensed Conveyancer-ST0101no data1040101020
    Marketing and Communications55046029019090~
    Marketing Assistant-ST0807no datano datano datano data30170
    Marketing Executive-ST0596no datano datano data70210310
    Marketing Manager-ST0612no datano datano data30110130
    Metal Recycling Technical Manager (MRTM)-ST0823no datano datano datano datano data20
    Mortgage Adviser-ST0182~205060100150
    Operations or Departmental Manager-ST0385~8107,96010,47010,05011,360
    Paralegal-ST0245no data130490490510390
    Payroll Administrator-ST0073no datano datano data220300260
    Payroll Assistant Manager-ST0869no datano datano datano datano data30
    Policy Officer-ST0526no datano datano data120230170
    Process Leader-ST0695no datano datano data3050270
    Procurement and Supply Assistant-ST0810no datano datano datano datano data50
    Professional Accounting or Taxation Technician-ST0003no data5802,8103,0502,7802,440
    Professional Services370220~00no data
    Project Management290220403020~
    Project Manager (Integrated Degree)-ST0411no datano datano data140220460
    Providing Financial Services3,6702,160300120100
    Public Relations303010~0no data
    Public Relations and Communications Assistant-ST0311no datano data5080130120
    Quality Practitioner-ST0853no datano datano datano datano data70
    Recruitment Consultant-ST0320no datano data5901,040540350
    Recruitment Resourcer-ST0321no datano data240570350360
    Regulatory Affairs Specialist-ST0586no datano datano data~2020
    Relationship Manager (Banking)-ST0184202010030~~
    Sales and Telesales1,9501,840660440130~
    Sales Executive-ST0572no datano datano data3609201,220
    School Business Professional-ST0575no datano data20390350310
    Senior Compliance and Risk Specialist-ST0363no datano data80170230160
    Senior Financial Services Customer Adviser-ST018550260700750420470
    Senior Insurance Professional-ST0520no datano data120220260350
    Senior Investment and Commercial Banking Professional-ST0561no datano datano data80130160
    Senior Leader-ST0480no datano data5503,4105,1008,050
    Senior People Professional-ST0813no datano datano datano datano data80
    Social Media and Digital Marketing3,1803,23066034015010
    Solicitor-ST0246no data30110170240220
    Systems Thinking Practitioner-ST0787no datano datano datano datano data~
    Team Leader or Supervisor-ST0384401,80017,26022,84016,93017,960
    Through Life Engineering Services Specialist (Integrated Degree)-ST0740no datano datano datano data3010
    Trade Union Official-ST0815no datano datano datano datano data30
    Workplace Pensions (Administrator or Consultant)-ST0187~1060705030
    Construction, Planning and the Built EnvironmentAdvanced Carpentry and Joinery-ST0263no datano data~3901,080560
    Architect (Integrated Degree)-ST0533no datano datano data60110120
    Architectural Assistant (Integrated Degree)-ST0534no datano datano data103020
    Asbestos Analyst and Surveyor-ST0022no datano datano datano data0no data
    Bricklayer-ST0095no datano data105401,3702,250
    Building Control Surveyor (Integrated Degree)-ST0652no datano datano datano data11070
    Building Services Design Engineer (Degree)-ST0372no datano data60160190130
    Building Services Engineering Craftsperson-ST0062no datano data104080130
    Building Services Engineering Ductwork Craftsperson-ST0064no datano data010~0
    Building Services Engineering Ductwork Installer-ST0060no datano datano data10~~
    Building Services Engineering Installer-ST0065no datano data201008060
    Building Services Engineering Service and Maintenance Engineer-ST0061no datano data3010010070
    Building Services Engineering Site Management (Degree)-ST0040no datano datano datano data1010
    Building Services Engineering Technician-ST0041no datano datano data5090150
    Carpentry and Joinery-ST0264no datano data502,0804,0304,080
    Chartered Surveyor (Degree)-ST0331702208201,1901,3201,010
    Chartered Town Planner (Degree)-ST0536no datano datano datano data180160
    Civil Engineer (Degree)-ST0417no datano data160620680540
    Civil Engineering Technician-ST0091no datano data80240220300
    Commercial Thermal Insulation Operative-ST0333no datano data30302040
    Construction Assembly and Installation Operative-ST0265no datano datano datano datano data20
    Construction Design and Build Technician-ST0043no datano datano datano data1090
    Construction Management2102901,1001,0801,18030
    Construction Plant Operative-ST0736no datano datano datano datano data140
    Construction Quantity Surveying Technician-ST0049no datano datano datano data60250
