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    Further education: outcome-based success measures
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    Earnings one years after learning by demographics and sector subject area (EO02)
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    • England
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    Time period
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    • Lower quartile annualised earnings
    • Median annualised earnings
    • Upper quartile annualised earnings
    • Number of learners with earnings
    Ethnicity group
    • Total
    Sector subject area tier 2
    • Total
    • Accounting and finance
    • Administration
    • Agriculture
    • Animal care and veterinary science
    • Building and construction
    • Business management
    • Child development and well being
    • Crafts, creative arts and design
    • Direct learning support
    • Engineering
    • Environmental conservation
    • Health and social care
    • Horticulture and forestry
    • Hospitality and catering
    • ICT for users
    • ICT practitioners
    • Law and legal services
    • Manufacturing technologies
    • Marketing and sales
    • Media and communication
    • Medicine and dentistry
    • Nursing, and subjects and vocations allied to medicine
    • Other languages, literature and culture
    • Performing arts
    • Public services
    • Publishing and information services
    • Retailing and wholesaling
    • Science
    • Service enterprises
    • Social Sciences
    • Sport, leisure and recreation
    • Teaching and lecturing
    • Transportation operations and maintenance
    • Travel and tourism
    • Warehousing and distribution
    Sector subject area tier 1
    • Total
    • Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care
    • Arts, Media and Publishing
    • Business, Administration, Finance and Law
    • Construction, Planning and the Built Environment
    • Education and Training
    • Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
    • Health, Public Services and Care
    • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
    • Languages, Literature and Culture
    • Leisure, Travel and Tourism
    • Retail and Commercial Enterprise
    • Science and Mathematics
    • Social Sciences
    • Total
    • Apprenticeship
    • FE & Skills
    • Total
    Level of learning
    • Total
    • Advanced Apprenticeship
    • Full level 2
    • Full level 3
    • Higher (Level 4) Apprenticeship
    • Higher (Level 5+) Apprenticeship
    • Intermediate Apprenticeship
    • Level 4
    • Level 5
    • Level 6
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