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    Children in need
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    C3 Factors identified at the end of assessment by local authority
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    • England
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    • Abuse linked to faith or belief
    • Alcohol misuse: concerns about child
    • Alcohol misuse: concerns about other person
    • Alcohol misuse: concerns about parent
    • Child criminal exploitation
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    'C3 Factors identified at the end of assessment by local authority' in England for 2022
    Abuse linked to faith or belief1,960
    Alcohol misuse: concerns about child12,970
    Alcohol misuse: concerns about parent70,310
    Alcohol misuse: concerns about other person11,910
    Child criminal exploitation10,140
    Child sexual exploitation16,330
    Domestic abuse: concerns child is victim57,260
    Domestic abuse: concerns parent is victim160,690
    Domestic abuse: concerns other person is victim27,310
    Drug misuse: concerns about child25,240
    Drug misuse: concerns about parent67,010
    Drug misuse: concerns about other person16,530
    Emotional abuse102,900
    Female Genital Mutilation850
    Going/being missing15,740
    Learning disability: concerns about child54,670
    Learning disability: concerns about parent13,330
    Learning disability: concerns about other person6,750
    Mental health: concerns about child87,750
    Mental health: concerns about parent158,330
    Mental health: concerns about other person22,980
    Physical abuse6,430
    Physical abuse: adult on child47,980
    Physical abuse: child on child14,850
    Physical disability or illness: concerns about child23,850
    Physical disability or illness: concerns about parent24,530
    Physical disability or illness: concerns about other person5,120
    Privately fostered2,290
    Sexual abuse3,010
    Sexual abuse: adult on child18,600
    Sexual abuse: child on child12,380
    Socially unacceptable behaviour37,910
    Unaccompanied asylum seeker4,080
    Young carer18,110
    Other factors94,180


    1. Figures exclude the category ‘no factors identified’.
    2. An episode of need may have more than one factor recorded.

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