    Construction Quantity Surveyor (Degree)-ST0045no datano datano datano data5080
    Construction Site Engineering Technician-ST0046no datano data10130160240
    Construction Site Management (Degree)-ST0047no datano datano datano data2090
    Construction Site Supervisor-ST0048no datano datano datano data30360
    Construction Skills20,25020,08018,36012,0706,540280
    Curtain Wall Installer-ST0802no datano datano datano datano data~
    Demolition Operative-ST0615no datano datano data100~
    Digital Engineering Technician-ST0266no datano data40908070
    Fencing Installer-ST0366no datano datano data20010
    Fenestration Installer-ST0743no datano datano datano data20230
    Floorlayer-ST0504no datano datano data70130300
    Formworker-ST0461no datano datano data401050
    Geospatial Mapping and Science Specialist (Degree)-ST0492no datano datano data~10~
    Geospatial Survey Technician-ST0491no datano data~101020
    Groundworker-ST0513no datano datano data70160550
    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration~no datano datano datano datano data
    Highway Electrical Maintenance and Installation Operative-ST0051no datano data103020~
    Highways Electrician or Service Operative-ST0052no datano datano datano data100
    Highways Maintenance Skilled Operative-ST0053no datano datano data240160260
    Industrial Coatings Applicator-ST0463no datano datano data102020
    Industrial Thermal Insulation Technician-ST0521no datano data30404030
    Interior Systems Installer-ST0388no datano datano datano data1090
    Landscape Technician-ST0741no datano datano datano datano data10
    Lifting Technician-ST0267no datano datano data20~20
    Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician-ST0154no data309101,0201,0901,080
    MES Plumbing0no datano datano datano datano data
    Painter and Decorator-ST0295no datano datano data80100540
    Piling Attendant-ST0268no datano datano data102020
    Plasterer-ST0096no datano datano data1020470
    Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician-ST0303no datano datano data2507102,710
    Property Maintenance Operative-ST0171720310510690620640
    Road Surfacing Operative-ST0693no datano datano datano datano data30
    Roofer-ST0270no datano datano datano data10300
    Safety, Health and Environment Technician-ST0550no datano data10260250410
    Scaffolder-ST0359no datano datano data190190360
    Science Industry Maintenance Technician-ST02494060200220260150
    Stonemason-ST0442no datano datano datano datano data~
    Surveying Technician-ST0332100130170180150160
    Tramway Construction Operative-ST0669no datano datano data10~0
    Transport Planner (Integrated Degree)-ST0698no datano datano datano data2020
    Transport Planning Technician-ST0336no data4040403020
    Tunnelling Operative-ST0375no datano datano data2000
    Wall and Floor Tiler-ST0368no datano datano data10~70
    Wireless Communications Rigger-ST0616no datano datano datano data1030
    Education and TrainingAcademic Professional-ST0477no datano data~410480490
    Assessor Coach-ST0146no datano datano data110470810
    Digital Learning Design5010202010~
    Learning and Development Consultant Business Partner-ST0563no datano datano data360580510
    Learning and Development (Direct Training and Support)67066043029060~
    Learning and Development Practitioner-ST0562no datano datano data300430440
    Learning and Skills Teacher-ST0149no datano datano data90560820
    Learning Mentor-ST0148no datano datano data60520540
    Supporting teaching and learning in schools7,3108,0605,0004,1102,33060
    Teacher-ST0490no datano data102202601,060
    Teaching Assistant-ST0454no datano data101,0502,0803,740
    Youth Work2501801409090~
    Engineering and Manufacturing TechnologiesAble Seafarer (Deck)-ST0274103060506040
    Accident Repair Technician-ST0352no data~70706070
    Advanced Baker-ST0190no datano datano data~0no data
    Advanced Dairy Technologist-ST0393no data202020100
    Advanced Diagnostics and Management Principles1020~0no datano data
    Advanced Furniture CNC Technician-ST0655no datano datano datano datano data~
    Advanced Upholsterer-ST0656no datano datano datano datano data10
    Aerospace Engineer (Degree)-ST0010204080140210250
    Aerospace Manufacturing Fitter-ST0011301000no datano data
    Aerospace Software Development Engineer (Degree)-ST0013202010203030
    Aircraft Certifying Technician-ST0019no datano data200030
    Aircraft Maintenance Fitter or Technician (Fixed and Rotary Wing)-ST0020no datano data0~0no data
    Air Traffic Controller-ST0595no datano datano datano data20no data
    Autocare Technician-ST0499no datano data303407401,080
