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    Further education and skills
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    Advanced learner loans - applications
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    • England
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    2014/15 to 2019/20
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    'Advanced learner loans - applications' for 19-23, 24-30, 31-40, 41-50, 50+ and 5 other filters in England between 2014/15 and 2019/20
    TotalReceived applications67,28080,65093,66081,51077,61069,400
    Approved applications56,87071,19082,29071,46068,33061,280
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£148,800£195,200£236,200£208,000£200,300£182,400
    Age group19-23Received applicationszz21,24019,39018,20015,530
    Approved applicationszz18,52016,57015,59013,660
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)zz£59,500£53,800£51,000£45,300
    24-30Received applications27,00031,06027,26022,93021,41018,490
    Approved applications22,68027,14023,68019,95018,69016,100
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£63,300£78,400£69,700£59,100£56,300£49,300
    31-40Received applications23,28028,47026,11022,90022,29021,060
    Approved applications19,79025,30023,13020,37020,02018,710
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£50,800£68,500£62,900£56,500£55,800£53,400
    41-50Received applications12,85015,65014,04012,01011,31010,390
    Approved applications10,94013,94012,51010,77010,1409,300
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£26,500£36,000£32,700£28,700£27,100£25,100
    50+Received applications4,0505,4504,9904,2504,3803,930
    Approved applications3,4404,8004,4203,7803,8903,510
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£8,100£12,300£11,300£9,800£10,100£9,300
    UnknownReceived applications1102030302010
    Approved applications1010202010~
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)~~~£100~~
    GenderFemaleReceived applications48,67056,84066,10057,09055,82050,160
    Approved applications41,55050,21058,10050,02049,33044,390
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£104,000£132,300£160,200£139,800£139,200£126,700
    MaleReceived applications18,61023,81027,56024,42021,78019,240
    Approved applications15,31020,98024,19021,44019,00016,890
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£44,900£62,900£76,000£68,200£61,100£55,800
    UK StatusUKReceived applications57,07065,34077,54067,71064,33057,450
    Approved applications48,66057,33067,77059,03056,32050,270
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£125,700£155,000£193,100£171,000£164,200£148,700
    Non-UKReceived applications10,21015,31016,12013,79013,28011,950
    Approved applications8,21013,86014,52012,43012,02011,010
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£23,100£40,200£43,100£37,000£36,100£33,800

    Footnotes for undefined

    1. Applications received include processed and unprocessed applications but exclude those Cancelled, Deleted, In Data Entry and Ineligible (except where stated).
    2. Volumes are rounded to the nearest ten, except for the Total loan amount awarded, which are rounded to the nearest hundred. Figures may not sum due to rounding. '~' Indicates a base value of fewer than five for the cohort combination.

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