    Automation and Controls Engineering Technician-ST0662no datano datano datano data~10
    Automotive Clay Modelling~~000no data
    Automotive Glazing Technician-ST0031no datano data10401060
    Aviation Ground Operative-ST0037no datano data80190180180
    Aviation Ground Specialist-ST0038no datano data90270170170
    Aviation Maintenance Mechanic (Military)-ST0014no datano datano datano data70310
    Aviation Operations Manager-ST0039no datano data~1010~
    Aviation Operations on the Ground9901,130230807010
    Baker-ST0191no datano data12020080120
    BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) Controls Engineer-ST0629no datano datano datano datano data10
    Bespoke Saddler-ST0328no datano datano data~~10
    Bicycle Mechanic-ST0622no datano datano datano datano data120
    Boatbuilder-ST0059no data1040607070
    Boatmaster-ST0621no datano datano datano data3020
    Brewer-ST0580no datano datano data204040
    Broadcast and Media Systems Engineer (Integrated Degree)-ST0426no datano datano data101020
    Building Energy Management Systems20100000
    Building Services Design Technician-ST0063no datano data40306070
    Building Services Engineering Technicians210170100110800
    Bus and Coach Engineering Technician-ST0067no data20290270220110
    Civil Engineering Site Management (Degree)-ST0042no datano datano data101030
    Commercial Catering Equipment Technician-ST0791no datano datano datano data20~
    Composite Engineering203030~100
    Composites Technician-ST0094no datano data20304010
    Construction Equipment Maintenance Mechanic-ST0805no datano datano datano datano data10
    Control Technical Support Engineer-ST0023101020808060
    Drinks Dispense Technician-ST0752no datano datano datano data100
    Driving Goods Vehicles~no datano datano datano datano data
    Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer-ST0158440640380250130270
    Electrical, Electronic Product Service and Installation Engineer-ST0150no datano data10502050
    Electrical or Electronic Technical Support Engineer (Degree)-ST002440806010014060
    Electrical Power Networks Engineer-ST0475no datano data307080100
    Electrical Power Protection and Plant Commissioning Engineer-ST0157no datano data10101010
    Embedded Electronic Systems Design and Development Engineer (Degree)-ST0151no datano data100708080
    Engineering Construction4102409030~0
    Engineering Construction Erector Rigger-ST0433no datano datano data102010
    Engineering Construction Pipefitter-ST0162no datano data20504020
    Engineering Design and Draughtsperson-ST0164no data~140170160160
    Engineering Environmental Technologies~~00no datano data
    Engineering Fitter-ST0432no datano datano data130500560
    Engineering Manufacturing Technician-ST0841no datano datano datano data10430
    Engineering Operative-ST0537no datano datano data1404801,090
    Engineering Technician-ST0457no data6003,0804,3104,7705,040
    Engineering Technology34038080090088060
    Engineer Surveyor-ST0847no datano datano datano datano data10
    Fashion and Textiles2101601108040~
    Fenestration Fabricator-ST0744no datano datano datano datano data40
    Fire Emergency and Security Systems Technician-ST0189no data100310360350340
    Fishmonger-ST0194no datano data701009090
    Food and Drink Advanced Engineer (Integrated Degree)-ST0529no datano datano data101010
    Food and Drink Engineer-ST0624no datano datano datano data010
    Food and Drink Maintenance Engineer-ST0195no data60170160180110
    Food Manufacture3,5002,180540120~0
    Footwear Manufacturer-ST0202no datano datano data102010
    Furniture Furnishings and Interiors Industry59048012060500
    Furniture Manufacturer-ST0203no data60320320260470
    Gas Engineering Operative-ST0155no data~280610660820
    Gas Industry5004001004030~
    Gas Network Craftsperson-ST0205no data12030503070
    Gas Network Operative-ST0204no data1090404050
    General Welder (Arc Processes)-ST0349no data~110170140190
    Glass Industry Occupations2,1703,7401,22077043010
    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration1,2501,070880520370~
    Heavy Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician-ST0068no data10590790980920
    Heritage Engineering Technician-ST0571no datano datano data605080
    High Speed Rail and Infrastructure Technician-ST0528no datano data40702050
    Hygiene Specialist-ST0873no datano datano datano datano data10
    Improvement Practitioner-ST0192no datano data1004508201,020
    Improvement Technician-ST0193no datano data150450720830
    Industrial Applications18,66016,8809,9507,9104,510470
    Installation Electrician and Maintenance Electrician-ST01523001,9105,4905,9605,5005,270
    Laboratory Scientist (Degree)-ST0626no datano data20100120150
    Laboratory Scientist-ST0247~8018013010~
    Laboratory Technician-ST02482050360400300310
    Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver-ST0257202101,2701,7601,2202,140
    Lean Manufacturing Operative-ST0420no datano datano datano data4101,380
    Leather Craftsperson-ST0460no datano datano data101010
    Leisure and Entertainment Engineering Technician-ST0569no datano datano data10~0
    Lift and Escalator Electromechanic-ST0252no datano datano data105070
    Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineering Technician-ST0387no datano datano datano datano data70
    Machinist (Advanced Manufacturing Engineering)-ST0009no data1000no datano data
    Manufacturing Engineer (Degree)-ST002511060110280400280
    Manufacturing Manager (Integrated Degree)-ST0515no datano datano data01010
    Marina and Boatyard Operative-ST0592no datano datano data~~10
    Marine Electrician-ST0808no datano datano datano datano data20
    Marine Engineer-ST0364no datano data10607070
    Marine Industry1101507060400
    Marine Pilot-ST0427no datano datano data~100
    Maritime Mechanical and Electrical Mechanic-ST0276no datano datano data120600720
    Material Cutter-ST0899no datano datano datano datano data~
    Materials Process Engineer (Degree)-ST0659no datano datano datano datano data10
    Materials Science Technologist (Degree)-ST0675no datano datano datano datano data~
    Mechatronics Maintenance Technician-ST00261501200000
    MES Plumbing5,5505,6305,2104,9403,740100
    Metal Casting, Foundry and Patternmaking Technician-ST0566no datano datano data102010
    Metal Fabricator-ST0607no datano datano data40360590
    Metal Processing and Allied Operations~100~no datano data
    Metal Recycling General Operative-ST0507no datano datano data20~10
    Metrology Technician-ST0282no datano data20202020
    Military Engineering Construction Technician-ST0414no datano datano data160210270
    Mineral and Construction Product Sampling and Testing Operations-ST0511no datano datano datano data100
    Mineral Processing Mobile and Static Plant Operator-ST0144no datano data60305030
    Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator-ST0145no datano datano datano data~0
    Mineral Products Technician-ST0605no datano datano datano datano data40
    Mineral Products Technology30404050400
    Motorcycle Technician (Repair and Maintenance)-ST0376no datano datano datano data2010
    Motor Finance Specialist-ST0474no datano datano data20010
    Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician (Light Vehicle)-ST0033no data1502,5103,4202,1802,050
    Multi-Positional Welder (Arc Processes)-ST0350no data~808060~
    Multi-skilled Vehicle Collision Repair4020000no data
    Network Cable Installer-ST0485no datano datano datano data50150
    Non-Destructive Testing Engineer (Degree)-ST0369no datano data10302050
    Non-Destructive Testing Engineering Technician-ST0288no data~50503020
    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Operator-ST0358no data1020201010
    Nuclear Operative-ST0291no datano data20202030
    Nuclear Scientist and Nuclear Engineer (Integrated Degree)-ST0289207080809070
    Nuclear Technician-ST0380no datano data80809080
    Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician-ST0292101010101010
    Operations and Quality Improvement59090049028017010
    Ordnance Munitions and Explosives (OME) Professional (Integrated Degree)-ST0574no datano datano data203010
    Ordnance Munitions Explosives Technician-ST0833no datano datano datano datano data30
    Packaging Professional (Integrated Degree)-ST0637no datano datano datano data2010
    Papermaker-ST0296no datano data20~00
    Passenger Transport Driver - Bus, Coach and Tram-ST0338no datano data1804609501,150
    Passenger Transport Onboard and Station Team Member-ST0339no datano data60250220490
    Passenger Transport Operations Manager-ST0337no datano datano data1060140
    Pipe Welder-ST0851no datano datano datano data4040
    Plate Welder-ST0852no datano datano datano data40170
    Polymer Processing and Signmaking703000no data0
    Port Marine Operations Officer-ST0428no datano datano data10~0
    Port Operative-ST0307no datano datano data702040
    Post Graduate Engineer-ST0456no datano data10014070140
    Poultry Technician-ST0467no datano datano data100130100
    Powered Pedestrian Door Installer and Service Engineer-ST0373no datano datano datano datano data10
    Power Engineer (Integrated Degree)-ST0153no datano data~no data~0
    Power Industry702020~00
    Power Network Craftsperson-ST0156410220250200270160
    Print and Printed Packaging33046026021020010
    Process Automation Engineer (Degree)-ST0407no datano datano data0no data~
    Process Technology22018070000
    Product Design and Development Engineer (Degree)-ST00271030100250320200
    Project Controls Technician-ST0163no datano data20307040
    Propulsion Technician-ST0588no datano datano data101010
    Rail and Rail Systems Engineer-ST0495no datano datano datano data2010
    Rail and Rail Systems Principal Engineer (Integrated Degree)-ST0497no datano datano datano data3030
    Rail and Rail Systems Senior Engineer (Integrated Degree)-ST0496no datano datano datano data7030
    Rail Engineering Advanced Technician-ST0316no datano data10605080
    Rail Engineering Operative-ST0317no data70400150230230
    Rail Engineering Technician-ST0318no data260600550540560
    Rail Infrastructure Engineering1,0301,02080~5600
    Rail Infrastructure Operator-ST0419no datano data25018015020
    Rail Services220140180401010
    Rail Traction and Rolling Stock Engineering903010000
    Rail Transport Engineering7201000no datano data
    Railway Engineering Design Technician-ST0315604040202010
    Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Engineering Technician-ST0322no data~140290330300
    Risk and Safety Management Professional (Degree)-ST0465no datano datano datano data3050
    Road Passenger Transport - Bus and Coach1,9701,300280310900
    Road Transport Engineering Manager-ST0066no datano datano data0no datano data
    Science Industry Process and Plant Engineer (Degree)-ST0473no datano datano data~1020
    Science Manufacturing Process Operative-ST0422no datano data103040120
    Science Manufacturing Technician-ST02502020140240270160
    Senior Metrology Technician-ST0283no datano datano datano data10~
    Signage Technician-ST0824no datano datano datano datano data40
    Smart Home Technician-ST0464no datano datano datano datano data20
    Smart Meter Installations (Dual Fuel)76010~00no data
    Space Engineering Technician-ST0855no datano datano datano datano data20
    Specialist Tyre Operative-ST0498no datano datano datano data2010
    Specialized Process Operations (Nuclear)101000no datano data
    Stairlift, Platform Lift, Service Lift Electromechanic-ST0251no datano datano datano datano data~
    Steel Fixer-ST0271no datano data20501030
    Structural Steelwork Fabricator-ST0099no datano datano datano datano data0
    Supply Chain Operator-ST0258no data101001206080
    Survival Equipment Fitter-ST0015no datano datano data305060
    Systems Engineer (Degree)-ST0107302030307030
    Telecoms Field Operative-ST0832no datano datano datano data101,910
    Textile Manufacturing Operative-ST0458no datano datano data202010
    Train Driver-ST0645no datano data10470600980
    Transport Engineering and Maintenance390290240~00
    Utilities Engineering Technician-ST01595060100807040
    Vehicle Body and Paint Operations1,5401,5901,2601,18067020
    Vehicle Damage Assessor-ST0406no datano datano datano data1020
    Vehicle Damage Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) Technician-ST0405no datano datano datano data3020
    Vehicle Damage Paint Technician-ST0448no datano datano data10110230
    Vehicle Damage Panel Technician-ST0403no datano datano data~7080
    Vehicle Fitting310270270803010
    Vehicle Maintenance and Repair9,5009,4505,9404,3402,26090
    Vehicle Parts Operations64071057052031010
    Vehicle Restoration20304020~0
    Vehicle Sales150702060300
    Water Industry140130901205020
    Water Network Operative-ST0898no datano datano datano datano data10
    Water Process Operative-ST0876no datano datano datano datano data10
    Water Process Technician-ST01604070250100200240
    Water Treatment Technician-ST0453no datano datano data10~no data
    Wood and Timber Processing and Merchants Industry5020~0no datano data
    Wood Product Manufacturing Operative-ST0531no datano datano datano datano data20
    Workboat Crewmember-ST0400no datano datano data10~20
    Health, Public Services and CareAdult Care Worker-ST0005no data51010,24014,82010,84012,830
    Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Integrated Degree)-ST0564no datano datano data2506901,170
    Advanced Forensic Practitioner (Custody or Sexual Offence)-ST0788no datano datano datano datano data20
    Ambulance Support Worker (Emergency, Urgent and Non-Urgent)-ST0627no datano datano data390310460
    Arts Therapist (Degree)-ST0633no datano datano datano datano data0
    Associate Ambulance Practitioner-ST0287no data2206809901,0101,070
    Associate Continuing Healthcare Practitioner-ST0786no datano datano datano datano data0
    Business Fire Safety Advisor-ST0188no datano data1001020
    Care Leadership and Management9,97012,2906,1706,5704,580310
    Children's Care Learning and Development24,16027,20025,11024,17012,250770
    Children, Young People and Families Manager-ST0087no datano data108201,0701,270
    Children, Young People and Families Practitioner-ST0088no datano data~9001,8003,910
    Clinical Associate in Psychology (CAP) (Integrated Degree)-ST0820no datano datano datano datano data140
    Clinical Coder-ST0535no datano datano datano data2010
    Clinical Trials Specialist (Degree)-ST0609no datano datano data~2010
    Commercial Procurement and Supply (Formerly Public Sector Commercial Professional)-ST0313302060~0no data
    Community Safety10301020200
    Community Safety Advisor-ST0593no datano datano data1010~
    Counter Fraud Investigator-ST0747no datano datano datano data~70
    Court, Tribunal and Prosecution Operations10~00no datano data
    Custodial Care202010~400
    Custody and Detention Officer-ST0386no datano data70370660550
    Dental Nurse (Integrated)-ST0113no data2002,0702,8202,1703,500
    Dental Nursing3,3402,660860501010
    Dental Practice Manager-ST0109no data10408070110
    Dental Technician (Integrated)-ST0108no datano data2010~~
    Diagnostic Radiographer (Integrated Degree)-ST0619no datano datano datano data3070
    District Nurse-ST0709no datano datano datano datano data30
    Early Years Educator-ST0135no datano datano data1,1906,44011,960
    Early Years Practitioner-ST0888no datano datano datano data1506,430
    Emergency Fire Service Operations2040402000
    Emergency Service Contact Handling-ST0483no datano data50250250280
    Employability Practitioner-ST0663no datano datano data30120110
    Employment Related Services1701006020100
    Environmental Health Practitioner (Integrated Degree)-ST0714no datano datano datano data~30
    Fire Safety Inspector-ST0746no datano datano datano datano data~
    Health and Social Care85,81086,12017,2904,8501,480100
    Health Assistant Practitioner7709807030~0
    Healthcare Assistant Practitioner-ST0215no data2101,4901,3401,2501,130
    Healthcare Science Assistant-ST0218no data1080110130110
    Healthcare Science Associate-ST0220no datano data20100110100
    Healthcare Science Practitioner (Integrated Degree)-ST0413no datano data110250280280
    Healthcare Support Worker-ST0216no data2702,4402,3901,7701,920
    Health Informatics301000no datano data
    Health Play Specialist-ST0829no datano datano datano datano data20
    Hearing Aid Dispenser-ST0600no datano datano datano data6050
    Historic Environment Advice Assistant-ST0749no datano datano datano data100
    HM Forces Serviceperson (Public Services)-ST0222no datano data4702,1504,2704,340
    Housing36034040~0no data
    Housing and Property Management Assistant-ST0235no data20170180180230
    Housing and Property Management-ST02343040330660620750
    Intelligence Analyst-ST0516no datano datano datano data320600
    Intelligence Operations9015040047010010
    Lead Adult Care Worker-ST0006no data3008,38014,17011,53014,220
    Leader in Adult Care-ST0008no datano datano datano data7003,780
    Lead Practitioner in Adult Care-ST0007no datano datano datano data1401,890
    Locksmithing20~00no datano data
    Mammography Associate-ST0583no datano datano data204050
    Midwife (2019 NMC Standards) (Integrated Degree)-ST0948no datano datano datano datano data30
    Midwife (Degree)-ST0794no datano datano datano data3010
    Non Home Office Police Officer-ST0764no datano datano datano datano data20
    Nuclear Health Physics Monitor-ST0290101020402040
    Nursing Associate (NMC 2018)-ST0827no datano datano data703,3804,180
    Nursing Associate-ST0508no datano data1,4204,310240120
    Occupational Therapist (Integrated Degree)-ST0517no datano datano data10130260
    Operating Department Practitioner (Integrated Degree)-ST0582no datano datano data30130230
    Operational Firefighter-ST0486no datano data130650790670
    Optical Assistant-ST0530no datano data140490320630
    Oral Health Practitioner-ST0542no datano datano datano datano data10
    Paramedic (Integrated Degree)-ST0567no datano datano datano datano data520
    Pharmacy Services Assistant-ST0299no datano datano data704801,040
    Pharmacy Technician (Integrated)-ST0300no datano datano datano data2101,390
    Physiotherapist (Integrated Degree)-ST0519no datano datano data104090
    Podiatrist (Integrated Degree)-ST0493no datano datano datano data1030
    Police Community Support Officer-ST0509no datano datano data60220110
    Police Constable ( Integrated Degree)-ST0304no datano datano data2301,9304,050
    Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician-ST0632no datano datano datano data~0
    Providing Security Services1,33073025010010~
    Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner-ST0568no datano datano datano data30110
    Public Sector Compliance Investigator and Officer-ST0708no datano datano data~240690
    Public Service Operational Delivery Officer-ST031460601,4903,7002,1701,440
    Public Services5,3305,3104,3802,43096040
    Registered Nurse - Degree (NMC 2010)-ST0293no datano data3001,03076060
    Registered Nurse Degree (NMC 2018)-ST0781no datano datano data101802,180
    Regulatory Compliance Officer-ST0430no datano datano data130150140
    Rehabilitation Worker (Visual Impairment)-ST0431no datano data~102020
    Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner-ST0602no datano datano data1109080
    Security First Line Manager-ST0330no datano datano data30240340
    Senior Healthcare Support Worker-ST0217no data1802,8403,0502,6503,100
    Senior Housing and Property Management-ST0236~20180220240210
    Social Worker (Integrated Degree)-ST0510no datano datano data160660810
    Spectacle Maker-ST0383no data2030301050
    Sustainable Resource Management64054012050100
    Therapeutic Radiographer (Integrated Degree)-ST0620no datano datano datano data0no data
    Wellbeing and Holistic Therapist-ST0685no datano datano datano datano data20
    Youth Support Worker -ST0906no datano datano datano datano data30
    History, Philosophy and TheologyChurch Minister (Integrated Degree)-ST0527no datano datano datano datano data10
    Totalno datano datano datano datano data10
    Information and Communication TechnologyArtificial Intelligence (AI) Data Specialist-ST0763no datano datano datano datano data100
    Business Analyst-ST0117no data10180480590480
    Cyber Intrusion Analyst-ST0114no data10102010~
    Cyber Security Technical Professional (Integrated Degree)-ST0409no datano datano data305070
    Cyber Security Technician-ST0865no datano datano datano datano data20
    Cyber Security Technologist (2021)-ST1021no datano datano datano datano data20
    Cyber Security Technologist-ST0124no data100240320250270
    Data Analyst-ST0118no data607901,7602,3703,720
    Data Scientist (Integrated Degree)-ST0585no datano datano datano data120140
    Data Technician-ST0795no datano datano datano datano data1,200
    DevOps Engineer-ST0825no datano datano datano data90210
    Digital and Technology Solutions Professional (Integrated Degree)-ST01193505201,3101,5101,6701,450
    Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist (Integrated Degree)-ST0482no datano datano data180460590
    Digital Marketer-ST0122~3702,6603,0901,9403,190
    Digital Support Technician-ST0120no datano datano data2080280
    Digital User Experience (UX) Professional (Integrated Degree)-ST0470no datano datano datano datano data40
    Information Communications Technician-ST0973no datano datano datano datano data160
    Information Security40~00no datano data
    Infrastructure Technician-ST01251201,4902,9003,2702,5502,430
    IT and Telecoms Professionals12,0709,5006,8806,6904,960150
    IT Solutions Technician-ST0505no datano datano data10130350
    IT Technical Salesperson-ST0115no data30330400280450
    IT User3,0902,4901,08061038030
    Network Engineer-ST0127200350470530630820
    Radio Network Technician-ST0757no datano datano datano datano data40
    Software Developer-ST01161402605809107801,050
    Software Development Technician-ST0128no data160660700430410
    Software Tester-ST0129no data40110140130170
    Unified Communications Technician-ST0130no data90290420330550
    Unified Communications Trouble Shooter-ST0131no data~20402040
    Leisure, Travel and TourismActive Leisure and Learning10,4709,3504,7303,2701,57040
    Cabin Crew-ST0558no datano datano data67032010
    Community Activator Coach-ST0478no datano data150440420660
    Community Sport and Health Officer-ST0093no datano data10210490360
    Cultural Heritage Conservation Technician-ST0611no datano datano datano datano data0
    Leisure Team Member-ST0390no datano datano data4090110
    Outdoor Activity Instructor-ST0479no datano datano data150300180
    Personal Trainer-ST0302no datano datano data100180480
    Sporting Excellence2,5102,6101,970790110~
    Sporting Excellence Professional-ST0524no datano datano data70630900
    Sports Coach-ST0770no datano datano datano datano data70
    Supporting Teaching and Learning in Physical Education and School Sport1,2701,1801,110900710~
    Travel Consultant-ST0340no data90450590340140
    Travel Services610560340000
    Retail and Commercial EnterpriseAdvanced and Creative Hair Professional-ST0214no datano datano datano data30810
    Advanced Beauty Therapist-ST0211no datano datano datano datano data160
    Advanced Butcher-ST0077no data2030505030
    Beauty and Make Up Consultant-ST0636no datano datano datano data200
    Beauty Therapist-ST0630no datano datano data180340420
    Beauty Therapy1,7201,5901,1601,02057040
    Bespoke Tailor and Cutter-ST0055no datano data10~00
    Buying and Merchandising Assistant-ST0683no datano datano datano data80100
    Chef De Partie-ST0227no data10350300210200
    Cleaning and Support Service Industry3,1102,68065053019010
    Commis Chef-ST0228no data3202,0502,2001,490790
    Customer Service Specialist-ST0071no datano data901,6901,5003,310
    Driving Goods Vehicles5,4904,9602,3301,8201,80040
    Express Delivery Operative-ST0103no datano datano data1010590
    Facilities Management1,2101,260810570150~
    Facilities Management Supervisor-ST0170no data20270380420410
    Facilities Manager-ST0484no datano data10170220230
    Food and Drink Advanced Process Operator-ST0196no data40170120100140
    Food and Drink Process Operator-ST0199no data110300480480250
    Food Technologist-ST0198no datano data908040100
    Funeral Director-ST0584no datano datano data405010
    Funeral Operations and Services4803104906707010
    Funeral Team Member-ST0594no datano datano data7014040
    Hair Professional-ST0213no data6406,2206,7005,3305,650
    Healthcare Cleaning Operative-ST0843no datano datano datano data20140
    Hospitality and Catering31,66025,3304,2501,16022010
    Hospitality Management3704102601202010
    Hospitality Manager-ST0229no datano data200830830840
    Hospitality Supervisor-ST0230no data2304,2604,0102,3302,000
    Hospitality Team Member-ST0233no data7605,7406,0102,9301,900
    International Freight Forwarding Specialist-ST0539no datano data20210230170
    International Trade and Logistics Operations1301201006050~
    Junior Energy Manager-ST0161no data~0204030
    Junior Estate Agent-ST0329no datano datano data13070380
    Licensed Hospitality1,020780401000
    Logistics Operations Management79087046033028020
    Mail Services303010100no data
    Maritime Caterer-ST0275no datano datano datano data10~
    Nail Services37029016010050~
    Nail Services Technician-ST0635no datano datano data20~30
    Procurement7040~00no data
    Production Chef-ST0589no datano datano data1,0301,7001,400
    Property Services1,8501,41075049024020
    Retail Leadership (Integrated Degree)-ST0547no datano datano data05040
    Retail Management10~~0no datano data
    Retail Manager-ST0325no data1009801,8701,1901,170
    Retail Team Leader-ST0326no data5402,7802,5701,3001,650
    Senior and Head of Facilities Management (Integrated Degree)-ST0410no datano data~no data~0
    Senior Culinary Chef-ST0864no datano datano datano data~40
    Senior Production Chef-ST0232no data107301,000650500
    Spa Therapy301000no datano data
    Supply Chain Leadership Professional (Integrated Degree)-ST0548no datano datano data40130100
    Supply Chain Management1008050201010
    Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Good) (Previously Operator Manager)-ST0201no datano data2107090130
    Supply Chain Warehouse Operative-ST0259502001,4001,8101,2702,500
    Textile Care Operative-ST0604no datano datano data203020
    Trade Business Services64043012020100
    Trade Supplier-ST0334no datano data50360280490
    Traffic Office140100503050~
    Warehousing and Storage8,0707,1102,5301,50057020
    Science and MathematicsBioinformatics Scientist (Degree)-ST0649no datano datano datano data2010
    Food Industry Technical Professional (Integrated Degree)-ST0197no datano data80906060
    Laboratory Technicians4002509010~0
    Life Science and Chemical Science Professionals1004020~~0
    Public Health Practitioner (Integrated Degree)-ST0631no datano datano datano datano data10
    Research Scientist-ST0759no datano datano datano data3090
    Technician Scientist-ST0597no datano datano data308060
    Social SciencesProfessional Economist (Integrated Degree)-ST0603no datano datano datano data9070
    Senior Professional Economist (Integrated Degree)-ST0796no datano datano datano datano data130
    Totalno datano datano datano data90200


    1. Frameworks are reported as per SASE (Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England) description
    2. Volumes are rounded to the nearest 10 and '~' indicates a base value of fewer than 5

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